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European Groups Who Reached the Top 10 in US (1990-1994)

It is never easy for European groups to break American market especially decades ago, unlike today when it is easier to enter Americam music charts. Once you had an American hit, it is already a milestone, what more if a song reached the top 10? Here are the European groups who had top 10 songs in the US from 1990-1994:

Londonbeat is a pop group from Britain. They had released a lot of singles, however, they only managed one top 10 hit in the US. Not just a top 10 hit, rather a number 1 hit with the song “I’ve Been Thinking About You” in 1990. After that? They only had a top 20 hit.


EMF came from Britain who were known for their alternative dance sound. They became a one-top10-hit wonder in the US with their number 1 single “Unbelievable”.

Roxette is one of the most successful Swedish artists ever. They had huge hits from 1990-1994 after scoring 3 top 10 hits. “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride” reached number 1, while “Fading Like a Flower” at number 2.


UB40 is one of the top British bands to grace the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 from 1990-1994. They had 3 top 10 hits: “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)” (#7), “The Way You Do the Things You Do” (#6), anf the remake of “(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You” which reached number 1 in the US as well as worldwide.

Ace of Base
Ace of Base were from Sweden and had successes not just stateside but also worldwide. Their 3 US top 10 became global smashes too. These were “All That She Wants” (#2), “The Sign” (#1), “Don’t Turn Around” (#4).

Duran Duran
Duran Duran is from United Kingdom and were already had success in 1980’s. Their success continued during the first half of 1990’s when they scored 2 top 10 hits in the US with “Ordinary World” (#3), and “Come Undone” (#7)

The Cranberries
The Cranberries was a band from Ireland. They hit the top 10 in the US with their single “Linger” (#8). Despite limited success with their singles, they had multiplatinum top 3 albums there.

U2 is the nost successful Irish band ever. Their success continued until this period after scoring 2 top 10 singles which were: “Mysterious Ways” (#9), and “One” (#10).


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10 Notable Songs With ‘Heart’

When we talk about songs with ‘heart’, we might think it’a love song. Yeah, it can be true but some songs were about heart neing broken. Here are some notable songs with ‘heart’ in their title.

Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On
Who will forget this song? Everybody cried when Jack died and Rose is crying for him as well with this song in the background. The movie which is “Titanic” is the highest grossing film then and this song is the biggest selling song of Celine Dion and that year, 1998

Toni Braxton- Un-break My Heart
Just one of the most memorable heartbreaking song in music, when you are begging to un-break a broken heart. This song became the R&B songstress’ biggest song ever.

Backstreet Boys- Shape of My Heart
Backstreet Boys always makes fine love songs as in this song, they begged the girl to show the shape of their heart. It was officially their last number one song.

NSYNC- Tearin’ Up My Heart
Your heart is like breaking whenever the one you love is present or not. This became the boyband’s one of their earliest hit.

Oasis- Stop Crying Your Heart Out
It feels good to have someone who will comfort you to stop crying. This Oasis song was a hit in UK and was even covered by fellow Brit, Leona Lewis.

Roxette- Listen to Your Heart
Roxette is telling everyone to listen to our heart as it will guide you to the right path. I may not believe in it but I will agree this is a great love song. It became one of the duo’s biggest hits.

Madonna- Open Your Heart
There might be something sexual in this song as Madge was known. The music video even shows a lot of skin from her dancing. Still, this song topped Billboard’s singles chart.

Bryan Adams- Straight from the Heart
Bryan Adams came out with this romantic ballad. It became a top 10 hit in the US.

Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts
This is a song for the heartbreakers and womanizers. It might not have peaked at number one but it was a sleeper hit.

Black Eyed Peas- Don’t Phunk With My Heart
It is not clear what ‘phunk’ means but it sounds like it is ‘mess’. The said word was a signature of Black Eyed Peas adopted from their “Elephunk” album. The song was a worldwide top 10 smash.

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Most Successful Scandinavian Pop Groups

You might not know some hit pop songs you heard were created in Scandinavian region, particularly in Sweden. Even pop stars Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and a lot more recorded their songs in that region and had hits. One of the most notable songwriters and producers there was Max Martin. Apart from songs made in Scandinavia, you may have liked some pop songs from pop groups that were from that region. I have heard a lot of them and I think they are brilliant in making pop music. Here are some of the most notable pop group from Scandinavia:



Who doesn’t know Abba? They may have had hits in the US but success was limited compared to other parts of the world. So far, according to estimates, sales were over 300 million and the most successful song from them was “Dancing Queen”. The group was not the only the biggest band from Sweden but also in the entire Scandinavian region. Prior to international succes, they were already popular in their country, Sweden.



Back when I was still in grade school, I used to hear this group’s song. I have a friend who has their album and play it in our school with his walkman. My cousin also has their album. “The Look” became their breakthrough hit followed by a string of number one singles. Their biggest ballad I think was “It Must Have Been Love” which was a global smash.



This is actually my era when this group topped the charts. Many loved the song “Barbie Girl” even it became controversial due to its lyrics as claimed as sexual. Also, the song received so much criticism but still became a hit. They had multiple hits like “Doctor Jones”, “Turn Back Time” and a lot more. However, their sophomore effort didn’t work like their debut did. The group were the biggest pop group in Denmark ever.


Ace of Base

This four-piece group consists of 2 males and 2 females dominated the charts in early 1990s. If you have liked “The Sign”, then it was their biggest song. If you watched Pitch Perfect, you heard the song several times. They had multiple hits until they went hiatus. Still, their music is remembered and even influenced other artists like Lady Gaga, which she had conformed.