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Big album releases this season/One Direction vs Justin Bieber/Adele’s most awaited

The last quarter of every year used to be the season of new albums from many music stars. Either a full studio album or a compilation, expect these records to be released in record and online stores.

As October already started, new records are now on its way. Just this week, Janet Jackson’s first record in many years “Unbreakable” was already released. It’s already well-received by the critics and die-hard Janet fans. Next week, Selena Gomez is on its way and expected to be her biggest record with new sound she incorporated for “Revival” and positive reviews for its new released singles.

November would be the month of biggest releases. British girl group Little Mix is set to conquer the charts after huge sales in UK for hit single “Black Magic”, and this song is currently selling well in iTunes. The second week of November would be a big tension for two of biggest pop acts. Justin Bieber’s comeback “Purpose” already announced a month ago to be released. The biggest boyband One Direction recently announced to release their album the same date with Bieber, now a hot topic in music industry. It is hard to predict who will win the battle since both have huge fanbase. Justin Bieber is currently the number one artist in singles chart with the EDM pop track “What Do You Mean?” which had been running for weeks. While One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” peaked inside the top 5 in many countries. Bieber might seem to win but he never had an album to sell more than 500,000 as One Direction did in two of their albums. He had big selling singles though. While One Direction often topped albums charts but singles do big on its first week and dip in singles charts in succeeding weeks. One Direction may surely sell more internationally, but US sales is unpredictable. Since trends in music changes so it is hard to predict who will win. It’s the fans who can answer will win.

The next artist expected to sell big was Adele. It’s not yet confirmed but it is circulating in news sites across the web that it is expected this October with tentative title “25”, which might have set a pattern for her. Recently, I wrote an article about her new record stated that this is one of the most anticipated one.

Surely, these records mentioned will be big hits knowing it is the season when sales surge.