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Music 10 N’s: NSYNC to New Kids on the Block

They were my favorite boyband ever. I so love their songs and their choreographs. I also became a fan of Justin Timberlake because he was a former NSYNC member.

2. Natalie Imbruglia
She is a pop rock singer from Australia. She was also seen in the Rowan Atkinson movie “Johnny English”. If you don’t know any song of her, try searching for her version of “Torn”.

3. Nasty
It is a song by Janet Jackson from her breakthrough album “Control”. It is a dancey pop R&B track. Another song with “Nasty” was the song “Nasty Girl” by Destiny’s Child.

4. Nevermind
This is the title of the album by rock band Nirvana. It was their record breaking album ever which was awarded by RIAA with 10x platinum.

5. No Doubt
They were one of the great bands which broke through in music in 1996. Their biggest song? It was “Don’t Speak”. Gwen Stefani was the lead vocalist of the band.

6. Neon Light
This is a song by top country singer Blake Shelton. There’s also a song by Demi Lovato but with the “S” at the last word called “Neon Lights”. Still both artists were good.

7. Natasha Beddingfield
She is a singer from Britain who first became internationally known for the song “Unwritten” She also achieved success with songs such as “Love Like This” and “Pocketful of Sunshine”.

8. Never Again
It was the title of lead track by Kelly Clarkson from her album “My December”. Nickelback also had their song with that same title which was taken from their album “All the Right Reasons”.

9. Nate Ruess
He is the lead singer of indie rock band Fun. The band was the act behind the hit song “We Are Young”. Nate also collaborated with Pink for the song “Just Give Me a Reason”.

10. New Kids on the Block
They were one of the biggest boyband ever. The guys were known for the hit “Step By Step” and “Hanging Tough”.

Video from YouTube / NSYNCVEVO

No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom
United States- No Doubt may had the hit “Don’t Speak” from “Tragic Kingdom”, however, it failed to chart as it was not released with CD single. They only scored a single Hot 100 hit from the album with “Just a Girl” which peaked at number 23. The song was also a hit in rock charts by Billboard, making them one of the biggest bands at that time.

United Kingdom- No Doubt did very well in United Kingdom with their debut album there “Tragic Kingdom”. They had charted with four singles in the country and check what made to the desirable top 10 spots:
Don’t Speak- #1
Just a Girl- #3
No Doubt just scored two singles to reach the top 10 from “Tragic Kingdom”. At least, they already scored a number 1 single through the beautiful song “Don’t Speak”. The song’s success also sparked success and interest for the song “Just a Girl” which charted at number 3. “Spiderwebs” also charted and peaked inside the top 20 for reaching number 16. Their single “Sunday Morning” charted at number 50. Other singles were released too but failed to chart. Still, that year when No Doubt has been hitting the UK charts, they were the top non-British band. They had been hitting the rock radio stations well.

I love No Doubt with their breakthrough album for the song “Don’t Speak”. The song was admitted by Gwen Stefani, the vocalist of No Doubt, that the song was about her ex and still a friend and bandmate Tony Kanal. Good to know they remained good friends in spite of anything. “Just a Girl” may be a hit but still a great song. However, I would be sharing “Don’t Speak” as it is also an international number 1 hit. I knew many love this song too and I am going to share that song below:

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Album by: No Doubt
Video from YouTube / NoDoubtVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “Return of the Saturn” by No Doubt

Return of the Saturn (album)

No Doubt had a great success with “Tragic Kingdom” so they followed it up with “Return of the Saturn”, to try to match or even exceed the success of “Kingdom”. However, it failed to match its success. Despite debuting at number 2, it only reached platinum by RIAA compared to 10x platinum of “Kingdom”. The songs from the album has gone more of alternative rock.

“New” was released as the theme song of the movie “Go”. Eventually, it was included to their album “Return of the Saturn”. Ska sound in this song was removed amd goes out with a new sound. The song charted high in rock charts. In United Kingdom, it reached the top 30.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

“Ex-Girlfriend” was the lead official single of “Return of the Saturn”. The song, according to Gwen, was about her relationship with Gavin Rossdale of Bush. The song is alternative rock and different from what they did from their previous album. The song reached number 23 in United Kingdom.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Simple Kind of Life
“Simple Kind of Life” was released as the second official single for “Return of the Saturn”. According to Gwen, the song was about her desire to get married with then boyfriend Gavin Rossdale. The song has been a top 40 hit in America finally charting in such a major chart. It failed to chart in United Kingdom though.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

“Bathwater” has been the last single from “Return of the Saturn by No Doubt. The song according to Gwen was about acceptance of the faults done by the lover in the past. The song failed to chart in some countries and failed to perform well in countries it charted. In Asia, it received major airplays on MTV and charted there.

Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / NoDoubtVEVO

Bands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: No Doubt / Green Day / Red Hot Chilli Peppers

No Doubt
United States- No Doubt had scored 1 album to reach number 1 which is “Tragic Kingdom”. It is also their biggest selling album as it reached 10x platinum. Their other albums, which total of 4, went to top 10.
United Kingdom- No Doubt failed to reach the number 1 with their albums. But they had top 10 albums and gone platinum with “Tragic Kingdom” which was a number 3 album and went platinum and Gold by BPI with some of their albums.

Green Day
United States- Green Day had two albums to reach number 1 Billboard albums chart. Those albums were “American Idiot” and “21st Century Breakdown”. However, the band’s biggest seller has been “Dookie” which went 10x platinum in the US despite a number 2 peak, followed by “American Idiot”. The band had a total of 9 albums to reach top 10, which is a record for a band.
United Kingdom- Just like in United States, Green Day scored two number albums in UK with “American Idiot” and “21st Century Breakdown”. The former was their biggest album there and went 7x platinum by BPI. They had a total of 7 top 10 albums going platinum mostly.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
United States- Despite scoring multiplatinum and platinum with their albums, Red Hot Chilli Peppers only had 1 number 1 album in the US. That album was “Stadium Arcadium”. However, the band’s biggest seller was “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” which went 7x platinum by RIAA. “Californication” is a known album which had gone 5x platinum despite its number 5 peak, according to RIAA.
United Kingdom- Red Hot Chilli Peppers had 3 number 1 albums in United Kingdom. Those records were “By the Way” (which was their biggest seller there for 6x platinums), “Stadium Arcadium”, and “Im With You”. They had 7 albums to reach the top 10. Most of those albums went platinum and multiplatinum as reported by BPI.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Album’s Singles Review: No Doubt “Tragic Kingdom”

No Doubt already had independent releases before but they came to prominence in late 1996 when their album “Tragic Kingdom” finally reached its peak at number 1. The album was composed of rock, ska, and alternative. The album composed of songs about Gwen’s relationship with bandmate Tony Kanal. It was reported that the album sold more than 16 million copies worldwide, as one of the biggest sellers of 1997.

Just a Girl
The song has ska and rock tunes on it. It seems it implies about Gwen Stefani being the only female member of the group. It was their first song to chart in Hot 100 where it reached the top 30, while it was more successful in UK reaching the top 3.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Released as second single for the album, it was a hit in rock charts. In UK, it had success in the top 20. I love the song with slight reggae touch in it.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Don’t Speak
“Don’t Speak” is the best track from the album, likewise their most memorable song ever. The rock ballad hit talks about Gwen’s relationship and break-up with Tony Kanal, her bandmate. It eventually became worldwide smash reaching number in numerous countries.
Rate: 9.25 out of 10

Excuse Me Mr.
The song was released as the fourth released off “Tragic Kingdom” but didn’t do much in the charts. I love the country influence in this album.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Happy Now
This single wasn’t able to chart elsewhere and was the lowest performing single from the album. Its music video was taken from their concert.
Rate: 6.5 out of 10

Sunday Morning
“Sunday Morning” is different from the song of Maroon 5. This song is pop rock song talking about Gwen’s relationship with Tony. It underperformed in the chart but I must admit, it is one of the highlights from the album.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Hey You!
This is the final single from No Doubt’s album, “Tragic Kingdom”. It was not released as a single in many countries so it didn’t receive airplays.
Rate: 6.25 out of 10

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard / OCC

Battle of Same Song Titles: No Doubt vs Maroon 5 / Eminem vs Ingrid Michaelson

In these battles, the first one is like not just the battle of same song titles rather a battle of two bands. While other one was from a rapper and a folk pop singer. Check them below:

No Doubt vs Maroon 5
“Sunday Morning”
No Doubt just reached the height of their career then in mainstream music world through “Don’t Speak” and “Tragic Kingdom” album. This song is one of the succeeding singles of the LP and had limited success failing to reach the top 40. It is about the breakup of Gwen to her bandmate and then boyfriend Tony Kanal.

This is the last official single off Maroon 5’s first album “Songs About Jane”. It was less successful than preceeding releases but it charted within top 40 in many countries it charted. It became successful here in the Philippines. The song has undertones in its lyrics.

No Doubt- Sunday Morning
Melody and Lyrics- 3.0 / Success- 2.25 = 5.25

Maroon 5- Sunday Morning
Melody and Lyrics-3.25 / Success- 2.75= 6.0

Winner: With few points, Maroon 5 still won against No Doubt in this “Sunday Morning” battle.

Eminem vs Ingrid Michaelson
“The Way I Am”

This song was released at the height of Eminem in controversy due to his lyrics in his songs for dissing and slamming other personalities. The song tells about him and story, thus, should be understood. It was a top ten hit in some territories then, but moderately successful in the US.

This is one of the hits of Ingrid Michaelson which hit the US top 40. Her sound wasn’t too mainstream which is folk pop and wasn’t released in many countries. But the song sounds too sweet along with Ingrid’s beautiful and simple voice.

Eminem- The Way I Am
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Ingrid Michaelson- The Way I Am
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Succsss- 2.25= 6.0

Winner: Eminem won “The Way I Am” battle with a small gap.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard

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10 Songs With “Don’t”

“Don’t” is one of the most used word in songs and it pertains obviousyly to not do something. In songs, it was used both positively and negatively.Let’s check some of those songs.

Journey- Don’t Stop Believing
The song is very anthemic as it gives a positive message to succeed. It is also one of the greatest rock songs which had received recent success after being used in other aspects of entertainment.

Ed Sheeran- Don’t
Ed just said “don’t”, a simple one word but it carries a big meaning and a strong word. The song became his first top 10 in the US according to Billboard.

En Vogue- Don’t Let Go (Love)
When you love someone and might be on a trouble, say “don’t let it go and keep the love remain. This song was the official last big hit of Bilboard as it reached the top 2.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
You know this guy and he kinda likes you, however, he has a girlfriend. But you stood up and ask the guy “don’t” wish his girlfriend would be like her. Hhmmm, sounds like flirtation is going on. This song became famous worldwide.

No Doubt- Don’t Speak
When you already knew that what will go out of the mouth will hurt, just say, “don’t” speak. The song was considered as the band’s signature hit.

Pink- Please Don’t Leave Me
A relationship may be love and hate but you “don’t” want the one you love to leave. This Pink hit went to the top 20 in many countries which proved it ia successful.

Madonna- Don’t Tell Me
You “don’t” anybody to tell you what to do? This song fits for you. It became a big hit during the first quarter of 2001 after hitting the top 10 worldwide.

My Chemical Romance- I Don’t Love You
When you left the one you loved once, can you tell that person that you “don’t” love her or him? This emo song became a hit in Asia while hitting top 20 in UK.

Crowded House- Don’t Dream It’s Over
There may be a lot that hinders us for love to succeed. “Don’t” give up, it is not yet over. This song became an international hit for the band and was even covered by a number of artists.

Mariah Carey- Don’t Forget About Us
You may not be with the one you once love, but you plead not to forget about their once good relationship. The song added to Mariah’s portfolio of number 1 hits in the US.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Memorable Lines in Songs: No Doubt

No Doubt released lots of their song before breaking through mainstream music in 1996. They had successful songs from then on which many of these songs were about love, life, partying, etc.

Don’t Speak
” I really feel 
That I’m losing my best friend ”
Not really losing the best friend but someone the girl loves. The song was written by the singer which is about her real life story with her ex.

Just a Girl
” Cause I’m just a girl I’d rather not be
‘Cause they won’t let me drive late at night”
The girl feels she was looked down because she is a girl. Some sort of stereotype to women.

Sunday Morning
” I know who I am, but who are you? 
You’re not looking like you used to”
The girl feels the guy has changed and seemed like something is not going well between the guy and the girl.

“I’m another ex-girlfriend on your list
But I should have thought of that before we kissed”
The guy was possibly a womanizer and the girl learned it quite late as she said she should have thought of that.

Simple Kind of Life
“The longer that I wait the more selfish that I get
You seem like you’d be a good dad”
The girl is like thinking of settling down with the guy but something’s holding her back.

Hey Baby
“And if you’re hot enough you’ll get the pass
And you can tell your friends how you made it back”
Seems like the girl has some desire as she looks at how a guy looks. For real Gwen?

Hella Good
“A performance deserving of standing ovations
And who would have thought it’d be the two of us”
Just sort of feeling good and partying after doing good performance.

Underneath It All
“But, lately you’ve been trying real hard
And giving me your best”
The guy is doing his best for the girl, and the girl now notices how the guy loves her.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com
Credits to the songwriters

Top 7 Female Band vocalist

It is rare to see female leading a band with male members. Oftentimes, they even made their band more successful since the camera is within them mostly than their bandmates playing the instruments. I listed some of these band vocalist who led their bands successfully.

Shirley Manson- From second half of 1990s, the band Garbage was led by this girl named Shirley who was also considered one of the top fashion icons as shown in some MTV shows. The band becane successful too scoring hits like “Milk”, “I Think I’m Paranoid, etc. They even sang the James Band hit “The World is Not Enough”. The secret to the band’s success? Of course it’s Shirley Manson.

Selena Gomez- Many of you might think she’s an artist of her own, but yes, she is now. Before? No. As we often hear ‘Selena Gomez and The Scene”‘, it’sa band which was led by Selena. It was a testament of Selena’s leadership as the band scored multiple top 10 albums and top 40 hits.

Dolores O’ Riordan- This lady have such a beautiful and rare voice. Among all the ladies in this list, she has the most beautiful voice for me. Well, she successfully led the band during the 1990s and created beautiful hit songs such as “Linger”, “Zombie” and a lot more. Their album “No Need to Argue” is among the best selling albums during the first half of 1990s. Thanks to Dolores who’s very much credited for their success.

Gwen Stefani- Apart from successful solo career, Gwen led No Doubt successfully as well. Their album “Tragic Kingdom” is among the biggest sellers for 1997, while big comeback came in 2002 after a moderate success of “Return of the Saturn”. The band never broke up, just in state of hiatus and she remained the band’s vocalist.

Florence Welch- One of the acclaimed bands recently, Florence & the Machine led by Florence Welch sold millions of albums. My favorite song from this band is “Dog Days are Over”. Undeniably, Florence have a beautiful voice which led the band’s success.

Hailey Williams- From the hard-rocking of “Misery Business” to a light and fun sound of “Ain’t it Fun”, the band scored many hit songs and hot selling albums. Hailey was also featured in songs by B.O.B. with “Airplanes” which was big hit, and Zedd. Well, she can make it as solo artist, yet she loves her band.

Amy Lee- Whether rock or ballad, her voice is very haunting that it was like taking you to the Gothic life. I wonder where she is now, but hoping for a new album of Evanescence that will take you back to their “Fallen” era.

Hot “Baby” Songs during the last 20 Years

I heard a lot of songs during the last 20 years with the word “baby”. Those songs were not literally about an infant, rather, used to be a term of endearment to one’s partner. I created a list of “Baby” songs during the last 20 years, check below:

Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby
Taken from the blockbuster album “Daydream”, this song is a like yoi are taking in a fresh air from Mariah, after the high vocal range along with Boyz II Men with “One Sweet Day”. This pop/R&B song became MC’s 11th chart-topper in her homeland, US. American Idol winner David Cook released his own version of it and was a hit in the Philippines.

Justin Bieber- Baby
This catchy song was Justin’s biggest hit to date despite peaking in lower position than his recent hit songs. It is even among the most viewed video ever in YouTube history. I may not be a Bieber fan but I agree that this song is catchy.

Beyonce / Sean Paul- Baby Boy
During Sean Paul’s success with “Get Busy”, Beyonce invited Sean in this sexual song “Baby Boy”. It became Bey’s second number 1 hit, and its Arabic sound influenced other R&B songs to incorporate the sound.

Gwen Stefani- Baby Don’t Lie
Supposedly her comeback after joining the panel of coaches on The Voice, this song hit the top 50. Her supposed new album is still in the works after about a year when this song was out. This time, the song is a cleaner one after the profanity-infused hit “Hollaback Girl”.

Christina Aguilera- Come on Over Baby (All I Want is You)
Initially, the word “baby” is not included in the title of the song until the revised the song and added “baby”. The song, though, is quite sexual despite knowing Christina as a teen star at that time.

No Doubt- Hey Baby
After the rock and ska sound incorporated in their previous works, the group went dancehall and reggae with this huge comeback hit from them. During this song’s success, another song with the same title was also heard on the radio.

Britney Spears- …Baby One More Time
Everybody sang “oh, baby, baby” during the peak of this song. It was Britney’s song that entered her to superstardom. It was listed as one of the most iconic pop songs and videos. Among those songs in this list, this song is the most successful “baby” songs.

Plies ft. Ne-Yo- Bust it Baby
Going hip-hop this time, this one is the only hit of Plies to hit the top 10. Thanks to the catchy chorus sang by Ne-Yo.

Jennifer Lopez- Baby I Love You
Created during the time Jennife Lopez is so much in love with Ben Affleck, it is clear that her “baby” here is Ben. The song was successful in Europe, particularly in UK.