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Music Rivalies: Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey / Lady Gaga & Katy Perry

The most common artists that are getting involved in music rivalries were female singers. Either from decades ago to the present time, rivalry is already happening in female artists’ rivalry already exists.

Whitney Houston vsĀ  Mariah Carey
Whitney Houston debuted in music in mid-1980s. After 5 years, then Mariah Carey released her self-titled debut album. Despite debuting with wide gap of years, media has considered them as rivals. Both has high vocal range. They were both R&B and pop stars. They both sing mostly ballads. Whitney Houston is already a global superstar when Mariah released her debut. While Mariah can’t hardly be said as a global superstar at the time. In America, she is, but internationally, her success is quite limited. But Mariah’s global success came through her album “Music Box, which at that time, Whitney is focused in making movies and soundtrack albums. Whitney’s fourth studio album took about 8 years in between her third album. Whitney became huge though with her soundtrack album “The Bodyguard”. Sadly, her success went downhill and had been through problems until she passed. Mariah Carey though, still makes music despite failing to sell as her old glory days. The two got to work together with the song “When You Believe”.

Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry
Katy Perry has started in Christian music genre. However, her success came through her controversial song “I Kissed a Girl”. Despite successful releases, her album is not as stellar. She was considered as a superstar upon her album “Teenage Dream” which scored a lot of number one singles. Success continued with her album “Prism”. Her considered rivalry was Lady Gaga. I wonder why they were considered as rivals since both has different styles and music. Lady Gaga was more outrageous. In Gaga’s earlier career, she is very popular and even became the world’s biggest music star. But with her recent albums, she underperformed. The reason I can see why the two were considered as rivals was due to both do weird stuff and both once thrown shade to each other.

Credits: Billboard / Wikipedia

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