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Memorable Lines in Songs: Hanson

Hanson has been an indie pop group siblings before they made it big in 1997. Their songs talks about some people as names were on some of their unreleased songs. Their songs were commonly about love, friendship, etc.

” So hold on the ones who really care
In the end they’ll be the only ones there”
The meaning of the title of the song remained unexplained, but I do think the entire songs has its meaning. At the lines above, you should value those people who were always there for you.

Where’s the Love?
” We’re separating, consciousness is fading
Are you thinking that it’s me you’re fooling?”
It seems love is about to het lost between the guy and the girl. There could have been deception involve.

I Will Come to You
” When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk to walk beside you
I will come to you”
Sounds like a song about a promise of taking care of your friend. I bet the lines above is what you will do with a dear friend.

” Isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes”
There are sone tines that we get weird and feel weird as well. It just happens.

If Only
“Well every single time I see you I start to feel this way 
It makes me wonder if I am ever gonna feel this way again.”
There’s this only person that made us so happy. When it’s gone, we don’t know if we’ll feel the same again.

This Time Around
” You can’t say I didn’t give it 
I won’t wait another minute”
The relationship may be in trouble and there’s blaming towards each other. Still, they love each other.

Penny and Me
” Cause Penny and me like to roll the windows down 
Turn the radio up, push the pedal to the ground”
It’s all about Penny and the guy and just saying what they do like the lines above.

Lost Without Each Other
” I didn’t mean to start the last big fight 
You never should have hung up that night”
The guy and the girl had a fight, and the guy had regrets and wants them to be together.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com
Credits to the songwriters