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Recap: I Love OPM (March 6, 2016)

Finally, the top 24 was finally completed last night. It does mean that Round 1 is over. Tonight, Round 2 will start. However, before the performances, the top 24 were grouped to visit places assigned to them and try to enjoy for an adventure.

The first group were brought to Davao where they had fun. They went for an adventure like white water rafting which Sumner tried and ate the very popular fruit, Durian.
Sumner Mahassey
Sumner Mahassey first performed tonight. He sang Daniel Padilla’s “Simpleng Tulad Mo”. His score for tonight from the judges was 91.67.

Reece Rostedt went out for zipline. He’s obviously scared and conquered his fear.
Reece Rostedt
Reece sang the song “Kay Kristo Lang”. The song was translated to Tagalog from its original language. His score was 86.67.

The group also went to Crocodile Park. Fathin was given a chance to feed the crocodiles.
Fathin Amira
Fathin had a powerful performance tonight. She performed the song “Paano” by Dolce. She sang it well which all the judges gave her a standing ovation. Her score was 96.33. Because of that, Reece was bumped off as only two will advance for the next round.

The group finally went for a massage. But it was a snake massage. Naisa have no idea what it was until he foudn out it is a big snake on his back.
Naisa Lasalosi
Naisa performed the song “Ikot Ikot” by Sarah Geronimo. He nailed the song and had the judges had a hard time with their decision. Because of his outstanding performance, his score was 93.67. That was enough for him to bump off Sumner. The two were bestfriends so it is hard for them to see someone leave.

Fathin Amira and Naisa Lasalosi advances to the third round. Next week, four touristars will perform and see which two artists will advance for the third round.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.

Recap: I Love OPM (February 21, 2016)

It is the second Sunday episode of “I Love OPM“. What’s amusing about this show is it os very light and just full of fun. It is fun to see foreigners singing Filipino or Tagalog songs. Here are the fpreign performers tonight:

Daniel Herrington
Daniel Herrington came from the USA. He had a girlfriend there who eventually went to the Philippines as a volunteer. His girlfriend, Natalie, is involved in non-government organization (NGO). She invited him to go to the Philippines, particularly in Visayas. Daniel sang “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador. He just sang lightly and his words are pronounced very clear.

Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith was from the USA and was married to a Filipina. He is very attached to Filipinos because he is very closed to his in-laws who he considers as his biggest fans. Sadly, they passed away. He dedicated his performance to his in-laws. He sang the song “Nandito Ako” by Ogie Alcasid. The performace is okay, though, was too short.

Naisa Lasalosi
Naisa Lasalosi is an Australian who became a missionary in the Philippines. He even knows how to speak Bisaya like some of the past contestants in the show. After his mission, he came back to Australia and returned to Philippines after joining the show. He performed the song “Halik” by Aegis. He has a beautiful voice and he sang the song beautifully and clearly.

DBD is a group of guys from different countries. Their name was taken from the initials of their first names. Dae Lee is a Korean who became a student in the Philippines. Bobby Kyz was from Nigeria as a student as well. While Dwane Wodley came from Australia who is a missionary. They met in an audition where they found out they have chemistry. They sang “Magdalena” by Gloc 9 which was performed very well. It is a fun performance which had the girls screaming for them.

Daniel Herrington– He was approved by all of the judges.
Mitch Smith– He was denied by Martin and Toni, while Lani approved him
Naisa Lasalosi– He got approved by the three judges.
DBD– All of the judges approved them.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night