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Reinvention and Transformation of Male Singers

Music artists come and eventually go. Many had officially stopped while others took hiatus and make comeback. Some of them never stopped singing (or rapping) because of their passion and love for their core. Thus, to maintain relevance, some of them reinvent themselves to look fresh and share something new to gain more fans, especially younger fans. Aside from their appearance, their music changes too to invite more listeners. Others follow the trend in music and leave their usual sound. Could it be male artists or a female, even groups, they do reinvent.

In this article, we’ll check some of the male artists who reinvented. It doesn’t matter if they succeeded or not. Check them below:

Michael Jackson

He may have been the reigning King of his time, Michael also did some major reinventions. During 1980s, we all seen him as a black guy, but starting in 1990s, his skin was totally whitened. He had undergone major transformation of his color. He maintained his look until his demise. With regards to his music, from the soul of Jackson 5 and earlier records, he went funkier from “Off the Wall” until “Bad”. In early 1990s, his music was more on new jack swing until he turned more pop and R&B later on. He remained one of the most iconic pop stars ever.


Eminem doesn’t have to transform his look to maintain his popularity. He looks the same since he started until his most recent music videos. With regards to his music, major reinvention was heard. He used to have comedic but controversial songs way back from his breakthrough release “Slim Shady LP” until his “Relapse” album. But with recovery, he turned more matured and serious. With the recent events in his life at that time, the album was more about that.

Justin Timberlake

From a teenybopper guy from boyband NSYNC, he went solo at early adult at “Justified”. With his sophomore album “Future Sex/Love Sounds”, his music sounds more matured including its lyrics. With his image at that time, he had trimmed hair which was believed by many, it has shown his sexiness. Recently with his album “20/20 Experience”, he went retro with black and white image in “Suit and Tie” and he had lengthy songs.

Justin Bieber

We first saw him as a very young guy with bubblegum pop and R&B sound with “My World”. As “Believe” took its turn, he is turning to adult stage and his music is slowly maturing, likewise his looks. With “Journals” it was pure and darker R&B. With his recent ┬ásingle released “What Do You Mean” shows an adult Bieber with its EDM pop sound.