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Some Disappointing Grammy Snubs

Recently, the nominees for the most important music event, which is the Grammy Awards, was already announced. According to Billboard, the most nominations went to acclaimed rapper Kendrick Lamar, which followed by pop superstar Taylor Swift. As usual, there were many people gets disappointed with the results of nominations.

I have nothing against the board of Grammy because they have a panel who votes who will get nominated, likewise the winners. It’s not about popularity rather, as said a group decides who will win. Given that Taylor Swift got lots of nominations, I think she deserves it since the album is outstanding in quality apart from its popularity. Kendrick Lamar deserves it too as his album was generally praised by critics. But there are some great records which gained some respects and acclaims from music critics.

One of disappointing snubs was the zero nomination for Canadian pop star, Carly Rae Jepsen. She may not be at the Taylor Swift popularity level, however, her record was support. Her entire record (Emotion) contained 1980s inspired sound which is refreshing to the ears. I can’t even feel it’s a gimmick to incorporate such sound. Unlike other artists who incorporate retro sounds in their music, sounds more of a gimmick. Jepsen pulled the album out with quality retro sound.

Another disappointing result was the exclusion of Janet Jackson even from the minor categories. Her album “Unbreakable” is a lovely album. It was also well acclaimed by the critics for it unformulaic sound and her courage to put up a record that’s far from what we hear in current mainstream music. Yet, she was snubbed by the Grammy again.

Lana del Ray who often got rave reviews including her new hit record “Honeymoon”, but Grammy ignored her even a single nomination. I am not a fan of Lana but I kinda think her album was great just after first listen.

One Direction was always one of the big snubs yearly ever since they started. They were a staple yearly with successful records. Their music has grown matured. Also, this year would be their last year to release a record before going for a hiatus. Their record “FOUR” and this year’s single “Drag Me Down” was acclaimed, but Grammy has always been selfish to them.

One of the band that makes superb records was Florence and the Machine. I love their album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” which surely many agrees. It was very much lauded and Florence’s gained so much respect with this record but Grammy doesn’t seem to give that respect.

Honestly, I don’t much rely on Grammys for great records. The award giving body is highly respected and very prestigious but they don’t speak for the entire music industry. Their lists of nominees was respected but for me, respects goes to all the artists who made great masterpieces that entertain people like me.

Yearend Special: Top Pop Albums of 2015

Pop music dominated the year and during the entire run of 2015, it is Taylor Swift who’s undoubtedly reigned the year. Though at this moment, Adele was reigning globally, thanks to her blockbuster record “25”. To check the top pop albums this year, they were listed below:

Taylor Swift- 1989
She has already been dominating the album charts during the last few weeks of 2014, its success was extended until this 2015. With five songs entering the top 10 from the album and multi-platinum success worldwide, this record is one of the most successful pop albums this year.

Meghan Trainor- Title
Incorporating 1970s sound to today’s pop music made the sound of this hit pop record from newcomer Meghan Trainor. With hit singles and a top debut, this became one of the top pop albums this year.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Justin is back with a purpose and this comeback brought him back on top as well as two (already 3) hit singles he made in the entire globe. He just prove that he can be today’s Prince of Pop.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
With 4 number one albums under their name, this record was the only album from them which failed a top debut in the US after being defeated by Justin Bieber. Still, its critical and commercial performance made it as one of the most successful pop records this year.

Adele- 25
Adele is invinciple and now becoming a legendary artist through this big selling album. It is expected that at the end of 2015, this album will easily be the biggest selling album based on its latest number. Thus, it was one of the two biggest pop albuns this year along with Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Ed Sheeran- x
This album has become a sleeper hit. After one of the top albums last year, its performance at the albums chart this 2015 made it as one of the top pop albums.

Yearend Special: Underrated Albums of 2015

This year, there are some great albums that were too understated, thus, it affected the sales or performance of these records. Some of these albums released were almost unfelt when it was released, however, in this list, there are some which performed quite fine. but needed at least better attention from listeners.

Janet Jackson- Unbreakable
With slow performance in the charts of its carrier song “No Sleeep”, the album’s performance was affected. Even critics loved the album for not being formulaic and shown Janet’s courage to release an album with a sound we rarely hear. Janet’s vocals had matured for the better and you can feel through the wordings of great tracks that she really is ‘unbreakable’.

Carly Rae Jepsen- Emotion
I think this os one of the best pop albums this year. It was refreshing to hear 1980s sound in a modern pop album. The 80s beat from the tracks in this record can be heard and will make you groove like a retro person. It was a nostalgia for people who were 1980s kid. I am a 1990s kid and I appreciate the sound incorporated in the album. The album was just overstated which led to its moderate success.

Selena Gomez- Revival
Selena Gomez was all over the media few months and weeks before the album’s distribution. But due to the the hype of Justin Bieber and One Direction battle and the anticipation for Adele’s album, this album from Selena which was expected to do better quite underperformed despite its number 1 debut and two hit new songs.

One Direction- FOUR
Released last November 2014, this album should have continued success this year. It’s sales were high but not as successful as her previous records. Also, the hype with Taylor Swift’s 1989 shattered this record from 1D and that Tay’s album was overstated by media. The album released only two singles until Zayn left the pop band.

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly
One of the best rap albums this 2015, despite the success in US, it didn’t spread its success to the rest of the world. With more support, it could have been a blockbuster.

Yearend Special: Overrated Albums of 2015

There are lot of great mainstream albums being released this 2015. Some albums were overhyped which made them too overrated for many. Being considered overrated doesn’t mean negative perceptions with these records.

Here are the 5 overrated albums due to being overstated. These albums though were great and has been huge with its performance:

Taylor Swift- 1989
This record from Taylor Swift is one of the two biggest albums this year. With its success in sales, the album was too overstated knowing it was the former country star’s first full length pop record. Male singer Ryan Adams even recorded his own version of the album.

Adele- 25
Adele is the most anticipated artist to release a new record after several years since her recordbreaking album “21”. With the first week success (until now) of “Hello”, hype for “25” was heightened. Its first week sales was expected to sell a little above NSYNC’S “No Strings Attached”. However, sales went even higher than expected, by which according to Nielsen Soundscan, the album had sold more than 3.3 million. Now, the album is all over the media for its success.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Few months before the album’s release, it had been all over media about this new record from the comebacking artist. With Justin’s over promotion and the battle with One Direction for same day of release, it is all-over the media and fans are even battling to in social media who will win for the first week showdown.

Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour
Released during the mid-year of 2014, the album’s success ranged until this year. Let’s not forget about its Grammy wins and the hype about the “unrequited love” theme of this LP. Despite not reaching the top, It still became huge in market sales.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
Despite the lack of promotion from the guys, the album was talked-about due to releasing the record the same date with Justin Bieber’s. Media has been watching over this battle who will win which results favored Justin Bieber. This album is still a huge seller anyway.

Yearend Special: Top Albums of 2015

2015 is about to end and several music organizations are making their own list of the bests in music during the year. Since I am focused in mainstream music, I made my own list of the top or highly successful albums during this year. The albums listed below were in random position and not based on sales alone rather how it made impact in music this year.

Taylor Swift- 1989
Released during late 2014, this blockbuster album which was one of the biggest sellers last year is still one of the two biggest sellers this year along with 5 top 10 hits this year.

Ed Sheeran- x
Also released last year, during midyear, this sophomore effort from Ed remains one of the biggest seller this year which was also heightened by one of the biggest hits this year “Thinking Out Loud”.

Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour
One of the albums with heartbreak themes, this debut record from Sam Smith was one of the biggest albums this year despit being released in 2014. With 3 top 10 hits, the album’s big win in Grammy helped the album to sell more.

Meghan Trainor- Title
This debut effort from Meghan was released at the beginning of the year. With doo-wop, Motown and pop influences, the album was a chart-topper and scored at least 3 top 10 singles.

Drake- If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late
This is the biggest rap album this year either critically or commercially. Drake has always been consistent with sales of his records.

One Direction- FOUR
One of the biggest November releases in 2014, this fourth record from the boyband is still one of the biggest sellers this 2015. It recorded 2 top 40 hits.

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly
With general praises from critics, this effort from the rapper eventually became a number 1 album.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
After some years out of the limelight due to troubles and underperforming record “Journals”, he came back this year with three hits which are included to this hit new album.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
This last record from the lads before hiatus may have been defeated by Justin Bieber but it’s sales can never be considered a failure due to its high sales. It even scored two top 10 singles.

Adele- 25
This hot new LP from Adele will effortlessly trump all records in sales at the end of the year after going multi-platinum in just one week. Aside from the album’s sales, “Hello” was also a record-breaker.

Artists who ripped off their own songs

There has been issues that some artists ripped off songs from other artists and copyright issues happened as some got sued. Some cases was resolved while others turned into a dispute.

Meanwhile, there are some artists who ripped off their own songs as their latest songs sounded as their old songs. It’s not a problem though as it is the same artists. Likewise, such songs may be from the same songwriter or producer. Here are some of the artists who made songs of then similar to their old songs. The songs that are mentioned here came from different albums.

Spice Girls
When “2 Become 1” was released and became a huge hit, you can hear other ballads from the girls which sounds like the sisters of the hit song. Let’s consider “Goodbye” and “Headlines”, try listening to them after another, you will feel like it’s just a single lengthy song.

Britney Spears
Britney had actually some songs in her first two albums sounding alike especially some unreleased tracks. But the most apparent was “…Baby One More Time” and her second album’s carrier “Oops… I Did it Again”. Apart from the sound, there’s another that connects the two songs, it’s the ellipses in the title. I also noticed the similarity of “I’m a Slave for You” and “Me Against the Music” though the latter was more fast paced.

Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys had the same producers during their glory days so it is possible that their songs will sound alike. Consider “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and “Larger than Life”. The songs have something in common while the latter is louder. But I noticed “I Want in that Way” as a twin brother of “Shape of My Heart”.

One Direction
To follow the success of their album “Up All Night”, the guys imemdiately released their second album “Take Me Home” which was led by “Live While We’re Young”, a song which is like their first ever single “What Makes You Beautiful”. Anyway, “…Beautiful” sounds more memorable.

Linkin Park
The rock band was known for the success of their album “Hybrid Theory”. But I noticed some similarities in their songs. I sensed the similarity of “In the End” and “Numb” despite the former has more on rap part.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande just released her new song called “Focus”. The song sounds like a rip-off of her own song “Problem”. The latter mentioned song is better and “Focus” sounds like a poor rip-off.

Album Review: Justin Bieber and One Direction

And so the battle has started for the two of the biggest pop acts with their new records going head to head to one another. Justin Bieber first announced the release date of his supposed huge comeback with “Purpose”. After a while, One Direction also announced their released date which conincided with Bieber’s. Now the big question is, who will claim victory for the top spot? Here’s a review for the two albums which is battling for pop supremacy.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Few yeard ago, Justin Bieber struggled after some troubles he got involved in. It seems many people has turned their back against him by which some fans did and her last effort “Journals” flopped, which is the result of negativity surrounded him. Recently, Justin Bieber has been apologetic for all his wrong actions and when his new single “What Do You Mean?” was released, it seems people has forgiven him. Good critical reviews and commercial outcome was good for the song which now led to the releaer of his comeback album.
Honestly, I have always been biased against Justin Bieber because of his past actions. I couldn’t even take listening to his songs. I am even skeptical to listen and even write review about his new album. But when I heard “What Do You Mean?”, I made a positive review of it, even followed by “Sorry”. Since the battle of the records between him and One Direction, I decided to listen to the entire album, and to be honest, I forgot all that he did and begun to love the album.
The album is consisted of R&B tunes with electronic elements, pop and ballads. His vocals has even matured well. I can feel the sincerity and he really is apologetic. I love how the albun didn’t put something explicit. Most of the songs are upbeat, though vocals were slow-paced but it fitted. It’s like a breathy album that crosses your ears.
Notable tracks: “Mark My Words” (a ballad which started the album is good if it is like this song); “What Do You Mean?” (the song made me listen to the entire album); “Love Yourself” (a beautiful and melodic ballad in acoustic); and “All In It” (a midtempo song that’s fresh to listen to).
Rating: 9 out of 10

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
Earlier this year, One Direction member Zayn Malik left his group which led to questions about the future of the boyband. The remaining members, however, promised to keep it together and announced that they will still record an album which led to the production of “Made in the A.M.”. After few months, the group, nevertheless, announced hiatus early next year and this album may be their last before hiatus. It’s early to predict though if they will release a new album in the future. Then they released the recordbreaking single “Drag Me Down” which opened massively with sales and streaming. The group however, didn’t embark a massive promotion for the album.
The album contains pop and pop/rock as they started through “Midnight Memories” LP. Nonetheless, that time, I was not convinced by their rock tunes except the beautiful “Story of My Life”. In this album, I was now convinced why they maintained their success in a span of five years in the business. But with the songs, I am only convinced with the vocals of Liam and Harry. I was bothered by the vocals of Louis and Niall as they lacked substance.
Notable tracks: “Drag Me Down” ( this is a good song but I feel the structure was comparable with Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”); “Perfect” (This is like a male version of Taylor Swift’s “Style”, though has a better beat); “History” (hoping to become the next single); and “Olivia” (a more pop version of Mika’s “Grace Kelly”)
Rating: 8.75 out of 10

Music Crossover

Many artists who are stuck in a genre sometimes crossover to a genre they don’t use to. It may be to offer something different or to gain more fans. A lot of them succeeded, though some struggled in their new genre. Here are some of the artists who made crossover with their music

Taylor Swift
She may be the most successful artist who crossed over to pop recently. From a country artist who sits with her guitar, her pop crossover was well received and even gained fans not just in United States, but also in countries where she has minimal fanbase particularly in some European countries. In UK, she gained a lot of fans which is apparent with her chart positions since her albums “Red” (combination of pop and country) and “1989” (a full length pop album).

Maroon 5
They were known as a rock band with their debut “Songs About Jane”. However, they graduation turned into a pop band as time goes by from “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” until pop tunes became more popular through their LP “Overexposed”, which they took that formula for their current album “V”.

As a British alternative rock band, we heard their melancholic rock tunes from their first four albums. In fact, in every album they released, they offered something new. But with their album “Mylo Xyloto”, their usual sound has changed until “Ghost Stories” with more pop, EDM and synthpop sound. Still, their albums were successful.

One Direction
From powerpop and bubblegum pop, the British boyband gradually shifted to a more pop/rock sound through “Midnight Memories”. They adapted the sound but even got matured through “FOUR” and their current “Made in the A.M.”.

Lady Gaga
We’ve known her as the outrageous performer with EDM and pop music. With her successes during those era, she toned down and did something that she gained acclaim as a jazz singer with “Cheek to Cheek”, an album with legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett. The jazz album became a Grammy awardee and a chart-topper.

Biggest Albums by Boybands

Boybands occupied a large space in music industry especially in 1990s, as well as in early 2000s. This 2010s, One Direction brought back the boyband domination and became one of the most successful artists during this era.
Here are some of the most successful boyband albums in the world. Noted, the list do not include groups playing instruments.

Backstreet Boys- Millenium
This is considerably the biggest selling album ever with sales, according to estimates, was 26 million copies. Then, it was the fastest selling album with over 1 million sold in the US during its initial week.

NSYNC- No Strings Attached
This is the group’s biggest album ever after setting the record with more than 2 million sold on its initial week in the US alone. First day even reached more than a million, a record that was never broken ever since.

New Kids on the Block- Hangin’ Tough
Topping the albums chart anywhere plus multi-platinum records and all of its single reaching the top ten, this is the biggest album by early boyband days.

Backstreet Boys- Backstreet’s Back
This is the second international album by the group and scored multi-platinum particularly in Europe and Asia, along with three hit songs.

Boyz II Men- II
The group’s biggest album ever and scored 3 number 1 hits, no other boyband achieved that feat.

This is the debut release of NSYNC which became a diamond platinum in the US along with platinum certifications in other territories.

One Direction- Up All Night
This album revived the boyband scene after topping the charts along with multi-platinum single “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Backstreet Boys- Black and Blue
This became the boys’ second album to sell millions in a week. It might not broke the sales of “Millenium” but was successful intenationally too.

Take That- Nobody Else
Take That took too long to finally hit the worldwide scene despite UK success. Due to the success of “Back for Good”, this album became their most successful album ever.

Boyz II Men- Cooleyhighharmony
This has gone multi-platinum in the US when it was released but its success was credited to the success of the 13-week dominating single “End of the Road”.

NSYNC- Celebrity
Despite failing to break their own record, this album became the fastest selling album ever with over 1.8 million sold on its debut.

One Direction- Take Me Home
This album made global domination when it was released. It is among the biggest selling album in 2012 even just less than 2 months of release.

Boyzone- By Request (The Hits)
The Irish boyband may not have entirely break the US market but this album became one of the biggest selling pop albums in 1999.

Backstreet Boys-Backstreet Boys
This is their debut album which opened the way for the boys to stardom was not released in the US, until they combined the hits from their first and second international albums into one for US. This international album went successful accross Europe and Asia.

One Direction- Midnight Memores
The fastest selling album from the UK and Irish lads and even the number one album in just less than two months just like its predecessor.

New Kids on the Block- Step By Step
The second most successful album from the group, it topped the charts along with number one track in the same name.

Overrated Artists Since the Last 10 Years

Media is responsible why many artists became so overrated. Some people got tired on hearing about certain artists. It happens especially an artist becomes very successful and media will sensationalize them. Based on observation and media posts on the internet and visual media, here are the artists I listed who became overrated during the last 10 years.

Looking through comments on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other sites such as Yahoo News and YouTube, many people states Beyonce was too overrated. Well, even her pregnancy especially after she had shown her baby bump on VMAs, it is too overstated. Media also often talks about Bey, which includes her record breaking surprise album.

Lady Gaga
Aside from successful albums and singles, every performance of hers and even her dresses were highly documented by the media. Even her controversial music videos were often talked about too.

Taylor Swift
Every relationship of her gave media attention. When she crossed over to pop music and the success of “1989”, everything she does is over the news. Well, Taylor contributed to such sensationalism.

Justin Bieber
Remember the ‘Bieber Fever’? Justin gained so much fans especially to young people. He’s all over Twitter and in news platforms, either positive or negative.

One Direction
Yes, they are the world’s biggest boyband and pop band during the last five years. Their intense activities on social media paid off. Media is all over them for their success. Every time they release their carrier singles, you can always see articles about it on Billboard.

She has the most number 1 singles during the last 10 years and you can always see it on Billboard. Everything she post on Twitter, an article was ready to read anywhere.

Katy Perry
She’s probably next to Rihanna for having lots of hits. “Teenage Dream” is a sleeper hit which also contributed to the success of “Prism”. Often, it is overstated which even includes her tour.