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Memorable song lines: Blue

British R&B pop boyband Blue has been huge a decade ago and serenaded their fans with love songs and some good songs about social responsibilities we have about showing love to other people. Below are sone of the memorable lines in their songs.

All Rise
“Three for the calls/ You’ve been making/ It’s four for the times/You’ve been faking”
The guy is proving the wrong things the girl is doing. It was written in this song like they in court room.

If You Come Back
“So if I did something wrong/ Please tell me/ I wanna understand”
One of the supplicating songs from Blue. The guy is asking what’s his mistakes just to be put back together.

One Love
” Sometimes love works in mysterious ways/ One day you wake up gone without a trace”
This is about love for everything but in a positive way. In the lines above, love really works that way. But it should be sustained since it can possibly go away.

Breathe Easy
” Cruel to the eye/ Watching him hold what used to be mine”
It shows how painful it is to see someone you still love is in other arms already.

” If loving you with all my heart’s a crime/ Then I’m guilty”
Loving is never a crime, if it is then everyone loving will be guilty. It’s about telling the truth about how you feel.

U Make Me Wanna
” You make me wanna love, you make me wanna fall/ You make me wanna surrender my soul”
It’s up for you to think what’s on your mind in these lines. It can be true.

Best in Me
“‘Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do”
I can feel the real love in these lines. It’s just that it’s the girl who can put up a good guy. Well, it depends on the girl anyway.

Curtains Fall
” And I will never give you up or let you go/ Together we faced our final fears”
The song by the guys for their fans. It just happens that it is the last official performing single by the group before hiatus.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com