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Songs You Can Often Hear in Malls

When you are in a mall, you can hear loud music being played. Without music, shopping experience would be boring. I don’t mean the surroundings would be silent, rather, all you can hear is the noice from people chattering which is irritating to the ears. With music, it can neutralize the annoying noise and delightful sounds. While going to different malls, I often hear almost the same music so I made a lists of songs that I often hear.

Sia- Chandelier
This song is always played everywhere. You can even hear employees singing the song.

Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor- Marvin Gaye
I even hear this song sang by a child while in a mall. I was like, do you know what the song means?

Selena Gomez- Hands to Myself
I rarely hear her great song “Same Old Love ” in malls. But this new song by Selena Gomez was already played in a mall.

Justin Bieber- Love Yourself
This song by Justin Bieber is becoming overplayed. Even cover versions were even played is malls.

Charlie Puth- One Call Away
Charlie Puth seems becoming a favorite in malls. Aside from “Marvin Gaye”, this sing is becoming overplayed as well.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj- Bang Bang
This song is still played often, and if airplay in malls was included in music charts, it might still be in the top 10.

Sheppard- Geronimo
To be honest, I first heard this song in the mall. Since it is catchy and the lyrics amde it easier to guess the title, I downloaded the song. Until now, it is still often played in malls.

Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
Well, this song is still overplayed in malls for more than a year ago. However, it has declined at the moment.

Meghan Trainor and John Legend- Like I Never Lose You
The ballad is lovely and often played on radio. It is also overplayed on radio.

Carly Rae Jepsen- I Really Like You
The word “really” may have been overused, but it seems employees in the mall never gets tired of it.

Yearend Special: Top Rock Songs of 2015

Here are the top 10 rock hits of 2015 in no particular order:

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
This is such a different sound as I found this an epic rock song. It was multi-platinum in the US when it cracked the top 10.

Florence & the Machine- What Kind of Man
With Florence Welch’s haunting voice, this indie pop and rock tune was top 10 rock hit and top 40 in official charts worldwide.

Hozier- Take Me to Church
This controversial song hit the Grammys this year and became a multi-platinum succes worldwide after breaking the top globally.

WALK THE MOON- Shut Up and Dance
I love this danceable rock tune with 1980s vibe and a testament of its succes happened when it broke the top 10 in many charts all over the globe.

Fall Out Boy- Uma Thurman
The song had used name-dropped the actress’ name in this lovely rock top 40 hit.

Imagine Dragons- I Bet My Life
It was a light folk rock song that became a top 40 hit. This is my favorite song from their album too.

Mumford and Sons- Believe
Going alternative, when I first heard this song, the 2000s Coldplay came to my mind. It was a good effort and worth to listen to. It also hit the top 40 in official countdown and rock top 10 charts.

Elle King- Ex’s and Ohs
After being released last year, the song finally hit the top 10. The song was from actor Rob Schneider’s daughter which I never expected she wa his child.

Sheppard- Geronimo
This song was just catchy when I first heard it. It’s like the 1980s rock and indie rock and pop was infused into a good song. It was considered a certified hit.

James Bay- Hold Back the River
The British singer have such a unique voice and I heard it in this great pop rock tune. It was big hit in many territories which included his hometown UK.