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Yearend Special: Top Love Songs of 2015

When you’re in love with someone, it is nice to listen to love songs which you can relate to and gives smile to your face. However, not all love songs were happy. There are some love songs that talks about heartbreak, maybe Toni Braxton’s “Just Another Sad Love Song” will come to your mind. This year, there weren’t much love songs played on air and made impact on radio and even in sales. Here are the 10 love songs (happy or sad songs) for the year that did well in the charts.

One Direction- Night Changes
We all knew One Direction often speaks about young love. This song became their 11th UK top 10 and a top 40 position in the US.

Taylor Swift- Widest Dreams
Taylor is making a plea for someone she once love to be remembered. This hot ballad made it to the top 5 in the US just recently.

Sam Smith and John Legend- Lay Me Down
Re-recorded for a collaboration with John Legend, this emotional love song went to the top of UK charts and top 10 in US.

Meghan Trainor and John Legend- Like I’m Gonna Lose You
“Giving all your love” themed song, this is just another sad love song this year brought by Meghan and John Legend which just became Meg’s 3rd top ten hit.

Ed Sheeran- Photograph
A song about being far from whom you love or in other words, long distance relationship. Well, just look at the photograph when you miss that person. This song became Ed’s 3rd US top 10.

Sam Smith- I’m Not the Only One
This is a painful song as being in a relationship with someone who has another one. This song eventually peaked inside the top 5 of both US and UK.

R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away
Asking the one you love if you will still be loved if flaws or negatives were seen. Nicely written song and deserved its top 10 position elsewhere.

Nick Jonas- Jealous
This song was aimed for his then-gf Olivia Culpo and expressing how he felt the jealousy knowing the lady is a beauty queen. It went to the top ten in several countries.

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do
This is one of the catchiest love songs this year and many will agree it is one of the best this year. The “Fifty Shades” theme went to the top 3 if not number one in majority of the charts globally.

Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
This song is still often heard in the radio. The song’s simplicity, romantic theme and Ed Sheeran’s voice made it the best love song this year. The position is random except this song which I declare as the best love song thos year.

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Yearend Special: Top Singles by a Group 2015

Maroon 5- Sugar
When Maroon 5 turned to pop music, they always made big hits. This sweet and sugary song simply called “Sugar” became the album’s biggest hit after managing the second position in the US and one of UK’s biggest sellers this year.

One Direction- Night Changes
One Direction has proven they can make great ballads. This song went to top 10 and top 40 of UK and US respectively, and a big hit over Asia.

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
Fall Out Boy may have failed a top ten entry at some time but they made huge comeback as this song went multi-platinum in US.

Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance
This lovely danceable rock tune made a breakthrough this year as it peaked at number four both in US and UK according to Billboard and OCC.

One Direction- Drag Me Down
One Direction has broken record in streaming through this song when it came out. It also became their sixth top 10 in the US according to Billboard and was number 1 in UK.

Fall Out Boy- Uma Thurman
The song which may not be exactly about Uma Thurman but just a reference, went to the top 22 of Billboard Hot 100.

R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away
This song is still hitting the charts at the moment. The song which features Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was a global top 10 hit.

Little Mix- Black Magic
The UK girl group came back with this catchy pop song which easily taken the top spot in UK. It also charted in Billboard Hot 100.

One Direction- Perfect
In support for “Made in the A.M.”, this second single became the boys’ second top 10 from the record and managed the second spot in UK.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
This can be the girls’ breakthrough as it made to the top 15 in US and top 3 in UK. The saxophone-infused song already went multi-platinum.

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Song Reviews: Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor, R.City

Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor-Marvin Gaye

It was refreshing to hear modern songs with old soulful sound. This is what you can hear in this song, the first single as lead, by Charlie Puth. Inviting Meghan Trainor to be in the song is a good idea, knowing M-Train also take the idea of doo-wop and retro sound in her music. It is a fusion of modern pop and retro that makes the songs ear-friendly. With regard to “Marvin Gaye” which may be a tribute but lyrics were sexual, the music was good with Charlie playing piano and his good voice. With the music video, I was quite disappointed for a reason. Charlie succeeded with the beat or sound and melody.

Rating: 7 out of 10


Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend-Like I’m Gonna Lose You

This is another Meghan Trainor related song after the song above. It is familiar to many about the classic and retro sound of Meghan Trainor and she still incorporated it in this ballad. This is the first ballad released by Meghan and I think she succeeded. It was a beautiful ballad which is like holding on to the person you love. John Legend in it is a good idea. We recently heard him being a feature artist like in Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”, perhaps due to the success of “All of Me”.

Rating: 8 out of 10


R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away

This is a melodic and catchy song which we often hear on Adam Levine-assisted songs. It is a love song about asking a girl of she will love the guy despite anything or lapses the guy might have done. Maroon 5 used to have catchy tunes and it is present in this song through Adam Levine. But I feel like songs that Adam featured with are too generic. Remember Travie McCoy’s “Stereo Hearts”? They may not exactly have the same chords but the formula with Adam in it makes it similar.

Rating: 7.5 out if 10