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Memorable Lines in Songs: Monica and Ashanti

Monica had started at a very young age. She’s a talented girl and has that amazing vocal prowess. She had some love songs, heartbreak songs and even about friendship.

For You I Will
” Call on me, I will be waiting
Count on me, I will be there”
The song can be interpreted either for a friend or someone you love. You will always be there when the one you are pertaining to with these words needed someone to count on. The song was part of Space Jam film.

The First Night
” I knew it was wrong, for feeling this way
Especially the thought of givin’ in on the first date”
The girl is going out on a first date with a guy but she doesn’t feel it’s right to give her all like her womanhood to the guy.

So Gone
” Wondering what she had on me
To make you break my heart, yeah”
The guy cheated and the girl who was cheated on was wondering why did the guy liked from the other girl.

U Should’ve Known Betta
” You should’ve known that I would stay by your side
You should’ve known your girl was gonna ride or die
And it just don’t matter if ya rich or poor”
The girl’s boyfriend is a rich one but it is not what she loves from him, rather she really loves him not his money that’s why she sticks with him.

Ashanti was first heard as guest vocals in some rappers’ hit songs and then released her own albums eventually. She had hit songs which is about love, unrequited love and heartbreaks.

” And though my heart can’t take no more 
I keep on running back to you ”
The lines above says it all how the girl has been foolishly in love. Despite getting hurt but she’s coming back and stay with the guy.

” Boy you fill me with so much joy, 
you give whatever it is I need ”
It’s just the feeling and expressing the joy you felt for having the guy who loves you too.

Rain on Me
” She’s internally dyin’
I know this was not what love’s about”
The girl who cam from a heartbreak and she feels like she could not take it and feels like dying because of the pain.

The Way That I Love You
” I tried to act like I didn’t see it,
’cause deep down I know I didn’t wanna believe it”
The girl is in denial stage as she found out that the guy is cheating on her. It was painful as her boyfriend just thrown everything about them.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com
Credits to the songwriters