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Songs that are more popular on YouTube than as a single- 2 (Hundreds of million views)

If there are videos with billions of views of YouTube which were more popular as a single, there are those with views of hundreds of millions too. Here’s my compilation of these songs.

Psy- Gentleman
After the super viral hit “Gangnam Style”, Psy came out with this song which was expected to follow the success of “Gangnam”. However, this song was less successful but still a hit. The music video was viewed over 920 million times, but it reached the top 10 in singles charts in limited countries. Still, it reached the top 20 in majority of countries it was released.

Romeo Santos- Propuesta Indecente
The music video of the song exceeded 880 million in views but its success in music charts is limited. Knowing it’s a Spanish song, views was accumulated from Spanish speaking countries.

Don Omar ft. Lucenzo- Danza Kuduro
The song has been a hit in Spanish speaking countries but didn’t make much impact in other countries. But the music video is one of the most viewed with already more than 750 million views.

Ellie Goulding- Burn
Ellie Goulding used to have lots of views in her music video. The music video of this song is her second biggest after “Love Me Like You Do”, with over 730 million. The song was a top 10 hit single in many countries including number one in UK. But in the US, it peaked at number 13, based from Bilboard.

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull- Dance Again
After the successful team up with the song “On the Floor”, the two artists collaborated again. The music video was a hit reaching more than 350 million in views. However, the song failed to peaked inside the top in US and UK. It went to top 10 in a few countries.

Wisin and Yandel ft. Jennifer Lopez- Follow the Leader
The video garnered over 320 million in views but was less popular in the charts. In many countries, it performed moderately. Well, at least it has been a video hit.

Wisin featuring Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez- Adrenalina
The music video has accumulated over 490 millions in views, thanks to Wisin’s collaborators Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. However, the song failed to enter the top 10 in many countries, except some Spaniah countries where it was a hit.

Rebecca Black- Friday
Who will forget Rebecca Black? She became known for the song “Friday” which became viral but met with negative reviews. The music video has earned more dislikes than likes and Rebecca became a subject of cyber bullying after this song. Despite going viral with 160 million views before being removed and re-uploaded in YouTube, it failed in the charts not making it to the top 40.

Credits to YouTube / Wikipedia

Songs that are more popular on YouTube than as a single- 1(Billion views)

There were a stockpile of music videos which billion/s of views. However, there are songs which became more popular on YouTube than as a single itself. Here are some of them that I had compiled in this list.

Psy- Gangnam Style
This song became a huge international hit worldwide and the biggest K-Pop song ever. However, it can still be considered as a bigger YouTube hit than as a single. Why? The success of the song can be attributed to its YouTube success. As it went viral on YouTube, it has become a craze. And the total views? It is more than 2.5 billion and remains the most viewed video ever.

Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris- Baby
The video of “Baby” once held the record for the most viewed video on YouTube. Right now, it was overtaken by a number of videos and was taken off from top 5. Then why it is a bigger YouTube hit than as a single? It may have sold millions but it neither reached number in UK and US. It topped the charts in some countries though, and top 10 in most countries. Views exceeded 1.29 billion.

Enrique Iglesias featuring Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona- Bailando
Enrique Iglesias has been successful both in English and Spanish market. This song may have been a big hit in Spanish market, but not as huge in English markets. In US, it failed to reach the top 10. While in UK, it barely cracked the top 75, whereas in YouTube, it reached 1.26 billion views. Well, it is one among Billion Views Club.

Sia- Chandelier
This song has been a sleeper hit in the charts, but it only went to number one in few countries.Still, it reached the top 10 in majority of countries in entered. But it was a bigger hit on YouTube when it reached 1.11 billion in views.

Maroon 5- Sugar
This is one of the most memorable music video last year. It has been a huge single too, but not a number one hit on Billboard Hot 100 and UK charts. It went to top 10 in several territories though. Views was stellar though as it reached more than 1.02 billion.

Credits to YouTube / Wikipedia