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Take That- Nobody Else / Greatest Hits: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Take That- Never Forget
United States- Take That finally break the American market through the album “Nobody Else”. They also released a single which charted, but let’s see what went to top 10.
Back for Good- #7
Take That finally scored a top 10 single in the country with “Back for Good” when it peaked at number 7. However, the guys were considered one-hit wonder as it is their only single to grace the American singles chart.

United Kingdom- Take That remained superstars in United Kingdom through this album. They had released three zingles off the album, and the songs which went to top 10 were:
Sure- #1
Back for Good- #1
Never Forget- #1
The guys apparently reached number 1 with all their singles from the album. But among those singles which went to number 1, “Back for Good” was their biggest hit as it sold more than a million copies in the country alone. Still, “Sure” and “Never Forget” became big hits. The group already totaled 12 top 10 hits and 7 number 1 hits at the time.

Take That had three number 1 singles from the album. The most standout was “Back for Good” as it is the biggest seller in UK, and their only single to chart in the US. Worldwide, it was also their biggest hit. Hence, I am sharing that song.

Take That- Greatest Hits
United States- No singles were released from the album, as well as the album itself.

United Kingdom- Take That released the compilation album “Greatest Hits” after three hit albums in the country. It only released one single and see if it reached the top 10:
How Deep is Your Love- #1
Take That’s only single released from the album was the remake of Bee Gees’ original hit “How Deep Is Your Love”. The single became a hit when it reached number 1.

Eventhough the song was not their original song, I am going to share the song which their own version is a good one too.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Albums by: Take That
Video from YouTube / Elbrandedcontent / TakeThatVEVO