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Bands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Linkin Park / Maroon 5 / Paramore / Coldplay

Linkin Park
United States- Linkin Park is one of the biggest bands in America since 2000. In total, the band has scored a total of 5 number one albums. They even had total of 10 albums to reach top 10, including live albums, remixes, and extended plays. The number 1 albums were “Meteora”, (their fastest seller), Minutes to Midnight”, “Collision Course” (extended play with Jay-Z), “A Thousand Suns”, and “Living Things”. However, their biggest seller was “Hybrid Theory” which peaked at second and certified 10x platinum as reported by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Linkin Park was successful in United Kingdom too. They had scored three number 1 albums there, and the rest went top 10. Those albums were “Meteora”, “Minutes to Midnight”, and “Living Things”. Their biggest seller in UK was the number-4 peaking “Hybrid Theory” which reached 5x platinum by BPI.

Maroon 5
United States- Maroon 5 did very well with their albums in US. They had scored two number 1 albums with “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” and the recent “V”. They had 2 more albums which reached number 2, while “Songs About Jane” only reached number 6. Nevertheless, it was their biggest selling album there when it reached 5x platinum RIAA certified.
United Kingdom- Maroon 5’s first two albums went to number 1, “Songs About Jane” (their biggest seller for reaching 6x platinum) and the platinum seller “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”, certifications from BPI. The other albums went to top 5.

United States- Paramore did very well in the US. They reached numbet 1 with their self-titled album. The band went to number 2 with “Brand New Eyes”.
United Kingdom- Paramore has dominated the UK albums chart twice. Those albums were “Brand New Eyes” and “Paramore”, the self-titled album.

United States- Coldplay is one of the biggest selling bands in United States since 2000. They had scored four number 1 albums there. They first hit number 1 with “X&Y”, followed by “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”, “Mylo Xyloto”, and the last one was “Ghost Stories”. Their current album reached number 2 with “A Head Full of Dreams”. Their biggest seller was “A Rush of Blood to the Head”, which went number 5 and was certified 4x platinum by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Coldplay is the biggest British band ever since 2000. All of their 7 albums went to number 1. It started with “Parachutes”. Their second album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” became their biggest selling record with 9x platinum by BPI. “X&Y” also went 9x platinum. While other subsequent number albums were “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”, “Mylo Xyloto”, “Ghost Stories”, and their current album “A Head Full of Dreams”.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
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10 Songs With “Rain”

“Rains” can be a blessing, while it can be a sad moments for others. In songs, “rains” was often related to sadness, which may happen during heart breaks.

Mariah Carey- Through the Rain
You may have failed but you can stand and catch up even when it is “raining”. You can get over and and succeed again. This song was a big hit all over Asia but with moderate reception in US.

Selena Gomez and The Scene- A Year Without Rain
A “year” without rainfall means drought, a rain can refresh one’s body and even the land. Same with love, without it, it seems things are dry. This song gave Selena and pals another top 40 hit.

Prince- Purple Rain
It would be cool for the eyes to see purple “rains”. But this song has more emotional and spiritual impact. The song became one of Prince’s biggest hits.

Madonna- Rain
When love falls like “rain”, it surely be a good feeling. This ballad from Madonna is one of her finest and which made it to top 20 in Billboard.

Paramore- When it Rains
If yout loving it when it “rains”, then listen to this song from Paramore. It might not be released as an official single, but it eas popular online.

Bruno Mars- It Will Rain
It will surely be agonizing when someone that gives you sunlight leaves. With the absence of sunshine, “rain” will fall. This song became Bruno’s fourth solo US top 5.

Billie Myers- Kiss the Rain
When someone misses you, just tell then to go out and kiss the “rain”. This rock and ballad song became Billie’s only big hit, as it hit the top 20 in major countries.

Guns N Roses- November Rain
Such a sad ending of the song. I remember the video back then. It’s video became one of the most memorable in MTV and the song itself, gave GNR a big success.

Ashanti- Rain on Me
It’s like the “rain” is falling on you when someone you love left. This song was one of Ashanti’s top 10 hits in the US.

Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule- Rainy Dayz
“Rains” can be regarded as a blessing MJB and Ja though of it in this Billboard top 20 hit.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Popular Band Vocalists Since 2000

There are lots of band vocalist that has the opportunity to become huge stars on their own but never turned their back to their band. It’s friendship that runs within the members that’s why these vocalists remained in their bands. Here are some of the band vocalists who debuted since 2000 who became famous.

Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
Maroon 5 had come too far after five successful albums. Numerous hit singles were heard on the radio and includes the recent “Sugar” and their biggest hit ever “Moves Like Jagger”. The biggest credit, of course, will be given to its vocalist, Adam Levine. With his talent and looks, he can possibly succeed as solo artist but he stayed. His stint as coach in The Voice (US) contributed to his succeed, as well as successful singles where he was featured like “Stereo Hearts” (Travie McCoy) and the current “Locked Away” (R. City), which both were top ten hits worldwide.

Hayley Williams (Paramore)
Paramore went onto become one of the biggest bands sincd the second half of 2000s. Hayley Williams, the band’s vocalist, can be attributed to their success. She was often considered as rock chick too. Her collaboration with B.O.B. for the song “Airplanes” became one of the biggest selling singles, thanks tp the nice tune and contribution of Hayley. Hayley still remains a member and vocalist of Paramore.

Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Since 2000, Coldplay became one of the biggest sellibg bands with numerous number one and multi-platinum albums. As vocalist, Chris had the chance to go solo but he remained with Coldplay. However, a finale album of the band is set to release. In 15 years, though, Chris Martin successfully led the band.

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)
Mike Shinoda played a big part with Linkin Park’s success. One of two vocalist of the band, he also did side project through Fort Minor. He has all the ability to go solo, still, stayed with Linkin Park which is one of the biggest bands since 2000.

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
Along with Mike Shinoda, Chester was also a vocalist of Linkin Park. With his big contribution to the band’s success, Chester stayed with the band as it seems they were like family.

Amy Lee (Evanescence)
One of the best female rock vocalists, Amy Lee once featured in the song “Broken” (Seether). She has everything to become a successful solo artist but stayed with Evanescence, the band which had the mega successful album “Fallen”.

Songs with repeated word THREE TIMES during the last 20 years

If there are songs with word repeated twice in a song, others are not contented and they repeated a word thrice. R&B group Destiny’s Child is one example who kept repeating a word in their song titles not once but thrice which included “Jumpin’, Jumpin'” (at the ‘word repeated 2x list) and two more songs included in this list.

Destiny’s Child- Bills, Bills, Bills
Formerly quartet at that time, Destiny’s Child asked their men to pay their bills not once but three times. This song became their first US chart-topper.

B2K- Bump, Bump, Bump
Likely became the Destiny’s Child counterpart being a R&B group and repeated a word three times in this sexual ‘bump’ song. It became a US #1 hit then.

Phillip Phillips- Gone Gone Gone
American Idol alumna Phillip Phillips (his name is also repeated but with ‘s’) attempted to do the trend with this folk/pop/rock song. It was a top 30 hit in the US and was even featured in “Amazing Spiderman 2” soundtrack.

NSYNC- Bye Bye Bye
It was effective for the boyband to repeat ‘bye’ three times as it helped their album became the fastest selling album ever im the US. The song itself filled a space in pop culture when it became successful globally.

Destiny’s Child- No, No, No
If Destiny’s Child carrier single repeated ‘bills’ three times, theur carrier single for their debut LP repeated ‘no’ three times and ‘yeah’ three times in its chorus. It became a top five hit in some countries worldwide.

Duffy- Well, Well, Well
The singer from Wales released this song intended to follow up her highly successful “Rockferry” but her effort to duplicate its success turned out to be the opposite. ‘Well’, it didn’t do ‘well’.

Paramore- Crushcrushcrush
The rock band released this quite cheesy song but successfully ‘crushed’ certain charts. Perhaps the repeated word ‘crush’ and making it into one word worked.

Top 7 Female Band vocalist

It is rare to see female leading a band with male members. Oftentimes, they even made their band more successful since the camera is within them mostly than their bandmates playing the instruments. I listed some of these band vocalist who led their bands successfully.

Shirley Manson- From second half of 1990s, the band Garbage was led by this girl named Shirley who was also considered one of the top fashion icons as shown in some MTV shows. The band becane successful too scoring hits like “Milk”, “I Think I’m Paranoid, etc. They even sang the James Band hit “The World is Not Enough”. The secret to the band’s success? Of course it’s Shirley Manson.

Selena Gomez- Many of you might think she’s an artist of her own, but yes, she is now. Before? No. As we often hear ‘Selena Gomez and The Scene”‘, it’sa band which was led by Selena. It was a testament of Selena’s leadership as the band scored multiple top 10 albums and top 40 hits.

Dolores O’ Riordan- This lady have such a beautiful and rare voice. Among all the ladies in this list, she has the most beautiful voice for me. Well, she successfully led the band during the 1990s and created beautiful hit songs such as “Linger”, “Zombie” and a lot more. Their album “No Need to Argue” is among the best selling albums during the first half of 1990s. Thanks to Dolores who’s very much credited for their success.

Gwen Stefani- Apart from successful solo career, Gwen led No Doubt successfully as well. Their album “Tragic Kingdom” is among the biggest sellers for 1997, while big comeback came in 2002 after a moderate success of “Return of the Saturn”. The band never broke up, just in state of hiatus and she remained the band’s vocalist.

Florence Welch- One of the acclaimed bands recently, Florence & the Machine led by Florence Welch sold millions of albums. My favorite song from this band is “Dog Days are Over”. Undeniably, Florence have a beautiful voice which led the band’s success.

Hailey Williams- From the hard-rocking of “Misery Business” to a light and fun sound of “Ain’t it Fun”, the band scored many hit songs and hot selling albums. Hailey was also featured in songs by B.O.B. with “Airplanes” which was big hit, and Zedd. Well, she can make it as solo artist, yet she loves her band.

Amy Lee- Whether rock or ballad, her voice is very haunting that it was like taking you to the Gothic life. I wonder where she is now, but hoping for a new album of Evanescence that will take you back to their “Fallen” era.

My 5 Favorite Rock Bands

I had listened to different kinds of music, either pop, R&B, dance, hip-hop and even rock. I started to love rock music back in 2001 then I began to appreciate other bands from the 1990s. Nowadays, rock may not be the trend but there are still a number of great rock songs. With regards to rock bands, here are my five favorite rock bands ever.

5. Nickelback-They have been around for a long time but my favorite album from them was “All the Right Reasons” which had great hits. “Silver Side Up” had great songs though.

4. Matchbox 20- I may not be a rock fan at that time but their song “Push” something special. It’s like speaking up your anger something heavy inside and afterwards, you feel lighter. “Mad Season” is a great album too but I love their song “Bright Lights” from their third album. “She’s So Mean”, though, is more upbeat and I love how Rob Thoma sang it.

3. Paramore- When I heard “Misery Business”, I thought it’s Avril Lavigne breaking out. But it’s a newcomer (band). I love “That’s What You Get” and eventually “Ignorance” because of its lyrics that I can relate to at that time. Their recent song “Ain’t it Fun” sounds different from their forner sound but it is fun to listen to.

2. Coldplay- Their song “Yellow” is like a jam for me. It is melodramatic driven by a heavy music. “The Scientist” is a very beautiful ballad as well as “Fix You” and the ballad version of “Lost”. I am not a fan of their “Ghost Stories” album nonetheless. But I like their song “Atlas”.

1. Linkin Park- My favorite song from them ever was “In the End”. They might had numerous hit here in the Philippines but their biggest hit remains “In the End”. I love their other songs too like “Crawling” and “New Divide”, but my number two and three favorite songs from them were “Numb” as I find it as “In the End” v2.0 and “Shadow of the Day” because if its meaningful words and the similarity with U2’s old hit.