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Singers Who Had Success their Former Band Never Achieved

There are lots of solo singers who achieved something that their respective bands never achieved. It doesn’t mean that they are more successful than the bands they were formerly a member of but these artists had a record they achieved that they haven’t achieved when they were still a member of their former band.

Justin Timberlake
NSYNC was one of the biggest boybands back then and broke records for fastest selling album in America. That was never achieved by Justin Timberlake as a solo artist. However, Justin scored 3 consecutive number one singles from his album “Future Sex / Love Sounds” which NSYNC never achieved. The group even only had one number one single.

Beyonce is the leader of girl group Destiny’s Child. The group achieved 4 number 1 in Billboard Hot 100. While Beyonce¬† as a solo singer, she scored 5 number one singles. Beyonce also scored 5 consecutive number 1 albums, while Destiny’s Child even only had 1 number 1 album in Billboard Hot 100.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas is the one third of siblings band The Jonas Brothers. The band was very successful then, but they haven’t scored multiplatinum singles. However, Nick Jonas has achieved that going multiplatinum with singles “Jealous” and “Chains” which went 3x and 2x platinum, according to RIAA.

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams is one of the biggest British artists ever who had sold millions of albums worldwide. His former band Take That may had become very popular but comparing sales of Robbie Williams and Take That, Robbie had sold more. Also, Robbie had a nomination on MTV Video Music Awards, which Take That was never nominated.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik left One Direction just last 2015. The group continued recording an album which was their last and achieved success. However, there is one thing Zayn achieved which he never achieved as a member of One Direction. That’s scoring a number 1 single in Billboard Hot 100. One Direction had scored 6 top 10 hits but nothing came to number 1. While Zayn just scored his first number one hit through “PILLOWTALK”. He even sets record for entering the charts at the top.

Credits: Billboard / MTV / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / justintimberlakeVEVO

10 Songs With “Something”

When you refer to “something”, it was like you had given or vice versa in most songs. There were great “something” songs and others became too popular, here are 10 of them:

A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera- Say Something
This might be one of the most popular “something” songs during the recent years. This emotional pop ballad from the duo along with diva Christina Aguilera was a top 5 hit worldwide.

Robbie Williams- Something Beautiful
British crooner Robbie Williams serenaded everyone in this song. He just wanted something beautiful and this went to the UK top 3, according to The Official Charts Company.

Secondhand Serenade- Something More
As a Secondhand Serenade fan, I waited for a new song from them and this came out. This song is something different from his usual sound and it is a good move. But the song performed moderately in the charts.

High School Musical Cast- Start of Something New
Want some pop love song? This “something” song from High School Musical topbilled by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may not be released as an official single, but it was a big radio hit in the Philippines.

James Morrison- You Give Me Something
I love this soulful song from James, who has a soulful voice too. He may be happy for that “something” he got. Well, this song went to top 5 in a number of territories.

Britney Spears- Do Something
Britney wants the guy to do “something” who’s looking at her. Well, this song went to the top 10 in UK and a number one hit here in the Philippines.

Mariah Carey- Say Something
Released as Mariah’s final single from her blockbuster comeback LP “Emancipation of Mimi”, it became a R&B hit but the lowest charting song from that record.

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman- Something Stupid
I never though Nicole Kidman can sing so softly in that song. She was prompted to sing after her performance in “Moulin Rouge”. This song was number one in Europe and Asia then.

Timbaland and Drake- Say Something
The third song with the same title in this list, this collaboration was a big hip-hop hit then.

Shawn Mendes- Something Big
This young pop star may be doing big with “Stitches”, but prior to that, he came out with this “something” song which was a hit in his home country, Canada.

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