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Memorable song lines: All Saints

British pop and R&B girl band was known for their unusually cool sound, something that isn’t common to other girl bands. The group had party songs, however, they made songs that’s emotionally charged like the heavy R&B ballad “Never, Ever”.

Here are the five songs of them with notable lyrics:
I Know Where It’s At
” Cos its party time you’ve gotta get your groove up
I know you wanna dance from night to dawn”
This one is a party song from the gals. With the words above, I don’t know with what they mean with dancing from night to dawn. Hmmm (eyes roll)

Never Ever
” Conversations, hesitations in my mind
You got my conscience asking questions that I can’t find”
In some heartbreaks, there are questions that we can’t find and keep asking for answers. Such a sad song from the girls.

Bootie Call
” Good loving is not always from the heart
You gotta be smart”
Exactly! Brain should always be used, not the heart alone when it comes to any kind of loving referred here.

Pure Shores
” Many faces I have seen
Many places I have been”
At some moment when you are looking for the place you really belong to, it may be hard, but you will eventually find it.

Black Coffee
” And pour a cup of black coffee out 
I love to watch you do that every day
The little things that you do”
I don’t have any idea what’s the meaning of this song. Nevertheless, the lines above just show that simple things done are fine.

All Hooked Up
” Don’t send me flowers, they wont do (no, no, no, no)
Don’t give me diamond rings, cos I’ll take them and call you a fool!”
There are some men that only wants something like physical touch or actions with the girl. But the girl are wise enough to know the real intention.

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