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Sheryl Crow- Sheryl Crow: Top 10 / 40 Singles in US and UK

Sheryl Crow- Sheryl Crow
United States- After the very successful album “Tuesday Night Music Club”, Sheryl Crow returned in 1996 with her self-titled album. The record has been able to reach number 6 in United States and received a certification of 3x platinum from RIAA. It has sold lower than her previous album though. It released a number of singles and achieved this top 10 hit:
If It Makes You Happy- #10
Sheryl Crow achieved a top 10 hit from the album with “If It Makes You Happy”. It became her third top 10 in the singles chart after two top 10 hits from “Tuesday Night Music Club”. She had another top 40 hit with:
Everyday Is a Winding Road- #11
“Everyday Is a Winding Road” feel short to reach the top 10 when it only peaked at number 11. Still, it was one of her big hits in United States.

United Kingdom- Sheryl Crow did well in United Kingdom with her self-titled second album. It even did well with “Tuesday Night Club”- which went to number 7- as “Sheryl Crow” album peaked at number 5. This album even sold more when it was certified by BPI with 3x platinum. It shows it’s not the same thing happened with this album in United Stated. The album even scored two top 10 singles as listed below:
If It Makes You Happy- #9
A Change Would Do You Good- #8
Compared to her previous album, this one scored two while the previous only had one top 10 hit. “A Change Would Do You Good” was the biggest hit from the album when it peaked at number 8 and “If It Makes You Happy” at number 9. Three more singles charted and all of the went to top 40 with these songs:
Everyday Is a Winding Road- #12
Hard to Make a Stand- #22
Home- #25
The album had a total of five singles released and obviously, all of those songs went to top 40.

“If It Makes You Happy” was Sheryl Crow’s biggest single in United States, while it was second in United Kingdom. It can still be considered her biggest hit from the album and I would be sharing that song below:

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Album by: Sheryl Crow
Video from YouTube / SherylCrowVEVO