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Pop Groups are short-lived

Many pop groups come and many of them go. Popularity of pop groups were hardly sustained. There are some factors why many successful pop bands eventually take hiatus or go to definite break up. After many years, some pop groups reunite, while others closed doors and denied reformation of the group.

One of the factors why pop groups cannot sustain their fame was due to their fan bases. Their demography almost covers youngsters who grow up and their tastes and preferences changes. Also, music evolves and some pop groups cannot easily adapt to changes. Other reasons, some pop groups faces so much pressure, exhaustion and conflict with fellow member, while other member of a group desired solo efforts.

Here are the list of huge pop groups during the last 20 years who turned short-lived


Spice Girls

The group were the biggest group during their era and were credited for changing the face of pop music. They became an empire of merchandise apart from music superstars. Their first single which was  “Wannabe”, was first released on July 1996 in UK. After less than 2 years, Geri Halliwell left Spice Girls while the remaining four took hiatus after their December 1998 released single “Goodbye”. After pursuing solo efforts, the four members reunited but with lukewarm response. Reunion came in 2007 with the five members for a tour and compilation with notable box office ticket sales. The group’s heydays can be considered short lived from Wannabe’s release in 1996 to Geri’s departure in 1998 which was less than 2 years.


NSYNC first released their first record in Europe in 1996 with “I Want You Back” and in Asia in 1997. US success came in 1998 and enjoyed more success in 2000 with record breaking album “No Strings Attached”. Their last album was released in 2001 with “Celebrity” while last single was in 2002. Reunion never came to fruition due to Justin Timberlake’s solo success. From their worldwide success which became official in 1998 to Celebrity’s last single release, it was about 4 years which is not long for globally successful artists.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys were the biggest boyband ever when in terms of record sales. Their first single “We’ve Got it Goin’ On” was first distributed in late 1995 but Euro-wide as well as in Asia success came in 1996. They became known in the US in 1997 but more successful in 1998 until the phenomenal success of “Millenium” in 1999. They released “Chapter 1” as compilation album in 2001 along with “Drowning” then took hiatus. They reunited in 2005 and succeeded by 3 more studio albums but never regained their old success. So far, the band became internationally successful from 1997-2001. It is somewhat okay but not too long.

Destiny’s Child

The group was formerly a quartet during first official single’s breakthrough in 1998 but international breakthrough came when they became trio (2 member left, 2 members replaced them, and the other one left) in 2000. Before hiatus, their last album was released in 2001 through “Survivor”. They made huge comeback in 2004 but announced disbandment in 2006 after number 1 compilation album “#1”.

One Direction

The group was known as formed by Simon Cowell through X-Factor UK. Their first single which went straight to number in UK in 2011, enjoyed worldwide success in early 2012. The boyband became huge and the biggest boyband of the time. They had 4 number 1 and internationally successful albums until Zayn Malik left earlier this year. Lately, the group announced hiatus after their upcoming album. So from 2012 success until today, the group had 3 glorious years in music industry.


Most Successful Scandinavian Pop Groups

You might not know some hit pop songs you heard were created in Scandinavian region, particularly in Sweden. Even pop stars Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and a lot more recorded their songs in that region and had hits. One of the most notable songwriters and producers there was Max Martin. Apart from songs made in Scandinavia, you may have liked some pop songs from pop groups that were from that region. I have heard a lot of them and I think they are brilliant in making pop music. Here are some of the most notable pop group from Scandinavia:



Who doesn’t know Abba? They may have had hits in the US but success was limited compared to other parts of the world. So far, according to estimates, sales were over 300 million and the most successful song from them was “Dancing Queen”. The group was not the only the biggest band from Sweden but also in the entire Scandinavian region. Prior to international succes, they were already popular in their country, Sweden.



Back when I was still in grade school, I used to hear this group’s song. I have a friend who has their album and play it in our school with his walkman. My cousin also has their album. “The Look” became their breakthrough hit followed by a string of number one singles. Their biggest ballad I think was “It Must Have Been Love” which was a global smash.



This is actually my era when this group topped the charts. Many loved the song “Barbie Girl” even it became controversial due to its lyrics as claimed as sexual. Also, the song received so much criticism but still became a hit. They had multiple hits like “Doctor Jones”, “Turn Back Time” and a lot more. However, their sophomore effort didn’t work like their debut did. The group were the biggest pop group in Denmark ever.


Ace of Base

This four-piece group consists of 2 males and 2 females dominated the charts in early 1990s. If you have liked “The Sign”, then it was their biggest song. If you watched Pitch Perfect, you heard the song several times. They had multiple hits until they went hiatus. Still, their music is remembered and even influenced other artists like Lady Gaga, which she had conformed.