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My Thoughts on Spotify

Anybody here uses Spotify? If you are not familiar of Spotify, it is a music streaming service where you can listen to your favorite songs. Once you joined or registered in this service, it’s like you entered a gateway to millions of songs all over the world. You can even listen ┬áto an entire album by an artist. Likewise, you can see and hear the catalog of your favorite artists. But take note, expect disturbing ads and you have the choice to upgrade to premium to enjoy more of its offers like saving songs or an entire album for offline listening. Once subscribed, you can listen to any songs you want. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, don’t expect all of her songs were there. Just late last year, she pulled up her albums from the service to coincide with the release of her blockbuster LP “1989”, as stated that the service pays low rates to the artists. This may had contributed to physical and digital sales of the album.


Well, my thought in this, I agree with some artists and even Spotify developers saying that streaming is the future of music. Why not? People loves listening to music for free. Surely, more people will download music streaming service apps in the future. Monthly subscription isn’t even too expensive. In some countries, monthly subscription costs at about $10. While here in the Philippines, it only costs $3 or PhP129. You can pay through credit card. But what I like is there’s another method of payment. If you have verified PayPal account, it’s one of the options for payment.


I support music streaming service like Spotify. Physical albums sales are declining due to other ways of music listening, illegal downloads and piracy. Spotify pays artists, and if an artist wants his/her music be heard, promotion is also important. More and more people are using the internet and social networking sites, it can be good medium to promote their records.


I am thankful to Spotify because I got to listen to my favorite music at the comfort of my phone legally. Indeed, Spotify will grow as well as other streaming services.