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Music 10 N’s: NSYNC to New Kids on the Block

They were my favorite boyband ever. I so love their songs and their choreographs. I also became a fan of Justin Timberlake because he was a former NSYNC member.

2. Natalie Imbruglia
She is a pop rock singer from Australia. She was also seen in the Rowan Atkinson movie “Johnny English”. If you don’t know any song of her, try searching for her version of “Torn”.

3. Nasty
It is a song by Janet Jackson from her breakthrough album “Control”. It is a dancey pop R&B track. Another song with “Nasty” was the song “Nasty Girl” by Destiny’s Child.

4. Nevermind
This is the title of the album by rock band Nirvana. It was their record breaking album ever which was awarded by RIAA with 10x platinum.

5. No Doubt
They were one of the great bands which broke through in music in 1996. Their biggest song? It was “Don’t Speak”. Gwen Stefani was the lead vocalist of the band.

6. Neon Light
This is a song by top country singer Blake Shelton. There’s also a song by Demi Lovato but with the “S” at the last word called “Neon Lights”. Still both artists were good.

7. Natasha Beddingfield
She is a singer from Britain who first became internationally known for the song “Unwritten” She also achieved success with songs such as “Love Like This” and “Pocketful of Sunshine”.

8. Never Again
It was the title of lead track by Kelly Clarkson from her album “My December”. Nickelback also had their song with that same title which was taken from their album “All the Right Reasons”.

9. Nate Ruess
He is the lead singer of indie rock band Fun. The band was the act behind the hit song “We Are Young”. Nate also collaborated with Pink for the song “Just Give Me a Reason”.

10. New Kids on the Block
They were one of the biggest boyband ever. The guys were known for the hit “Step By Step” and “Hanging Tough”.

Video from YouTube / NSYNCVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “Celebrity” by NSYNC

Celebrity (album)
After the record breaking success of “No Strings Attached”, NSYNC recorded and released their third studio album “Celebrity”. It became a fast seller with more than 1.8 million sold in just a week in America, according to Soundscan. The album sounds better than “No Strings Attached” because of its more diverse sound. The album has gone 5x platinum in America. It also achieved certifications from different countries.

“Pop” was released as the carrier single off “Celebrity” by NSYNC. It is a dance pop song with heavy beats and electronic sound. I think it sounds better as a lead single compared to “Bye Bye Bye” as a lead single for an album. The song, however, wasn’t as successful. It peaked at number 19 on Billboard Hot 100, and number 9 in UK.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

“Gone” had became the second single from “Celebrity”. It is similar to “This I Promise You” with slower paced sound and verses, also with melancholic theme. The song has R&B influence with its beats. The single reached number 11 on Billboard Hot 100, which makes it more successful than “Pop” there. In United Kingdom, it was lower at number 24.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Girlfriend (ft Nelly for the remix)
“Girlfriend” was releasdd as the final official single for “Celebrity”. It is a R&B song which also had its remix featuring Nelly. It became the most successful single from the album. In US, it peaked at number 9, while in United Kingdom, it did so much better when it reached number 2.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

“Fallin'” wasn’t an official single but in the Philippines, a music video of it was released which was taken from excerpts of their concerts. The song even charted well in Philippines muisc channel MYX. It was also played often in radio and charted as well.

Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / NSYNCVideoVaultVEVO

NSYNC- NSYNC: Top 10 Singles in US and UK / Memorable Chorus of a Song

United States- NSYNC had great success in US with “NSYNC” album after releasing at least 4 singles in the country. But only three singles made it to the chart. However, the album only had 1 top 10 hit:
(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You- #8
The song became their only top 10 hit from the album reaching #8. Three singles charted with their first single “I Want You Back” which peaked at number 13. It had a Gold Record certifications by RIAA. “Tearing Up My Heart” only peaked at number 59 but it did well at the mainstream charts in top 10.

United Kingdom- NSYNC achieved success with their singles in UK earlier. They had achieved at least two top 10 songs in the country.
I Want You Back- #5
Tearing Up My Heart- #9
It is pretty obvious that the group scored at least two top 10 singles in the country. Their other singles failed to chart, and just returned to the singles chart with “Music of My Heart” which is a soundtrack single with Gloria Estefan, which peaked at number 34.

NSYNC’s most successful song was “I Want you Back” from the album. However, “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You” was an emotional and heart-warming song that’s why it is my top pick. It is because it is written for mothers. I even wrote about songs about mothers and included this song. Here’s the beautiful chorus of the song and its music video:

(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You (Chorus)
Your love is like a river
Peaceful and deep (and deep)
Your soul is like a secret
That I never could keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it’s true
God must have spent…
A little more time
On you…

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriter/s of the song (Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers)
Video from YouTube / NSYNCVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “No Strings Attached” NSYNC

No Strings Attached (album)
NSYNC’s success with their debut album was followed by their second album “No Strings Attached”. The album was also their first album transferring to Jive. It contains dance pop, pop and R&B songs and a little matured compared to their self-titled debut album. It became a record-breaker as it became the fastest selling album in the US with more than 2.4 million in a single week. However, the record was surpassed by Adele. The album is still a big hit though.

Bye Bye Bye
“Bye Bye Bye” has been the carrier single for “No Strings Attached”. It talks about saying goodbye to the lover who has been abusive and deceptive. The music video has been very popular when the guys are being puppets controlled by a lady. The song was a hit worldwide and served as the biggest single by the group.
Rate: 9.0 out of 10

It’s Gonna Be Me
“It’s Gonna Be Me” was released as the second single for “No Strings Attached”. The song talks about assuring the girl that he’s different from other guys who cheats at their sweethearts. The music video shows the guys in dolls and strings. The song sounds like a slower version of “Bye Bye Bye. It was a hit and became their first US number 1 hit.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

I’ll Never Stop
“I’ll Never Stop” was released as a single in other countries. It is a pop song, and its music videp was compared to Backstreet Boys’ “The One” because of its similarities as it shows the guys from their concerts. The song was a hit in some countries especially in UK where it peaked at number 13.
Rate: 6.5 out of 10

This I Promise You
“This I Promise You” was the last single for “No Strings Attached”. It is known as being written by Richar Marx. The ballad became a hit reaching number 5 on Billboard Hot 100, and has been huge in Asia.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / NSYNCVEVO

Boybands Who Had Number 1 Albums in US and UK: New Kids on the Block / Boyzone / NSYNC /Blue

New Kids On The Block
United States- New Kids On The Block is one of the biggest boybands ever. They had 2 number 1 albums in America namely “Hangin’ Tough” and their third album “Step By Step”. “Hangin’ Tough” is their biggest seller though.
United Kingdom- NKOTB scored a number 1 album in UK with “Step By Step”. Nevertheless, “Hangin’ Tough” which only peaked at number 2 sold more.

United States- Boyzone had attempted to crack the American market but they failed, not scoring a hit album there.
United Kingdom- Boyzone is one of the most successful pop groups in the UK. They had scored total of 5 number 1 albums there. They actually had 4 consecutive number one albums there namely: “Said and Done”, “A Different Beat”, “Where We Belong”, and their compilation album “By Request: The Hits”. Their fifth number 1 was “Brother”, their first album after the demise of their co-member Stephen Gately. Their biggest seller ever was “By Request”.

United States- NSYNC is one of the most popular boybands in America. They had scored at least 2 albums to reach number 1, “No Strings Attached” which was the fastest selling album in US until defeated by Adele, and “Celebrity”, which was the third fastest selling album ever. “No Strings Attached” remained the group’s biggest selling album.
United Kingdom- NSYNC never scored a number 1 album in UK, but its highest peak is number 12 with “Celebrity”.

United States- Blue was supposed to release their records in United States but never pushed through as it was cancelled, so they never had hit album there.
United Kingdom- The guys was one of the most successful British boybands. They had 3 consecutive number 1 albums there which were: “All Rise”, “One Love” and their third album “Guilty”. Both their first and second album were big sellers in the country.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

Video: YouTube / NewKidsVEVO

Pop Groups that People Wanted to Have Reunion

I am a fan of music and I fell in love to the music of a lot of groups. As a music fan, I knew there were a lot there who are fans of groups too. I still follow such groups and see if they have something new to offer after their disbandment and ever wanted to reunite. Many fans still crave for these bands to make music again.

It might be impossible that the trio can reunite as a trio again. Sadly, that in early 2000’s, Lisa Lopes known as “Left Eye” passed away. She didn’t reach the point that their album “Girl Talk” was released, where she still has vocals, of course as a rapper. But fans still want the remaining two members to release new music. I think it is in the works.

Justin Timberlake had became a huge superstar but currently enjoying life out of the limelight as a father and a husband. When they had reunited in a perforance in VMA, fans looked back and wanted a reunion of the group since they took a hiatus and never heard back of new album since “Celebrity”.

Destiny’s Child
The two members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams shown up and performed with co-member Beyonce during the latter’s performance in Superbowl Halftime. It went fans to request the girls for a reunion album, yet, it didn’t happen.

Jonas Brothers
The guys has planned for an album released before, however, it was not released which frustrated a lot of fans. Maybe someday they will release a new one.

Spice Girls
They were the biggest pop group during 1990s and popularity was cut off when Ger Halliwell left the group. They had reunited in 2007 for a tour and a compilation album. But fans still wanted to see them back together. There were negotiations though for a reunion.

One Direction
It was just months ago when hiatus was announced but it seems fans are missing them and see them together again. Well, they recently had released the music video for “History”. While a reunion? It is still unlikely. Directioners though are hoping for the best.

Music Rivalries: Boy Groups

Competitions can be somewhat good for artists to do better. Someone may have started it all and another one comes up, the first one who existed may do better to keep up with competitions. Boybands has undergone competitions too. Rivalry existed so both artists will do better and prove and show to the world what they have and what they can do. Here are some of the boy groups who became rivalries.

Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC
There are other groups who came first than Backstreet Boys but these guys became the pioneer when the boyband term existed. Backstreet Boys is selling millions worldwide when their nearest competitor, NSYNC, came. There are lots of boybands at the time but with regards to style and music, NSYNC is the most similar. NSYNC even eventually signed to Backstreet Boys’ record label. Backstreet Boys remained the biggest selling boyband though. However, NSYNC has the record which Backstreet Boys never defeated. That was the fastest selling album ever in US wherein NSYNC had two albums has surpassed Backstreet Boys’ first week US sales. It is obvious that they can never break the record. Still, Backstreet Boys remains the biggest selling boyband ever.

One Direction vs The Wanted
Both groups were from the same country, United Kingdom. They both scored number one hits there. Their respective singles charted in the US at almost the same time. However, The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” charted higher in Bilboard Hot 100 which is at number 3, while One Direction peaked at number 4 with “What Makes You Beautiful”. But it’s not about higher peak. It’s about longevity and sales, which the latter is more triumphant. The Wanted never scored a number one album, while One Direction did in their first four albums. If not for the relevance and success of Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”, then One Direction could’ve scored 5 number 1 albums. One Direction scored tons of top 10 hits  worldwide too. While The Wanted disbanded too early. It is clear that One Direction won.

Credits: Billboard / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube

Album’s Singles Review: NSYNC “NSYNC”

After selling well in Europe and Asia, this debut album by NSYNC was finally released worldwide particularly in their country, US.The album tracks can somewhat be compared to Backstreet Boys sound since they worked with the same producers and songwriters. It had sold millions globally with the US reaching 10x platinum.


I Want You Back
When I first heard this song, I thought it was from the Backstreet Boys because of similarity of its sound. The song talks about wanting the girl you love back. The song went to top 10 in several countries while at number 13 in Billboard.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

Tearin’ Up My Heart
The song sounds like the cousin of their previous single “I Want You Back”. It still became a hit like their first single reaching the top 10 in some territories, though it peaked lower in the US.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Here We Go
I can hear the song’s similarity to Backstreet Boys’ “We’ve Got it Goin’ On” when it comes to its sound and lyrics. The song was not released in the entire globe, though it was a hit in some parts of Europe. I can remember it was released here in Asia too.
Rate: 6.75 out of 10

For the Girl Who Has Everything
This song is a beautiful ballad from the album with R&B sound on it. It was not released worldwide though it had airplay in MTV Asia.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Together Again
The song was released as a Christmas single in Germany. It charted there but wasn’t released in Asia.
Rate: 6 out of 10

God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You
The guys came out in this beautiful ballad which is dedicated for their mothers as also shown in the music video. This is my favorite song from the album. It went to the top 10 of Billboard charts.
Rate: 9 out of 10

I Drive Myself Crazy
This pop ballad was the last single for the album. It was a nice song though it was underwhelming in music charts. But in the Philippines, it received major airplays on the radio.
Rate: 7.75 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / Wikipedia

Battle of Same Song Title: Madonna vs Green Day / NSYNC vs Avril Lavigne

The battles are quite odd as a pop diva battles with a rock band. The second battle was between a pop/rock female star against a pop boyband. Check the battles below:

Madonna vs Green Day

During the early part of her career, Madonna released her “Holiday” song which became her first ever big hit internationally. In the US, it was their first top 20 hit peaking at 16th. In the UK, it peaked at high second place. The song helped her album greatly.


Green Day made their own “Holiday” song which was released in 2005. The punk rock song though failed to enter the top ten in countries, though it reached the top twenty in some countries which included America and Unite Kingdom.

Madonna- Holiday
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Green Day- Holiday
Melody and Lyrics- 2.75 / Success- 3.0= 5.75

Winner: The Queen of Pop trampled the rock band as Madonna scored higher against Green Day in this “Holiday” song battle.

NSYNC vs Avril Lavigne

Released as the last official single from NSYNC’s last full length album, “Girlfriend” had its remixed version with successful rapper Nelly. Both versions were good, though the remixed helped the song’s success. It went to top ten almost all of the countries it entered. The song talks about telling the girl to be his girlfriend who was in a relationship with an unloving boyfriend.

Avril Lavigne reached a new peak of her career through her own “Girlfriend” song. The pop rock song went to number in majority of the countries it entered and was her most successful single. The song talks about this girl who wants to be the guy’s girlfriend. In its remix version, it featured Lil Mama

NSYNC- Girlfriend (ft. Nelly for the remix)
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 3.75= 7.5

Avril Lavigne- Girlfriend (ft. Lil Mama for the remix)
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success-4.25= 8.0

Winner: Both were big hit songs but Avril Lavigne defeated NSYNC in this “Girlfriend” battle.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
Videos from YouTube

Battle of Same Song Titles: Sisqo vs Backstreet Boys / The Jackson 5 vs NSYNC

In this battle of same song titles, a boyband is battling out with male R&B singer. While the other set is between two boybands. So here’s the battle:

Sisqo vs Backstreet Boys
Sisqo’s own “Incomplete” song is a R&B ballad which is about having an incomplete life despite you have everything like material things, but the girl you love is not with you anymore. The song became a Billboard Hot 100 number 1 hit. However, didn’t make an impact outside the US.

Backstreet Boys had their own “Incomplete” song in 2005. It is a pop/rock ballad and was about feeling incomplete without the ex-partner and asking if the guy made a mistake. The song bece the last successful single of the boys which reached the top 10 in many countries. While in the US, it settled at number 13 according to Billboard.

Sisqo- Incomplete
Melody and Lyrics- 4.0 / Success- 3.0 = 7.0

Backstreet Boys- Incomplete
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 3.5 = 7.0

Winner: It’s a tie for the Backstreet Boys and Sisqo for scoring 7.0.

The Jackson 5 vs. NSYNC
“I Want You Back”
The Jackson 5 became a huge group after this song which can be credited for the their earlier success. The R&B 1960’s hit reached number one in Billboard Hot 100, is about wanting the girl you love back whom you let go. It is one of the Motown hits then.

NSYNC acheieved success in this song which was their first ever released single. The song is about wanting the girl to back to you and asks what you should do after hurting her. It went to top 20 in many countries such as United States and a top 5 position in United Kingdom. It was an early success in 1997 in some territories.

The Jackson 5- I Want You Back
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 3.75 = 7.5

NSYNC- I Want You Back
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 3.0 = 6.0

Winner: The Jackson 5 toppled NSYNC in this “I Want You Back” battle

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard