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Music 10 M’s: Madonna to Meghan Trainor

1. Madonna
She is the Queen of Pop and she is one of the successful singers with name starts with M. She had multi-platinum albums and singles and among the biggest selling artists of all time. One of her familiar songs was “Vogue”

2. Mama
It is a song by the Spice Girls from their first album “Spice”  It was released alongside “Who Do You Think You Are” as a single. I love the song because it is dedicated to our mothers.

3. Mambo No. 5
This is a popular song by Lou Bega back in late 1990s. Well, Lou Bega sounds like a womanizer in this songs which mentioned a lot of ladies’ names.

4. Missundaztood
The album of Pink in 2001. It is a departure from the R&B music she did on her first album and has gone to more pop rock sounds.

5. Mariah Carey
She is one of the best voices in music because of her range and good techniques. She aas also one of the biggest selling artists in music.

6. Miss E..  So Addictive
This is an album by Missy Elliot way back in 2001. It featured the hit single called “Get Ur Freak On”, one of his known hit songs.

7. Mandy
Yeah, it is a name of a lady. However, it is also a song recorded by Barry Manilow. It was also recorded by Irish boyband Westlife more than 10 years ago.

8. Matchbox 20
They were one of the popular bands in America. They also had two “M” albums, which were “Mad Season by Matchbox 20” and “More Than You Think You Are”.

9. Marry Me
This is a romantic song by Train which was often used when proposing to a girl. There’s also a song by Jason Derulo called “Marry Me”, but an entirely different genre.

10. Meghan Trainor
She was one of the hot breakthrough artists recently. She popularized the hit songs “All About That Bass” and the upbeat track “Lips Are Movin'”.

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Album’s Singles Review: “True Blue” by Madonna

True Blue (album)
With her newfound success over her second album “Like a Virgin”, Madonna returned for her third album “True Blue”. The album, as usual, has pop and dance pop songs, with one of the tracks with latin flavor. It has been a huge international success going to number 1 worldwide. It was her second consecutive number 1 album in United States and has gone 7x platinum by RIAA

Live to Tell
“Live to Tell” was the first single off Madonna’s third album “Live to Tell”. It is a ballad track which was Madonna’s first time to release a ballad as lead single. The song has been a worldwide hit becoming a number 1 single for her on Billboard Hot 100 and many countries.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Papa Don’t Preach
“Papa Don’t Preach” has been the second single off “True Blue” album. It is about Madonna refusing abortion which was brought about by unexpected pregnancy. The dance pop single was a hit worldwide reaching number 1 elsewhere. It was Madonna’s fourth US number 1 hit.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

True Blue (single)
“True Blue” was the title track from the album and its third single. It is a beautiful pop track with doo wop style. It became another global hit when it reached number 1 in several countries and a top 3 hit in the US.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Open Your Heart
“Open Your Heart” was the fourth single by Madonna on her “True Blue” album. The dance pop song’s video has been her sexiest at that time. It was a big hit internationally which became her fifth number 1 in America.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

La Isla Bonita
“La Isla Bonita” had became the last single from “True Blue”. The singlr was known for its Latin stylings. It eventually became a worldwide number 1 hit. While in US, it peaked at number 4. It reached number 1 in UK.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Album’s Singles Review: “Madonna” and “Like a Virgin” by Madonna

Madonna (album)
Madonna achieved her first success with her “Madonna” album. However, it was not the album which brought her to superstardom. The album had lots of dance and disco tracks and pop tunes. It peaked inside the US top 10 and was certified 5x platinum by RIAA.

“Holiday” was released as the third single from the album, but her first two singles did not chart. This song was kinda catchy and a really good song for holiday. It became her first hit single when it reached the top 20 in Billboard charts, while a number 2 hit in UK.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Lucky Star
“Lucky Star”  was the second official hit from Madonna’s self titled album. The dance pop song was a bigger hit in the US when it peaked at 4, while a slower hit internationally.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

“Borderline” is one of Madonna’s notable singles in her early career. The song is still similar to her previous singles but this song sounds catchier. It became her second US top 10 hit while it reached number 2 in UK charts again.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

Like a Virgin (album)
Like a Virgin” served as Madonna’s second album. It became a bigger success as it reached number 1 worldwide. The album contained mostly dance and pop tunes. In US, the album went 10x platinum.

Like a Virgin (single)
“Like a Virgin”, the title track, was released as the first single from the album It was a dance pop track compared to her previous works. The song became an international hit as it reached number 1 in the US.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Material Girl
“Material Girl” was the second single from “Like a Virgin”. It is a perfect follow up to the successful lead single as it followed the previous song’s success too. It went to number 2 on Billboard Hot 100, gaining Madonna another big success.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

“Angel” was the third single from the album, and despite being danceable, it was slower than past singles. It was released along “Into the Groove” in other countries. It reached the top 5 of both UK and US.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Into the Groove
“Into the Groove” was released alongside “Angel” before. However, it was a bigger hit worldwide when it reached number 1 in many countries. It was a dance pop song similar to her past singles.
Rate: 7.75 out of 10

Dress You Up
“Dress You Up” is another dance pop song for Madonna. This song gave another fame for her when it reached top 10 in most countries.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

“Gambler” was the final single from the album released mostly in European coumtries. It was a top ten hit in many of thosd countries.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Video from YouTube / themadonnahub

Female Artists With Number 1 Albums and Singles: Madonna / Selena Gomez

United States- Madonna can be said as the most successful female artist around. In United States, she scored a total of eight number 1 albums. But if we include her top 10 records, she has a total of 21 to reach the top 10 which included her compilation and soundtrack albums. Her first number 1 album was “Like a Virgin”, which was certified 10x platinum by RIAA. It was followed by the 7x platinum awardee “True Blue” and 4x platinum record “Like a Prayer”. She came back to number 1 in 2000 with “Music”, the controversial “American Life”, disco-inspired “Confessions on a Dance Floor”, urbanized “Hard Candy”, and “MDNA”. She recently went number 2 with “Rebel Heart”. Some of her albums went to top 5 but were successful to which includes the 4x platinum electronic-inspired album “Ray of Light” and the compilation “The Immaculate Collection”, which was 10x platinum. She scored platinum and multi-platinum in some of her albums.
United Kingdom- Madonna is the most successful female artist who able to grace the music industry in United Kingdom. She had a stunning total of 12 number 1 albums in the country. She also attained numerous top 10 albums. All of these albums were studio albums, soundtrack albums, and compilation albums. Her number 1 albums were: “Like a Virgin”, “True Blue” (7x platinum by BPI), “Like a Prayer”, “Evita” (soundtrack album she topbilled), “Ray of Light” (electronic album, 6x platinum), “Music” (5x platinum), “American Life”, “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (dance album), “Hard Candy”, “Celebration” (compilation album), and “MDNA”. Her most successful was the compilation album “The Immaculate Collection” for scoring 12x platinum by BPI.

Selena Gomez
United States- Selena Gomez has scored two number 1 albums in United States with her albums “Stars Dance” and the current one “Revival”. As Selena Gomez and The Scene”, she never had a number 1 album, but all went to top 10.
United Kingdom- Selena Gomez never had a number 1 or even a top 10 album in United Kingdom, but all of her albums, including as Selena Gomez and the Scene, went to top 20 with “Revival” as the highest charter at number 11.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

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Battle of Same Song Title: Madonna vs Green Day / NSYNC vs Avril Lavigne

The battles are quite odd as a pop diva battles with a rock band. The second battle was between a pop/rock female star against a pop boyband. Check the battles below:

Madonna vs Green Day

During the early part of her career, Madonna released her “Holiday” song which became her first ever big hit internationally. In the US, it was their first top 20 hit peaking at 16th. In the UK, it peaked at high second place. The song helped her album greatly.


Green Day made their own “Holiday” song which was released in 2005. The punk rock song though failed to enter the top ten in countries, though it reached the top twenty in some countries which included America and Unite Kingdom.

Madonna- Holiday
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Green Day- Holiday
Melody and Lyrics- 2.75 / Success- 3.0= 5.75

Winner: The Queen of Pop trampled the rock band as Madonna scored higher against Green Day in this “Holiday” song battle.

NSYNC vs Avril Lavigne

Released as the last official single from NSYNC’s last full length album, “Girlfriend” had its remixed version with successful rapper Nelly. Both versions were good, though the remixed helped the song’s success. It went to top ten almost all of the countries it entered. The song talks about telling the girl to be his girlfriend who was in a relationship with an unloving boyfriend.

Avril Lavigne reached a new peak of her career through her own “Girlfriend” song. The pop rock song went to number in majority of the countries it entered and was her most successful single. The song talks about this girl who wants to be the guy’s girlfriend. In its remix version, it featured Lil Mama

NSYNC- Girlfriend (ft. Nelly for the remix)
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 3.75= 7.5

Avril Lavigne- Girlfriend (ft. Lil Mama for the remix)
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success-4.25= 8.0

Winner: Both were big hit songs but Avril Lavigne defeated NSYNC in this “Girlfriend” battle.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
Videos from YouTube

Battle of Same Song Title: Madonna vs Avril Lavigne / Kelly Clarkson vs Ne-Yo

On the first battle, it is between a pop diva and a rock dive. The second one was a pop/rock diva and a R&B crooner. To see the battle, check it below:

Madonna vs Avril Lavigne
“Don’t Tell Me”

Madonna’s career seemed forever after releasing this song more than 25 years since her debut. The electronic pop song is considered a love song by Madonna and it is very light to listen to. It was a globally successful song off her “Music” album.

Avril Lavigne
After her huge success from her debut albun, Avril Lavigne came back with this song as the carrier single for her second album. Honestly, I didn’t find this as worthy for a lead single as there were better songs from her album, but it is still a good song. The song was a hit but underwhelming compared to his previous singles.

Madonna- Don’t Tell Me
Melody and Lyrics- 4.0 / Success-4.0= 8.0

Avril Lavigne- Don’t Tell Me
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Winner: Madonna is 1.5 points ahead of Avril Lavigne in “Don’t Tell Me” song battle, thus, she wins.

Kelly Clarkson vs Ne-Yo
“Miss Independent”

Kelly Clarkson released this as her lead single for her US number one album “Thankful”, her first after winning the American Idol”. It is a pop rock track with R&B elements. The song was a success after reaching the top ten including the US and UK as well.

Ne-Yo also made his own song of “Miss Independent” as falling in love with an independent woman. The R&B song went well in the charted as it charted everywhere. It was a top ten hit too in the US and United Kingdom.

Kelly Clarkson- Miss Independent
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 3.0= 6.5

Ne-Yo- Miss Independent
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Winner- Kelly Clarkson and Ne-Yo got tied in this “Miss Independent” battle.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
Videos from YouTube

Concert Ticket Prices

It seems concert ticket prices of foreign artists are very high. Recently, the Queen of Pop, Madonna just held her “Rebel Heart Tour” concert in the Philippines. The highest ticket price of her concert stands at PhP 57,750 which is more than $1,200. While general admission tickets costed more than PhP 3,000, equuvalent to $60+. It served as the most expensive concert ticket price in the Philippines by a foreign artist. And due to insistent public demand, the show was held in the country for two nights! It is the first time for Madonna to come and do a concert in the Philippines. She never came to the country decades ago knowing her sexual songs and image, that she might not be allowed to come. It took more than 3 decades of her career to finally come here, that’s why fans doesn’t mind the ticket price just to see her concert.

Looking back 20 years ago, another high-profile artist in the name of Michael Jackson held his concert in the country too. The ticket price was too high, though, it was half of Madonna’s recent concert. But converting it after the inflation, then the ticket price with Madonna’s concert is close. If Michael Jackson is still here and went to the country for a concert, then that might be too expensive too.

When Jennifer Lopez came to the country, VIP ticket price is also high. It ranged more than $500 or more than PhP 25,000. That’s similar to the last concert of Beyonce in the country too.

Last year, another high-profile concert was held too. It was the UK Ireland boyband One Direction. The ticket price was about PhP 17,000 or more than $360. Due to demands and request of fans, the show was extended to two nights. However, the concert doesn’t include Zayn Malik who went back home due to stress. After few days, he announced his departure from the group.

It seems high-profile artists demand high concert tickets. That’s because of their marketability. In the near future, there were more international artists coming to the country and expect high ticket prices.

10 Songs With “Bye”/”Goodbye”

One of the hardest thing to hear from your loved ones is the word “Bye” or “Goodbye”. We had heard a lot of songs using that word which were really sad songs. Here are some of the songs with “bye or “goodbye” in its title:

Mariah Carey- Bye Bye
This song was co-written by Mariah for her father who already passed away, as well as her other loved ones. It was also dedicated to those who had lost their loved ones and I can relate to this song as I lost my parents too. The song performed moderately in the charts which had a high note in the US reaching the top 20.

Spice Girls- Goodbye
Months after Geri Halliwell, known as Ginger Spice, left the Spice Girls, this song was released and was intended for Geri. It was a successful single as it hit the top of the charts, including United Kingdom.

James Blunt- Goodbye My Lover
This is such a sad song when you are losing your lover. The song performed well in some countries after reaching the top 10 particularly in Europe.

NSYNC- Bye, Bye, Bye
When you are being fooled by your lover and manipulating, then tell them “bye, bye, bye”. The song has been a hit worldwide peaking inside the top 10.

Michelle Branch- Goodbye to You
Another sad song saying “goodbye” to the one you love. The song became Michelle Branch’s third consecutive hit as it reached the top 25.

Boyz II Men- It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
When what you have about your former lover is just a memory, and you don’t want to say “goodbye” from it. The song then became a number two hit in the US.

Celine Dion- I Love You Goodbye
Saying “goodbye” to someone you love because you know you can give the love back that person deserves and will hurt him/her. The song was not released as an official single in major charts but performed well in the Philippines.

Madonna- The Power of Goodbye
When you have that feeling of being hurt, it’s the feeling you’ll get when saying “goodbye” to that person you’d loved. The song became a hit in several countries worldwide.

Celine Dion- Goodbye’s the Saddest Word
When you have deep love for someone, like your mother, hearing “goodbye” from her will be the saddest word you’ll hear. I felt it when my mother said it. The song performed modestly in the charts.

Atomic Kitten- The Last Goodbye
Do you know the feeling of hearing the last “goodbye”, it would be hard. The song reached number two in UK charts and did well in other territories.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (2005-2009)

There were a lot of changes in music from 2005-2009. As noticed, there were a lot of newcomers, trends has significantly changed as well as decline of CD or album sales.

British female soul singers
Any Winehouse achieved more success in her 2006 second album “Back to Black”, while another soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae became successful with her debut album after her successful single ” Put Your Records On”. Another soul singer, Duffy, achieved worldwide success with her album “Rockferry” and became the top selling artist in 2008 in UK. Adele also debuted that same year but achieved more success with her second album.

Rise of digital and single downloads
Digital sales increased during this era and we saw the rise of singles downloads. Downloads are now included to eligible to chart in music charts.

Drop of album sales
With the rise of digital downloads, album sales went down continually. This era, no albums released ever reached 20 million in sales.

Electronic Dance Music
In 2009, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was seen to rise. David Guetta achieved successes after the hit single “When Love Takes Over” with Kelly Rowland on vocals. Lady Gaga’s sound became popular as well, thus, opening the path for dance music on the rise.

Disney princesses
This is the era when Disney princesses debuted in music industry. Miley Cyrus became successful with her Hannah Montana TV show as well as the film and soundtracks. She reached number 1 with her introductory LP “Breakout”. Other Disney stars, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, had their first albums to Billboard top 10.

Musicals on TV and movies
Disney released a TV film “High School Musical” which became a phenomenon, It had its sequel again on TV, while the last part was a movie released on theaters. The soundtrack albums became big sellers too. In 2009, musical show “Glee” became successful in ratings while records sales sold millions too.

American Idol winners
After Kelly Clarkson’s success, Americal Idol continued to break the ratings game. Carrie Underwood achieved successes and became one of the top country artists. Other AI winners achieved limited success.

Girl groups
Two notable girl groups who broke album sales this era, Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane. The former though became the most successful female group at that time.

Successful comeback
We saw Mariah Carey’s successful comeback with “Emancipation of Mimi” after 2 flop albums. Madonna went back on top again after “American Life” performed modestly. Her “Confessions on a Dance Floor” became a top seller. Justin Timberlake’s long awaited second album became one of the best selling albums during this era.

Some facts from Wikipedia

10 Songs With “Don’t”

“Don’t” is one of the most used word in songs and it pertains obviousyly to not do something. In songs, it was used both positively and negatively.Let’s check some of those songs.

Journey- Don’t Stop Believing
The song is very anthemic as it gives a positive message to succeed. It is also one of the greatest rock songs which had received recent success after being used in other aspects of entertainment.

Ed Sheeran- Don’t
Ed just said “don’t”, a simple one word but it carries a big meaning and a strong word. The song became his first top 10 in the US according to Billboard.

En Vogue- Don’t Let Go (Love)
When you love someone and might be on a trouble, say “don’t let it go and keep the love remain. This song was the official last big hit of Bilboard as it reached the top 2.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
You know this guy and he kinda likes you, however, he has a girlfriend. But you stood up and ask the guy “don’t” wish his girlfriend would be like her. Hhmmm, sounds like flirtation is going on. This song became famous worldwide.

No Doubt- Don’t Speak
When you already knew that what will go out of the mouth will hurt, just say, “don’t” speak. The song was considered as the band’s signature hit.

Pink- Please Don’t Leave Me
A relationship may be love and hate but you “don’t” want the one you love to leave. This Pink hit went to the top 20 in many countries which proved it ia successful.

Madonna- Don’t Tell Me
You “don’t” anybody to tell you what to do? This song fits for you. It became a big hit during the first quarter of 2001 after hitting the top 10 worldwide.

My Chemical Romance- I Don’t Love You
When you left the one you loved once, can you tell that person that you “don’t” love her or him? This emo song became a hit in Asia while hitting top 20 in UK.

Crowded House- Don’t Dream It’s Over
There may be a lot that hinders us for love to succeed. “Don’t” give up, it is not yet over. This song became an international hit for the band and was even covered by a number of artists.

Mariah Carey- Don’t Forget About Us
You may not be with the one you once love, but you plead not to forget about their once good relationship. The song added to Mariah’s portfolio of number 1 hits in the US.

Some facts from Wikipedia