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Album’s Singles Review: “Missundaztood” by Pink

Missundaztood (album)
Pink was a R&B singer on her debut album “Can’t Take Me Home”. However, she wants to do something which she really likes. She turned to a pop rock singer through this album “Missundaztood”. Surprisingly, she was more received in this record which became her biggest selling album ever. In United States, the album was certified 5x platinum by RIAA. While in United Kingdom, it has gone BPI certified 6x platinum.

Get the Party Started
“Get the Party Started” was released as the carrier single of “Missundaztood”. It is a catchy party track which you can hear in clubs. Pink’s transition of music was well received as the song became an international hit song reaching number 1 in some countries. In United States, it peaked at number 4. It reached number 2 in United Kingdom.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Don’t Let Me Get Me
“Don’t Let Me Get Me” had became the second single from Pink’s second album “Missundaztood”. The song has been Pink’s rock anthem since it was her first single with rock sound. It was a success again reaching the top 10 some countries. It was successful in United Kingdom for peaking at number 6 and number 8 in United States.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

Just Like a Pill
“Just Like a Pill” has been the third single from “Missundaztood” by Pink. The song sounds darker compared to het previois single. There’s even a slight touch of Alanis Morissette sound on it. The single was a global success reaching the top 10 worldwide. It was her first number 1 single in UK and number 7 hit in US.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Family Portrait
“Family Portrait” was the last single released from “Missundaztood”. The song talks about her troubled family which really has a meaning about her life as it happened to her family. It went to top 20 both in United Kingdom and United States.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

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Album’s Singles Review: “Can’t Take Me Home” by Pink

Can’t Take Me Home (album)
“Can’t Take Me Home” was the first album of Pink. At this time, her music was R&B, unlike her second album until now which is pop rock. The songs reflect about not allowing guys to just treat them inferior. The album has been a hit charting in numerous countries. In United States, the album peaked at number 26, but it was still a 2x platinum. It was platinum in some countries.

There You Go
“There You Go” was released as a debut single by Pink fpr her debut album “Can’t Take Me Home”. It’s theme was about a woman who thinks she cannot be fooled by the guy again. It is a R&B song which sounds cliché compared to some upbeat R&B songs then. It was a hit reaching top 10 including America where it peaked at number 7. In UK, it reached number 6, her first top 10 there.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Most Girls
“Most Girls” was the second single from Pink’s first album. The song was about a lady who wants real love from the guy and not anything else. It is a R&B song with edge because of its somewhat unique sound. The song was a hit which became her second US top 10 hit when it reached number 4. It was a top 5 hit in United Kingdom.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

You Make Me Sick
“You Make Me Sick” was the third and last single from “Can’t Take Me Home”. The song has similar meaning from some of Pink’s other songs. The music video of the song was notable for Pink was almost almost completely naked. It became a hit reaching number 9 in United Kingdom, while it was a top 40 hit in US.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Lady Marmalade (with Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Lil Kim)
Pink’s collaboration with the other three ladies was for the soundtrack of the musical film “Moulin Rouge”. The song was original by Labelle and became a worldwide hit with that version.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / PinkVEVO

Female Singers With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Pink / Jennifer Lopez / Christina Aguilera

United States- Pink was being one of the top female artists in the US. Despite her success, she only scored one number 1 album. It was her last album called “The Truth About Love”. That album has been certified 2x platinum by RIAA. Pink has scored total of six top 10 albums and her biggest seller was”Missundaztood” which reached number 6 but was certified 5x platinum by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Pink did very well in United Kingdom In fact, she is one of the most successful female artists there since 2000. However, only “Funhouse” went to number 1 which BPI certified with 4x platinum. She had other 5 albums went to top 5.Her top seller was also “Missundaztood” which peaked at number 2 and was certified 6x platinum.

Jennifer Lopez
United States- Jennifer Lopez was very successful in United States which started in 1999, her debut in mainstream music. She only scored two number 1 albums though with “J.Lo” as her first and with most sales after certified by RIAA with 4x platinum. Her second charttopping album was “J to tha L.O! The Remixes”. She had a total of 8 top 10 albums in the US.
United Kingdom- Jennifer Lopez did well in United Kingdom where she scored 5 top 10 albums, but failed to score a number 1 album. Her biggest seller in UK was “This is Me… Then” despite onoy reaching number 13. It was certified double platinum by the BPI.

Christina Aguilera
United States- Christina Aguilera started as a teenybopper and  quickly received success with her self-titled debut album. She had a total of six top 10 albums by which two went to number 1. Her self-titled album was the first, and then “Back to Basics”. “Christina Aguilera” album was reportedly 8x platinum by RIAA. Her second biggest seller was the number 2 album “Stripped” which was 4x platinum.
United Kingdom- Christina Aguilera scored two number 1 albums in United Kingdom. Her first has been “Back to Basics” and followed by “Bionic”. The latter was a low seller though. Her most successful album in the country has been “Stripped” which was certified 6x platinum by BPI.

Credits: Billboard / OCC  / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / PinkVEVO

Battle of Same Song Title: Coldplay vs Pink / Christina Aguilera vs Melanie C.

Two rockers are in a battle, but a band and a female singer. The second one is between two female pop singers. The battles listed below:

Coldplay vs Pink

In 2000, Coldplay released this song as a follow-up to the band’s initial hit “Yellow”. The song which is composed mostly with a piano background is somewhat mellow. It went on to become the band’s second top ten hit in their homeland, United Kingdom. Though it was just a modest hit internationally.

Pink came out with this song in support of her third studio album “Try This”. The song became a hit particularly in Europe. It was also covered by the Alvin and The Chipmunks in their movie.

Coldplay- Trouble
Melody and Lyrics- 3.0 / Success- 2.0= 5.0

Pink- Trouble
Melody and Lyrics- 2.5 / Success- 3.0= 5.5

Winner: Pink’s upbeat rock “Trouble” song defeated the melancholic and emotional rock song of Coldplay.

Christina Aguilera vs Melanie C
“I Turn to You”

Christina Aguilera had this song released as her third single for her first album. The ballad though was originally performed by All 4 One. The song is about turning to the one who protects you and cares for you which pertains to a mother. It may be a modest hit in many countries but it was a big hit in the US reaching the third spot.

Former Spice Girl Melanie C released her own “I Turn to You” song which she co-wrote, shortly after Christina Aguilera’s single. The song became a US dance hits and a huge hit in the entire Europe when it reached number one, which was her second chart-topper in UK.

Christina Aguilera- I Turn to You
Melody and Lyrics- 4.0 / Success- 3.0= 7.0

Melanie C- I Turn to You
Melody and Lyrics- 3.0 / Success- 3.75= 6.75

Winner: Christina Aguilera won the “I Turn to You” battle with a small gap.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
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Successful Female Singers Who Wrote Songs for Other Artists

Some female artists really creates great music, either of their own, or for other artists. Here are some of the successful female singers who wrote songs for fellow singers too:

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera may haven’t had creative control for her self-titled debut album, but she pushed for her right for her second studio album “Stripped” which she co-wrote most of her songs there. She also shared her vocals for Pitbull’s “Feel this Moment” which she co-wrote, and became a top 10 hit worldwide. One of her most notable song she co-wrote for others was “Miss Independent” which was performed by Kelly Clarkson, which hit the top 10 both in US and UK.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys was known for her talent with great voice, skills in piano, and writing songs. In fact, she is a Grammy awardee for her songwriting skills. Apart from her songs she wrote, she had writte. songs for other artists too. In fact, she wrote Christina Aguilera’s song “Impossible”, from her “Stripped” album, and Whitney Houston’s “Million Dollar Bill” off her “I Look to You” album. She also co-wrote songs which she was featured in, including the huge hits “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and “My Boo” with Usher.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry may be one of the biggest pop stars today. But she is more than just a pop singer. In fact, she wrote songs for other singers as well, which included a song for Britney in her “Britney Jean” album. She also co-wrote songs for Kelly Clarkson which included the hit “I Do Not Hookup”.

Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is known for her rebellious attitude as a performer. But she wrote most of her songs from her album. In fact she had co-written the hit by Kelly Clarkson which is “Breakaway”, a US top ten hit for the singer.

Pink wrote mostly of her songs. However, she also wrote songs for Cher’s recent album. But she was more noted whene she wrote Adam Lambert’s biggest hit “Whataya Want from Me”.

Credits to Wikipedia

Anthems since 2012

There are a lot songs that were too overplayed on radio and even in establishments where they play songs. In my country, as netizens say in social media, such songs were jokingly considered as “national anthem”. Since 2012, I had listed songs which became very popular and are often sung by many people. On YouTube, there are a lot versions or covers of these songs. Here’s the list I made which year by year since 2012.

Adele- Someone Like You
As a lot know, this song was written for Adele’s ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. You can feel there’s so much pain in this song and many people here can relate to it. The song has been a worldwide hit, and in my country, it was a sleeper hit.

Pink and Nate Ruess- Just Give Me a Reason
When trying to rekindle the love with someone and putting aside what happened before, this song fitted to a lot of people. This song has been an anthem and you can hear it everywhere you go. Hhmmm, I even feel this song was abused for being overplayed. Lol! Pink may had hits before but this became her biggest. What’s not to love in this song? A man and a woman exchanging what they feel and wants to go back together again with such a beautiful melody.

John Legend- All of Me
Serenading the girl you love? This song got many girls in love the guys singing this song to them. I often hear this song sang by actors or singers on TV. Let’s not forget about Bumper Allen character of Pitch Perfect 2 where he sang this song when auditioning on The Voice. This song was also very successful worldwide.

Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
I am already a fan of Ed Sheeran but became a bigger fan with this song when I first heard it. It was not yet popular at that time and I always play this song while working. However, when it began to cross the radio and often sang on TV, I stopped playing the song. When it is beginning to slow down on radio, I played it again. The song’s success continued until the end of 2015 despite being released late 2014.

Justin Bieber- Love Yourself
When Justin’s “Purpose” was released, I didn’t plan to download it on my Spotify account since I am not a Belieber. But I still downloaded it. The first song that I liked which was not released at that time is “Love Yourself”. The song started to pick up a lot of plays after “Purpose” was release. It can be considered as the anthem of 2016 as it is becoming overplayed on radio. It has a lot of cover versions on YouTube as well.

10 Songs With “Give”

“Give” was often used in songs positively as per giving something to the other person. It usually talks about the love given by the person. However, it was also used in songs with negative sense. Here are some of the 10 songs with “give”. In this list, includes “giving” as well.

Backstreet Boys- All I Have to Give
You cannot give some expensive things for the girl, but all you can “give” is love. This song went to the top 10 in many countries worldwide and contributed to the earlier success of the boyband.

Jason Mraz- I Won’t Give Up
When you love someone, you will not “give” that person up no matter what. This song became Jason Mraz’s staple songs as it became multiplatinum in US and earned him another top 10 hit.

Ed Sheeran- Give Me Love
When you “gave” love, you also want the other person to “give” you love. This ballad from Ed Sheeran became one of his singles released for “+” album and attained moderate success.

Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Nayer and Afrojack- Give Me Everything
When you are in a club with a girl, you want her to “give” you everything. This rap dance track became one of the biggest sellers of 2011.

Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart a Break
Tired of taking pains and “giving”? Then “give” your heart a break and spend some time off form that person. This song was one of the big hits from Lovato’s “Unbroken” LP.

Pink and Nate Ruess- Just Give Me a Reason
You want to “give” that relationship a chance and ask for that reason. This song was considered as Pink’s biggest song ever as it is among the five biggest sellers of the year it was released according to IFPI.

James Morrison- You Give Me Something
Appreciating what the girl “gave” and this is a perfect track. The soul, pop and folk tune went to the top 5 in UK and was a Eurowide hit.

Bon Jovi- You Give Love a Bad Name
When someone you love hurt you, then that person “gave” love a bad name. This song became one of the most famous Bon Jovi track as obvious in music charts.

Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up
It’s just like one of those not “giving” up songs. This track from Astley became his signature song as it topped the charts in majority of countries it charted.

Mary J. Blige- Give Me You
It’s like sacrificing yourself and “giving” yourself someone which a mother can. This lovely ballad became a Hot 100 hit.

Some facts from Wikipedia.

10 Songs With “Don’t”

“Don’t” is one of the most used word in songs and it pertains obviousyly to not do something. In songs, it was used both positively and negatively.Let’s check some of those songs.

Journey- Don’t Stop Believing
The song is very anthemic as it gives a positive message to succeed. It is also one of the greatest rock songs which had received recent success after being used in other aspects of entertainment.

Ed Sheeran- Don’t
Ed just said “don’t”, a simple one word but it carries a big meaning and a strong word. The song became his first top 10 in the US according to Billboard.

En Vogue- Don’t Let Go (Love)
When you love someone and might be on a trouble, say “don’t let it go and keep the love remain. This song was the official last big hit of Bilboard as it reached the top 2.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
You know this guy and he kinda likes you, however, he has a girlfriend. But you stood up and ask the guy “don’t” wish his girlfriend would be like her. Hhmmm, sounds like flirtation is going on. This song became famous worldwide.

No Doubt- Don’t Speak
When you already knew that what will go out of the mouth will hurt, just say, “don’t” speak. The song was considered as the band’s signature hit.

Pink- Please Don’t Leave Me
A relationship may be love and hate but you “don’t” want the one you love to leave. This Pink hit went to the top 20 in many countries which proved it ia successful.

Madonna- Don’t Tell Me
You “don’t” anybody to tell you what to do? This song fits for you. It became a big hit during the first quarter of 2001 after hitting the top 10 worldwide.

My Chemical Romance- I Don’t Love You
When you left the one you loved once, can you tell that person that you “don’t” love her or him? This emo song became a hit in Asia while hitting top 20 in UK.

Crowded House- Don’t Dream It’s Over
There may be a lot that hinders us for love to succeed. “Don’t” give up, it is not yet over. This song became an international hit for the band and was even covered by a number of artists.

Mariah Carey- Don’t Forget About Us
You may not be with the one you once love, but you plead not to forget about their once good relationship. The song added to Mariah’s portfolio of number 1 hits in the US.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Artist Biting the Hands That Fed Them?

There are a lot artists today who doesn’t really like the songs or kinds of music the executives has given them. They were not given creative control with the music they want to do, and the image they want for themselves.
After breaking free and established their names, these artists had the guts to express what they feel for the music they did before. Looking back in 2000, Pink was heard as an R&B singer. She sings like a black artist and she had a wonderful soulful voice. She was forced to record an R&B pop record. But she wanted to become a rock star. In her second album, she has evolved and put on much creativity which made her more successful. After that, she became what she wants to be.
Christina Aguilera is another example who tried to put her creativity in her music. She hated her bubblegum pop songs and image then and went more matured, both in her music and image in “Stripped”. It was a success, but initially performed moderately. She even emphasized how much she doesn’t like her music then during interviews for “Lotus” LP, which this album flopped.
Kelly Clarkson also battled with her label to release her album with darker rock theme, which was birthed as “My December”. Her label wants her to record similar to her old work but she fought over which was eventually released. The album terribly failed despite millions of saled and high chart positions, knowing her previous album was stellar. She incorporated back her old sound in her succeeding releases.
Justin Timberlake became an R&B singer but he was a pop star while still in NSYNC. The good thing about it is he is not complaining. That’s why he remained successful with his records despite long gaps of their releases.
Recently, Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction expressed what he felt with the music he did with One Direction. He doesn’t like their music then and even talked against their label executive Simon Cowell. With his interview, he sounded whiny though. Let’s see of his being whiny will make him a huge star.
It is rightful for these stars to put their creative side in their songs. Label executives though considers it as a business and they want their artists to follow a formula. It is understandable that these artists will fight for their right, but they shouldn’t sound too whiny. They were perceived as biting the hands that fed them. Remember that the kind of music that established them as stars was lived by the fans and it was quite insulting if they go against it like looking down at the tastes of music their fans once loved from them.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Singers as Storytellers

Music is not just about melody, it should also about how a singer or an artist delivers the song as well as the beauty of the story being delivered. In mainstream music scene, we rarely see or hear some artists who are great storytellers apart from being good artists. It wasn’t just about the vocal gymnastics, it should also about a song going out from the heart and passes through the mouth, and eventually reach the heart of the listeners.
Here are some of the artists that had so much depth and tells suxh stories with the way they deliver their songs:

Taylor Swift
Some people say, “she wrote a new song again about her ex”, that’s how people had perceived her. But the way she had written and deliver her songs, you can hear stories. Most of these songs were hidden gems that weren’t released. It was also good to check her old country songs if you want to hear stories from a young lady with a young sweet voice.

I can’t say I am a fan of Eminem because I am really not one. His songs has lots of profanity, yes! But it can’t hardly be said that he lacks depth. He had lots of songs about his life. He love his daughter so much, it’s in his songs. He got hurt by his mom and wife, it’s in his songs. He even tells the story of his fans. He had some serious songs too and he delivered such story well.

Ed Sheeran
I know he is one of the best songwriters nowadays apart from being a good, if not the best, singer. In fact, I love his voice and I am a professed fan. The reason why I became a fan isn’t only about his voice, talent or the lovely melodies of his songs. I can feel the story in his songs as well as how he delivers it perfectly.

Pink is not just about a muscular female singer, showing idiosyncrasies in her videos and singing with her strong vocals. She is also about depth, sharing her experiences and her views. I love how she delivered “Just Give Me a Reason” and how she told the story in “Who Knew”.

Adele may not be a total performer but what makes her standout among these heaps of great performers? It’s the way she interprets and deliver a story with the way she is singing. She may just be standing or sitting in front of you performing, but it’s not just performing. She is pouring her heart and telling the story. It reaches your heart if you will listen to not just the melody, rather the message as well, along with the majestic voice of hers.