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Artists Making a Breakthrough

2016 had just started but we are seeing a lot of artists now breaking through the music charts. They may had started for quite a long time but these artists are finally hitting the charts. It is really worth it when you dreamed of getting the success that you want and now, it is in your hands. Here are the artists that are now making a breakthrough in mainstream music:

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes already charted more than atear ago with an EP and a top 30 hit single. But he is now currently breaking music charts with his current single “Stitches” which hit to top 4 Billboard Hot 100 and knocked off the mighty single of Justin Bieber “Love Yourself” from UK singles chart. His album “Handwritten” already topped the Billboard albums chart.

Alessia Cara
This young Canadian singer is now making waves in the charts. She already released an EP in 2015 and top 10 with her album a few months ago. Now, her single “Here” is now making waves in the charts after hitting the top 5 in Billboard Hot 100.

Elle King
Despite being the daughter of actor Rob Schneider and model mom London King, Elle King is making a name of her own which is far from the career of her parents as she focused on music. After releasing her album hitting the top 30 last year, she had now broke the top 10 in the US charts. She even hit the top of the rock charts with her song “Ex’s and Oh’s”.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth was known as a YouTube artist and now making waves in mainstream music. Last year, he had success with “See You Again”, a song with Wiz Khalifa, topped the charts worldwide. He gained success on his own with “Marvin Gaye” (collab with Meghan Trainor) and now climbing the charts with “One Call Away”. His album “Nine Track Mind” was just released.

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots already had releases back then, but only last 2015 when they gained success when the duo topped the US albums chart with “Blurryface”. However, they are getting known universally at the moment with their single “Stressed Out” which just recently hit the Billboard Hot100’s top 3.

Rachel Platten
Rachel Platten already had independent albums released back then but her first mainstream album was just released last January which hit the top 5. Her first major hit “Fight Song” hit the number 1 in UK and number 6 in Billboard. Now, she is proving she is not a one-hit wonder as she is climbing up the charts with new single.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard

10 Songs With “Something”

When you refer to “something”, it was like you had given or vice versa in most songs. There were great “something” songs and others became too popular, here are 10 of them:

A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera- Say Something
This might be one of the most popular “something” songs during the recent years. This emotional pop ballad from the duo along with diva Christina Aguilera was a top 5 hit worldwide.

Robbie Williams- Something Beautiful
British crooner Robbie Williams serenaded everyone in this song. He just wanted something beautiful and this went to the UK top 3, according to The Official Charts Company.

Secondhand Serenade- Something More
As a Secondhand Serenade fan, I waited for a new song from them and this came out. This song is something different from his usual sound and it is a good move. But the song performed moderately in the charts.

High School Musical Cast- Start of Something New
Want some pop love song? This “something” song from High School Musical topbilled by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may not be released as an official single, but it was a big radio hit in the Philippines.

James Morrison- You Give Me Something
I love this soulful song from James, who has a soulful voice too. He may be happy for that “something” he got. Well, this song went to top 5 in a number of territories.

Britney Spears- Do Something
Britney wants the guy to do “something” who’s looking at her. Well, this song went to the top 10 in UK and a number one hit here in the Philippines.

Mariah Carey- Say Something
Released as Mariah’s final single from her blockbuster comeback LP “Emancipation of Mimi”, it became a R&B hit but the lowest charting song from that record.

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman- Something Stupid
I never though Nicole Kidman can sing so softly in that song. She was prompted to sing after her performance in “Moulin Rouge”. This song was number one in Europe and Asia then.

Timbaland and Drake- Say Something
The third song with the same title in this list, this collaboration was a big hip-hop hit then.

Shawn Mendes- Something Big
This young pop star may be doing big with “Stitches”, but prior to that, he came out with this “something” song which was a hit in his home country, Canada.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Song Review: Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson, Shawn Mendez

Selena Gomez ft. ASAP Rocky- Good for You

Selena Gomez has completely left her Disney image and gone more sensual. After going solo from Selena Gomez and The Scene, she released “Stars Dance” which contained EDM and pop tracks. When she released “The Heart Wants What it Wants”, it was the beginning of taking different musical approach which received highly acclaims from critics as well as fans. She continued leaving her old sound via this song, “Good for You”. Her voice has even matured as well as her songs. The ability of her voice came out with this song, as well as her latest song “Same Old Love”. “Good for You has the sound you can compare to Lana del Ray and New Zealander singer Lorde. It was a midtempo song you can jam to. The rap part was just additional and without it, it is still a good song.

Rating: 9.5 of 10


Janet Jackson ft. J. Cole- No Sleeep

It’s been about 5 years since we heard a record from Janet through the ballad song “Nothing”. After less successful attempts for a comeback, she now released a comeback single for a new album. The sultry song “No Sleeep” became available and hit the iTunes sales recently. The midtempo ballad takes you to her “The Velvet Rope” era and comparable to her huge hit “That’s the Way Love Goes” with her whispery vocals she was known for.

Rating: 7.5 of 10


Shawn Mendes- Stitches

He became popular through the video sharing app “Vine” which garnered millions of views and gained him fans and recording contract. A year ago, his first ever single came called “Life of the Party”. As a young artist, he was compared to Justin Bieber, likewise both came from Canada. The song starts at a light mode until the beat starts until its end. This song is currently making waves in the US as well as its parent album which was at number 1 on its first week.

Rating: 7.5 of 10