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Memorable Lines in Songs: Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas first became known way back then without Fergie. Their fame arose with Fergie and through their song “Where’s the Love?”. Since then, they became the most successful hip-hop group. Their songs were mostly about partying, love songs and heartbreak.

Where’s the Love?
” But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate”
The lines were the part of Will.i.am in the song. It was mainly about not having love to one another, particularly, with different races. Discrimination is rampant which often leads to hatred.

Shut Up
” We try to take it slow but we’re still losin’ control
And we try to make it work but it still ends up the worst”
Opening lines of the chorus, it seems the guy and a girl is close to get in a relationship but everything is not working.

Don’t Phunk with My Heart
” Why are you so insecure
When you got passion and love her
You always claimin’ I’m a cheater”
The girl sounds she has hesitation with the guy, but the guy is proving he is not what the girl is claiming.

Don’t Lie
” And the reason for my confession is that I learn my lesson
And I really think you have to know the truuth
Because I lied and I cheated and I lied a little more”
The guy is making a confession with the girl with his lies as he is trying to change. He learned a lesson about it knowing it will compromise her trust on him.

Boom Boom Pow
” People in the place
If you wanna get down
Put your hands in the air”
Just another party song without too much meaning. Based on the lines above, it’s obvious they were in a party

I Got a Feeling
” Tonight’s the night, let’s live it up
I got my money, let’s spend it up”
Nothing is really special with the song’s lyrics. It’s just planning on a party and do it all night.

Meet Me Halfway
” Meet me half way, right at the borderline
That’s where I’m gonna wait, for you
I’ll be looking out, night n’ day”
The girl wants to meet with the guy to discuss things about their relationship which is on the rocks.

Just Can’t Get Enough
” Boy I think about it every night and day
I’m addicted wanna jump inside your love”
It’s about a girl who is very much in love with a guy. Though, there’s sexual undertone with the song.

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