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When Music Preferences Changes

I may not have grown up in a musical family but my love for music remains in more than a decade. I started to love music back in 1996 and I was 12 at that time. Too late compared to those musicians and singers who began to sing and play musical instruments even at a younger age like below 5 years old. Anyway, I am neither a singer nor a musician. I am just a big music fan who loves music so much. I love reviewing songs and sharing my thoughts on it from different genres, though, more on mainstream music but a little touch of Indie.

Back in my younger years, I mostly listened to ballads since that’s the genre that’s open played and popular in FM radio stations. Then time evolved and music has evolved too. I began to listen to popular music which includes upbeat pop and bubblegum tunes. Well, I’m a guy and I listened to the Spice Girls and Hanson which these two groups had changed the pop landscape and boybands also began to rule the charts. Hanson, though, who became successful with the global pop hit “Mmmbop” and hit album “Middle of Nowhere”, wasn’t followed by successful hits. Thus, their success was short-termed. While the Spice Girls were the most popular during their era ended to solo project after Geri Halliwell left less than 2 years after their debut hit’s release. Boybands like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC and other European boybands like Boyzone and Westlife dominated several territories.

In late 1990s, I learned to love R&B music then Rock bands like Linkin Park and Evanescence. Now, I still love these genres but I began to love soulful songs and even Jazz. Music preferences just changes when you grow up and years go by. Music that you hated before will be the songs you might be listening when you grow up. Still, music remains like a loved one that are part of our life.