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10 Songs With “Gone”

Gone may refer to someone who left or something that do not exist  or not present anymore. That’s how the word was often used in different songs. Here are some of those songs with “gone”:

When this person you love is “gone”, the pain remains and it’s never that easy. This sad ballad from the boyband settled at number 11 in Billboard Hot 100.

Avril Lavigne- When You’re Gone
You spent a lot of time with this person you love who is now “gone” and it feels like breaking you into pieces. The song became a hit charting high in many countries.

Matchbox Twenty- If You’re Gone
Something’s not right happening between two people and the other left, and think it’s fine. However, there’s still something you feel about that person. This song went to top 5 in Billboard Hot 100.

Phillip Phillips- Gone, Gone, Gone
When that person you love but you still love him/her and love even more. The song went to to number 23 in the US charts and went dounle platinum according to RIAA.

The Cranberries- When You’re Gone
Remembering someone you love was already gone makes you miss them. The song became a top 25 hit in the US and was a hit in Asia.

T.I. and Justin Timberlake- Dead and Gone
When the old you, like the wrong behavior you had, is dead and “gone”, it means you have transformed. This song was a hit reaching the top 5 both in the US and UK.

Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone
Telling the one you love to leave because you are already gone. This song became the third hit for “All I Ever Wanted” album and had hit the top 15 in the US.

Janet Jackson- Got ’til It’s Gone
When you had something but did not value it. In the end, you’ll realize it’s worth when it’s gone. The song was a top ten hit Eurowide.

Michael Jackson- Gone Too Soon
There are people in our lives who were “gone” too early. This ballad from Michael Jackson was a modest hit elsewhere.

Kelly Clarkson- Since U Been Gone
When your ex is already “gone”, it feels like you can finally breath again. The pop/rock song became a worldwide hit and one of the biggest songs in the US in 2005.

Some facts from Wikipedia / Billboard

Songs with repeated word THREE TIMES during the last 20 years

If there are songs with word repeated twice in a song, others are not contented and they repeated a word thrice. R&B group Destiny’s Child is one example who kept repeating a word in their song titles not once but thrice which included “Jumpin’, Jumpin'” (at the ‘word repeated 2x list) and two more songs included in this list.

Destiny’s Child- Bills, Bills, Bills
Formerly quartet at that time, Destiny’s Child asked their men to pay their bills not once but three times. This song became their first US chart-topper.

B2K- Bump, Bump, Bump
Likely became the Destiny’s Child counterpart being a R&B group and repeated a word three times in this sexual ‘bump’ song. It became a US #1 hit then.

Phillip Phillips- Gone Gone Gone
American Idol alumna Phillip Phillips (his name is also repeated but with ‘s’) attempted to do the trend with this folk/pop/rock song. It was a top 30 hit in the US and was even featured in “Amazing Spiderman 2” soundtrack.

NSYNC- Bye Bye Bye
It was effective for the boyband to repeat ‘bye’ three times as it helped their album became the fastest selling album ever im the US. The song itself filled a space in pop culture when it became successful globally.

Destiny’s Child- No, No, No
If Destiny’s Child carrier single repeated ‘bills’ three times, theur carrier single for their debut LP repeated ‘no’ three times and ‘yeah’ three times in its chorus. It became a top five hit in some countries worldwide.

Duffy- Well, Well, Well
The singer from Wales released this song intended to follow up her highly successful “Rockferry” but her effort to duplicate its success turned out to be the opposite. ‘Well’, it didn’t do ‘well’.

Paramore- Crushcrushcrush
The rock band released this quite cheesy song but successfully ‘crushed’ certain charts. Perhaps the repeated word ‘crush’ and making it into one word worked.