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Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 (December 6, 2015)

It’s the last episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 before the finale next week. Last night, it has been a great episode from five celebrity performers who did very well with their performances. Three remaining celebrities performed tonight and they all did very well too.

Sam Concepcion as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake
“Love Never Felt So Good”
It might be said that Sam’s style might resemble with the two icons but it is never easy. Dancing like the two icons and singing like them is such a difficult job but Sam did very well again in this performance.

Myrtle Sarosa as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna
For the first time, Myrtle rapped and she did extremely well. She rapped like the rap queen though not too convinced with Rihanna. But Nicki Minaj impersonation is enough for me to say it is a great performance.

Eric Nicolas as Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
Eric did a decent performance as father and daughter, Nat King and Natalie Cole. The voices are okay, it’s just that the impersonation wasn’t given too much justice.

This week has been the best episodes (with last night) so far from Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2. Every performances were entertaining and exciting.
My top 10 for all the performances:
1. Michael Pangilinan
2. Sam Concepcion
3. Denise Laurel
4. Myrtle Sarosa
5. KZ Tandingan
6. Kakai Bautista
7. Kean Cipriano
8. Eric Nicolas

The results this week:
1. Michael Pangilinan
2. KZ Tandingan
3. Denise Laurel
4. Sam Concepcion
5. Myrtle Sarosa
6. Kakai Bautista
7. Kean Cipriano
8. Eric Nicolas

Since it’s the last episode, the top four would be announced. Nevertheless, there’s a tie so 5 celebrities will be go for the finals. Here are the top 5 celebrities who made to the finals:
Sam Concepcion
Kean Cipriano
KZ Tandingan
Michael Pangilinan (tie)
Denise Laurel (tie)

Congratulations to all who made it to the top 5 and of course to Michael Pangilinan who was this week’s winner.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 Finale will be next Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN 2.

Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 (November 28 and 29, 2015)

I have been away last week due to being out of town so I am quite late for this recap. Anyway, to keep up with the episodes, I got to watch online with the performances. It has been an exciting week since the artists are performing with last season’s artists and impersonated duets of some icons.
Here are the performances from last week:

Denise Laurel as Barbra Streissand / Jay-R as Brian Adams
“I Finally Found Someone”
The performance good when it comes to vocals of the pair. The looks were quite good, though Jay-R’s look is more spot-on.

Kean Cipriano as Mick Jagger / Tutti Caringal as David Bowie
“Dancing in the Street”
I enjoyed the performance knowing they are copying the two British rock legends. The make up is perfect while the moves of Jagger is also there.

Eric Nicolas as John Travolta / Melai Cantiveros as Olivia Newton John
“Summer Nights”
It was an entertaining performance since the duo are copying 1970s acts. Thr dancing, moves though lacking in vocals.

Kakai Bautista as Ariana Grande / Maxene Magalona as Iggy Azalea
It seems everybody are doing well and I love this performance too. Knowing the range of Ariana, Kakai hit the notes.

Myrtle Sarosa as Kylie Minogue / Edgar Allan Guzman as Jason Donovan
“Especially for You”
It’s a good performance though the vocals isn’t exactly how it is. The appearance isn’t perfect too.

Sam Concepcion as Andrea Bocelli / Jolina Magdangal as Celine Dion
“The Prayer”
The performance is moving as Sam really did well copying Andrea’s voice. I think this is the best performance for the week knowing Sam as a pop and R&B singer and he did it perFectly.

Michael Pangilinan as Luther Vandross / Karla Estrada as Mariah Carey
“Endless Love”
Michael really did well copying Luther’s voice knowing his voice is far from Vandross. Karla did a good supporting as well.

Kz Tandingan as Shakira / Nyoy Volante as Beyonce
“Beautiful Liar”
It’s an enjoyable performance as KZ perfectly copied Shakira’s vocals. With regards to the moves, it was fine. Shakira didn’t move much in the music video unlike in her own videos.

The results below
1. Sam Concepcion
2. Denise Laurel
3. Kean Cipriano
4. Michael Pangilinan
5. Kakai Bautista
6. KZ Tandingan
7. Eric Nicolas (tie)
8. Myrtle Sarosa (tie)

Congratulations to Sam Concepcion as he really deserved it with his moving performance.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 airs on ABS-CBN 2 every Saturday and Sunday nights.

Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 October 10, 2015

The episode tonight is over and I am giving you the recap of what happened in the show. Who hits, and who misses tonight? Check below:

As usual, Melai Cantiveros has shown his impersonation again. Tonight, she impersonated TV Host Kim Atienza. She nailed Kim’s looks, however, the voice may failed a bit. It is fine since it is the source of laughter in the show.

Kean Cipriano
Kean started the show as Philippines’ Comedy King Dolphy. The prosthetic didn’t meet expectations to completely look like Dolphy. The voice also doesn’t sounds like Dolphy, however, his gestures are perfect.

KZ Tandingan
After winning last week, it seems KZ Tandingan is breaking out with her perfect performance tonight. She impersonated the late Amy Winehouse singing her biggest hit “Rehab”, which she perfectly sang it. The way Amy moves and the looks was excellent. Tonight, I think she is the best performer.

Myrtle Sarosa
Apparently, Myrtle had the most difficult impersonation as she copied a male artist. It’s not an easy job because the song is not in English, not even in Tagalog. She sang in Chinese because she impersonated Taiwanese actor and singer Jerry Yan. The performance and her looks is okay, while the voice is hard to copy since she is a lady.

Michael Pangilinan
Michael often do well in his performances and he did the same tonight. He impersonated Brandon Beal, the guy behind the song “Twerk it Like Miley”. Among all the performers tonight, his looks is the most perfect. There might be lacking with the voice but movements are good.

Kakai Bautista
I think this is the best performance of Kakai since the season started. Her lools doesn’t need prosthetics because she looks exactly like Donna Summer. She sang “Last Dance” very well and hit the high notes. The way Donna dance and moves was well-executed by Kakai.

My top 5 performers for tonight were:
1. KZ Tandingan
2. Kakai Bautista
3. Myrtle Sarosa
4. Michael Pangilinan
5. Kean Cipriano

Announcement for this week’s winner will be announced tomorrow after the three performances of remaining artists.

Your Voice Sounds Familiar 2 is airing every Saturday and Sunday nights on ABS-CBN 2.

Your Face Sounds Familiar 2: Second Episode Recap

Last night, four artists impersonated four legendary artists. Sam Concepcion rapped Slim Shady, Eminem. Myrtle Sarosa as 2NE1’s Sandara Park, while KZ Tandingan did Vina Morales and Kakai Bautista as Australian singer, songwriter and producer, Sia.


Tonight, another set of four artists performed. Actress Denise Laurel was unexpectedly a good performer. She did an emulation of Latina singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. It was almost perfect as she got Jen’s voice except the body. The performance was followed by singer Michael Pangilinan acted out as George Michael’s huge hit “Careless Whisper”. Rocker and Callalily’s vocalist Kean Cipriano became a pop star as One Direction’s Harry Styles. The finale performer was comedian Eric Nicolas who had shown his Willie Revillame impersonation.


The first week’s winner ended up was Eric Nicolas who was cheered by the audience. All of the 3 judges voted for him and majority of the celebrity performers as well.


Based on the accumulated scores, here’s the ranking of the performers:

1. Eric Nicolas as Willie Revillame

2. Sam Concepcion as Eminem

3. Kakai Bautista as Sia Furler

4. Kean Cipriano as Harry Styles of One Direction

5. Denise Laurel as Jennifer Lopez

6. Myrtle Sarosa as Sandara Park of 2NE1

7. KZ Tandingan as Vina Morales (tie)

8. Michael Pangilinan as George Michael (tie)


So far, the ranking was okay except Kean and Denise. I think Denise did better as what she did is more difficult. Nevertheless, it is a good start for the show.


Each of the 8 artist seemed doing their comfort zones next week when the artists they’re going to copy were according to their tastes and style. Excited to see their performances next week. Can the winner this week attain his position? Or somebody will take the victory?


By the way, last season’s winner Melai will do her weekly impersonation that’s surely an anticipation for viewers.


Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 was aired by ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.