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Shakira- Oral Fixation Vol.2: Top 10 Singles in US and UK / Memorable Lines of a Song

Shakira- Oral Fixation Vol.2
United States- After the success of her Spanish version “Fijacion Oral Vol.1”, Shakira released the English album “Oral Fixation Vol.2”. The album has been platinum in United States by RIAA. It released a number of singles and the song/s to visit the top 10 was listed down:
Hips Don’t Lie (ft. Wyclef Jean)- #1
It shows she only scored only one single to reach the top 10 but a number 1 hit with “Hips Don’t Lie”. She also reached number 42 with another English song “Don’t Bother”.

United Kingdom- Shakira tried to maintain her popularity in United Kingdom and her album “Oral Fixation Vol.2” had gone platinum by BPI there. It released at least three singles from the album and see which of them became top 10 singles:
Don’t Bother- #9
Hips Don’t Lie (ft. Wyclef Jean)- #1
It seemed Shakira did pretty well in United Kingdom. Aside from a number 1 hit with “Hips Don’t Lie”, she hit the top 10 placing at number 9 with “Don’t Bother”. Another single charted in UK singles chart which is “Illegal” settling at number 34, which in the song, it featured legendary guitarist Carlos Santana.

Shakira’s biggest hit from “Oral Fixation Vol.2” elsewhere has been “Hips Don’t Lie”. It went to number 1 not just in US or UK, rather worldwide. “Hips Don’t Lie” was certified 3x platinum in America and a platinum success in United Kingdom. The song featured rapper Wyclef Jean. It is catchy that’s why it became a success. Enjoy the music below and move in Spanish beats of the song:

Hips Don’t Lie
Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body
And I’m on tonight
You know my hips don’t lie
And I’m starting to feel it’s right
All the attraction, the tension
Don’t you see baby, this is perfection

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics com and songwriters of the song (Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Jerry ‘Wonder’ Duplessis, Omad Alfanno, LaTavia Parker, Vinay Rao)
Video from YouTube / shakiraVEVO

Shakira- Laundry Service: Top 10 Singles in US and UK / Memorable Lines of a Song

Shakira- Laundry Service
United States- Shakira finally broke the international music scene as well as the US mainstream music with her album “Laundry Service” which was successful with its sales after 3x platinum award by RIAA. Not just with her album, but also her singles. Here are those songs which successfully peaked inside the top 10.
Whenever, Wherever- #6
Underneath Your Clothes- #9
Shakira managed to have her songs reach the top 10 which started with “Whenever, Wherever” which got into number 6. It was followed but the ballad “Underneath Your Clothes” at number 9. She sat at number 55 with “Objection (Tango)”. She had topped the US Latin Charts with “Whenever, Wherever” and “Que Me Quedes TĂș”, making her the top Latin artist of her time.

United Kingdom- Shakira’s mainstream success spread in United Kingdom too. The album “Laundry Service” was certified by BPI with 2x platinum. Its singles were as successful too. Check the top 10 songs below as a proof:
Whenever, Wherever- #2
Underneath Your Clothes- #3
In United Kingdom, Shakira has proven she can make it internationally as her album “Laundry Service” and its singles became hits. The track “Whenever, Wherever” was a big number 2 hit, while the slow tempo song “Underneath Your Clothes” peaked at number 3. Her song “Objection (Tango)” charted at number 17. No other songs are able to chart.

“Whenever, Wherever” and “Underneath Your Clothes” were the songs to pick to share. But I had chosen the song “Underneath Your Clothes” because of its emotional nature. “Whenever, Wherever” is also good but I feel like “Underneath Your Clothes” has a strong sound and Shakira put out her emotions on it.

Underneath Your Clothes
Underneath Your Clothes
There’s an endless story
There’s the man I chose
There’s my territory
And all the things I deserve
For being such a good girl honey

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriters of the song (Shakira, Lester Mendez)
Video from YouTube / SIguiendo Los Pies Descalzos

Albums that are more successful than its singles (2002-2004)

Here are the albums from 2002-2004 which its singles didn’t perform as successful as the album:

Britney Spears- Britney (2001)
This third album by Britney was released late 2001 but majority of its sales was from 2002 and most of its singles were released in 2002. It also went to number 1 in Billboard 200, her third consecutive charttopping album there. However, her singles from that album never had a major success, except “I’m a Slave for You” which hit the top 10 in many countries, but only settled at number 27 in Billboard singles chart.

Shakira- Laundry Service (2001)
This is the first ever English language album by Shakira, which was released late 2001, but most success came in 2002. The album was highly successful worldwide. Despite its heaps of sales, it only scored two major hits. “Whenever Wherever” and “Underneath Your Clothes” were two of those hits.

Norah Jones- Come Away With Me (2002)
This album has become one of the biggest selling albums of all time with approximately 26 million copies sold. Despite its huge sales, the singles in the album did not perform well. It did not even score a top 10 hit.

Coldplay- A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)
This album was Coldplay’s second album which performed successfully in the charts and according to Wikipedia, it sold around 19 million copies. This is the biggest sellng album by the band which its internationally biggest hit “In My Place” did not chart in the US. Three of its singles though hit the top 10 but not as lustrous as the album did.

Dido- Life for Rent (2002)
This second album by Dido is among the biggest selling albums of 2003 and already sold millions in 2002. But the only major hit from the album is “White Flag”. Other singles fared modestly in the charts.

Shania Twain- Up! (2002)
After years from the success of “Come on Over”, Shania Twain came back with this another successful album. The album was certified 10x platinum in America and multiplatinum in some countries, but it never managed even a single major hit.

Elvis Presley- 30 No. 1 Hits (2002)
This compilation album from the King of Rock and Roll did very well with estimated 12 million copies sold but with the remix of “A Little Less Conversation” the only single released.

Linkin Park- Meteora (2003)
Linkin Park scored a back to back multi-million selling studio albums with “Hybrid Theory” and this one. Despite the records’ success, none of its single became a worldwide hit. In some territories, some singles did well nonetheless.

Evanescence- Fallen (2003)
This became the band’s debut album and had successes both in 2003 and 2004. Despite the album’s success, it only had 2 major hit singles such as “Bring Me to Life” and the ballad “My Immortal”.

Norah Jones- Feels Like Home (2004)
Norah Jones continuous to sell briskly upon this album’s success which sold more than a million copies in just a week. It ended with sales of 12 million copies without a hit single released.

U2- How to Dismantled an Atomic Bomb (2004)
Released on late 2004, most of its sales were accumulated durin the remaining weeks of the year. This album from U2 was a worldwide hit with estimated 10 million copies sold. However, it only scored one major hit which is “Vertigo”.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard

Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 (November 28 and 29, 2015)

I have been away last week due to being out of town so I am quite late for this recap. Anyway, to keep up with the episodes, I got to watch online with the performances. It has been an exciting week since the artists are performing with last season’s artists and impersonated duets of some icons.
Here are the performances from last week:

Denise Laurel as Barbra Streissand / Jay-R as Brian Adams
“I Finally Found Someone”
The performance good when it comes to vocals of the pair. The looks were quite good, though Jay-R’s look is more spot-on.

Kean Cipriano as Mick Jagger / Tutti Caringal as David Bowie
“Dancing in the Street”
I enjoyed the performance knowing they are copying the two British rock legends. The make up is perfect while the moves of Jagger is also there.

Eric Nicolas as John Travolta / Melai Cantiveros as Olivia Newton John
“Summer Nights”
It was an entertaining performance since the duo are copying 1970s acts. Thr dancing, moves though lacking in vocals.

Kakai Bautista as Ariana Grande / Maxene Magalona as Iggy Azalea
It seems everybody are doing well and I love this performance too. Knowing the range of Ariana, Kakai hit the notes.

Myrtle Sarosa as Kylie Minogue / Edgar Allan Guzman as Jason Donovan
“Especially for You”
It’s a good performance though the vocals isn’t exactly how it is. The appearance isn’t perfect too.

Sam Concepcion as Andrea Bocelli / Jolina Magdangal as Celine Dion
“The Prayer”
The performance is moving as Sam really did well copying Andrea’s voice. I think this is the best performance for the week knowing Sam as a pop and R&B singer and he did it perFectly.

Michael Pangilinan as Luther Vandross / Karla Estrada as Mariah Carey
“Endless Love”
Michael really did well copying Luther’s voice knowing his voice is far from Vandross. Karla did a good supporting as well.

Kz Tandingan as Shakira / Nyoy Volante as Beyonce
“Beautiful Liar”
It’s an enjoyable performance as KZ perfectly copied Shakira’s vocals. With regards to the moves, it was fine. Shakira didn’t move much in the music video unlike in her own videos.

The results below
1. Sam Concepcion
2. Denise Laurel
3. Kean Cipriano
4. Michael Pangilinan
5. Kakai Bautista
6. KZ Tandingan
7. Eric Nicolas (tie)
8. Myrtle Sarosa (tie)

Congratulations to Sam Concepcion as he really deserved it with his moving performance.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 airs on ABS-CBN 2 every Saturday and Sunday nights.

Top Latin Singers During the Last 20 Years

During the last 20 years latin artists topped music charts around the world. The most notable year was 1999 when Latin singers released English language albums which sold millions and gained lots of fans. The following were the Latin singers who dominated the charts not just in certain territories.

Ricky Martin

He may have been known in the 80s with Menudo and did lots of projects but his glbal success came in 1998 when Vuelve was officially available worldwide. That same year it was among the biggest selling albums, while in 1999 with the release of his first English language album (self-titled), it set him to superstardom status with the success of “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. In 2000, he had success with “Sound Loaded” too.

Jennifer Lopez

She’s one of the Latin artists who’s very much active until now. Her debut was released in 1999 with “On the 6”. She had multiple multi-platinum albums and number one singles, which the latest hit she did was “On the Floor”. She’s not just one of the successful Latin singers but also as an actress too.

Enrique Iglesias

Who forgets the emotional hit from 2001-2002 “Hero”? He might had number 1 hit with his first English album in 1999 but “Hero” took him to the heights. Well, he’s still in as his song from last year “Bailando” was huge in sales, and wait, look at the YouTube how many hits it has received.

Christina Aguilera

From a teen pop star who broke the charts in 1999 and turned raunchy in 2002. Well, Christina has sold over 100 million records according to a post in her website. She’s often seen on TV recently.


She’s very successful in Spanish speaking country until she decided to crossover English album released in 2001 through “Laundry Service” which sold millions worldwide and even multi-platinum in non-Spanish speaking counties. Her most notable song recently was “Waka Waka”.


Impressions of Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera on Jimmy Fallon

After watching the impressions of Adam Levine on Jimmy Fallon via YouTube, I watched the impressions of Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera. Both videos already garnered millions of views with Ariana’s episode as the latest. While Christina Aguilera’s video earned more views knowing it was shown months ago.

Ariana Grande first did Britney Spears with the song Mary Had a Little Lamb. She nailed the impression as she sang it at slow pace. What wowed me was when she imitated Christina Aguilera. I never though she can do the vocal gymnastics of Christina Aguilera, which she was known for. Her impression of Celine Dion singing The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” is a spot on even the way Celine sings live. Admittedly, I am critical of Ariana’s vocal ability. I disagree whenever she was compared to Mariah Carey, knowing MC was one of the greatest female singers when it comes to vocal abilities. She’s even mumbling whenever she sings that I couldn’t understand the words. I also disagree with people I see on TV who are all praises for her voice. The Ariana we hear in her own songs is the real Ariana but that’s not all she can do. She can do better than that. My impression on her ability has now changed.

Then I watched Christina Aguilera’s episode. I already saw her impression before and I just watched it again. Since Christina, no other female singers came up that was at the level of her vocal ability. She was considered to be at a league of singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion due to their high vocal range. With regards to her impression, she first sang “The Folgers Song” the Cher way. Well, it’s been very easy for Christina to do that. But the most perfect impression she did was Britney Spears with the song “This Little Piggy” with the tune of “…Baby One More Time”. She was like the real Britney Spears in a Christina Aguilera’s face and clothing. She also nailed Shakira which she sung at the last.

What I am hoping to see in the program was Britney Spears and impression Ariana and Christina. If she did it, surely gain more fans and perception about her ability will change.