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Lorde- Pure Heroine: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Lorde- Pure Heroine
United States- As her debut album was released, Lorde achieved success in United States as her album “Pure Heroine” had gone triple platinum as awarded by RIAA. It also had a high peak at the top 3. She is the most successful artist from New Zealand to ever grace the United States. She even became a very popular star in the country through this sound of her as a rare kind of artist. ¬†She also achieved similar success with her singles. Check those successful singles as they reached the top 10 below:
Royals- #1
Team- #6
With just her debut single, Lorde got a momentum for reaching number 1 with Royals. It was even very successful for being awarded with 7x platinum. She also achieved success with her upbeat track “Team” when it reached number 6 and was awarded with 4x platinum. Lorde also charted with some of her songs but peaked lower. First was “Tennis Court” at number 71 and followed by “Glory and Gore” with number 68.

United Kingdom- Lorde also had hits in United Kingdom. Aside from a top 5 album with “Pure Heroine” and achieved certification from BPI, she also scored a top 10 hit. Yeah, just one top 10 single.
Royals- #1
Lorde really had gone successful elsewhere with her single “Royals” including United Kingdom when it also went to number 1. She also charted with some of her songs like “Tennis Court” (number 78), “Team” (number 29), and the Brit Awards performancd of “Royals” and “White Noise” at number 72.

Lorde’s biggest hit ever both in United States and United Kingdom was “Royals” which reached number 1 in both countries. Elsewhere, it was also well-received. The song has a great R&B beat and talks about the lifestylez of the rich and famous, particularly celebrities, which she doesn’t want to become. I am sharing thay great song below and groove with its beat, and sing with its melodic tune:

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Video from YouTube / LordeVEVO
Album by: Lorde