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My 5 Favorite Songs for Mothers

I am very vocal online especially in sites where I used to write about my love for my mother and the soft spot I have for mothers.

I lost my mother in 2007 when she was afflicted with cancer. It’s already late when we learned she has cancer despite frequent check-ups in different hospitals. I feel like my world collided upon learning of her condition, that she is terminally ill. It was the saddest day when about 2 months later, she died. I miss her so much and often see her in my dreams. It was about 8 years ago but I still miss her.

Since I love music, I made the list of my favorite songs which were tributes for moms. I often play the album of Boyz II Men called “Evolution” on my Spotify app and ” A Song for Mama” is my favorite song in that album. That’s why I came up with this lists and share to y’all.

1. A Song for Mama (by Boyz II Men)
As I stated above, it’s my fave song from “Evolution”. Likewise, it is my fave Boyz II Men song. I love how they expressed their love to their moms and even described loving their moms is “like food to their soul”.

2. Mama (by Spice Girls)
The girls admitted their stubbornness and admitted they once considered their moms as their “only enemy” but in a positive sense. They eventually realized that they often misunderstood their moms and that all she did was for their love to their kids. Singing their love and care for their mama is heartwarming.

3. I Turn to You (by Christina Aguilera)
This isn’t a Christina original song but it went more popular than the original. It was not directly mentioned in the song that it was for mothers but the lyrics can pertain to them. Moms always protect their kids, and kids often turn to their moms when things go wrong.

4. (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You (by NSYNC)
Just like “I Turn to You”, it was not clearly mentioned in the song that it was for the group’s mothers, but it sounds as it is. It has heartwarming lyrics that when mothers hear will surely bring tears to their eyes.

5. Perfect Fan (by Backstreet Boys)
I am not a fan of Backstreet Boys and I admit, I disliked the group before. Though, I love this song of them as they had shown their appreciation to their mothers.