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Yearend Special: Top Singles by a Group 2015

Maroon 5- Sugar
When Maroon 5 turned to pop music, they always made big hits. This sweet and sugary song simply called “Sugar” became the album’s biggest hit after managing the second position in the US and one of UK’s biggest sellers this year.

One Direction- Night Changes
One Direction has proven they can make great ballads. This song went to top 10 and top 40 of UK and US respectively, and a big hit over Asia.

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
Fall Out Boy may have failed a top ten entry at some time but they made huge comeback as this song went multi-platinum in US.

Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance
This lovely danceable rock tune made a breakthrough this year as it peaked at number four both in US and UK according to Billboard and OCC.

One Direction- Drag Me Down
One Direction has broken record in streaming through this song when it came out. It also became their sixth top 10 in the US according to Billboard and was number 1 in UK.

Fall Out Boy- Uma Thurman
The song which may not be exactly about Uma Thurman but just a reference, went to the top 22 of Billboard Hot 100.

R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away
This song is still hitting the charts at the moment. The song which features Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was a global top 10 hit.

Little Mix- Black Magic
The UK girl group came back with this catchy pop song which easily taken the top spot in UK. It also charted in Billboard Hot 100.

One Direction- Perfect
In support for “Made in the A.M.”, this second single became the boys’ second top 10 from the record and managed the second spot in UK.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
This can be the girls’ breakthrough as it made to the top 15 in US and top 3 in UK. The saxophone-infused song already went multi-platinum.

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Top 15 Girl band Hits since 2000

Girl groups did well too since 2000. Most girl groups came from UK while most who made it big worldwide were those from US. Here are the girl band hits that made big impact worldwide since the new millennium started.

Pussycat Dolls- When I Grow Up
After their huge success, this song served as the carrier single of their new album which shown a less burlesque style of the group. It became a top ten hit song worldwide.

Little Mix- Black Magic
This song was just released this 2015 and became huge in UK as well as other territories. The catchy pop song is their biggest hit in Asia as of this time.

Atomic Kitten- Whole Again
This pop track from the girls became thier first UK number 1 hit. It was also well received in several territories like in Europe and Asia.

Spice Girls- Holler
They may have dominated the 1990s, this 2000s was unsustained after Geri left the four Spices. Still, the group scored a number 1 hit through “Holler”.

Destiny’s Child- Say My Name
Despite scoring two huge hits, this song became their international breakthrough as it crossed the charts of many countries worldwide. It is also their first song released and video without the two original members of the group.

All Saints- Pure Shores
This song is a different tune from All Saints. From the usual R&B and pop sound, this song is electronic that’s comparable to Madonna’s sound with her recent album at that time “Ray of Light”. It was a number one hit for the girls.

Pussycat Dolls- Buttons
Going sexy this time, the song went to the top 3 of US and became one of the most successful singles from PCD.

Atomic Kitten- The Tide is High
This became a huge revival hit for the group as it hit the charts in Europe and Asia. Its impact was also felt stateside.

Destiny’s Child- Lose My Breath
After hiatus, the girls came back with a bang as this song was very successful worldwide peaking the top ten vicinity. In US, it peaked at number 3.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
Finally, a radio hit success came for Fifth Harmony. This song made significant airplays and despite peaking at inside top 15, it has been running in the chart for several months in US. In UK, it became a bigger hit reaching number 3.

Sugababes- Push the Button
They already had a number of hits prior to this but this song became the most successful single in terms of airplays and territories it charted. Of course, it is a chart-topper in UK.

Pussycat Dolls- Stickwitu
Pussycat Dolls scored their second top 5 hit in the US through this R&B/pop ballad which contributed to their album’s success. It reached number 1 in some countries which included UK.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor
One of the most iconic songs by a girl group, the song talks about the girls’ journey despite controversies involving their former members. It is their second single as officially a trio and became a number 1 hit worldwide.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
This song was the group’s first ever hit song and sold millions after hitting the charts worldwide. The R&B track featured Busta Rhymes.

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women
This can be considered as the biggest girl band hit since 2000 with its female empowerment theme similar to Spice Girls’ Girl Power. Apart from topping the charts worldwide, it became the longest number 1 single by a girl group in history of Billboard singles chart. It’s also their first single as trio.

Song Review: Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, Rachelle Platten

Ellie Goulding- On My Mind

After the huge success of the romantic and “Fifty Shades of Gray” theme song “Love Me Like You Do” earlier this year, Ellie Goulding is back in a song with killer beat called ” On My Mind”. It will be the carrier single of Ellie’s upcoming third LP. It was a new sound from her usual and the song’s electropop beat is a killer, despite that kind of beat has already been used a lot of times. The melody is just fine with it’s repetitive verses in the chorus. It’s a good try for a new sound from Ellie but waiting for another single that will show the rawness of her sweet voice.

Rating: 8 out of 10


Little Mix-Black Magic

Little Mix has been huge in UK and other territories with their previous records. Through this song, it will open a door for them for wider fanbase. Among all of their songs, this is the catchiest. They’ve been to more R&B sound while this song sounds mord pop. The song reminds the catchiness of Spice Girls songs almost 2 decades ago. The song’s tune was influenced by the music of 1980s. The song was already a UK chart topper and may probably soon hit the global charts this year when it would be released


Rating: 9 out of 10

Rachel Platten- Fight Song

After her attempts to be recognized in the music industry, finally, Rachel Platten achieved a major milestone in her career. This song, “Fight Song” made a major change for Rachel for its success when it was in the US top 10 and number in UK. Critics loved the song, even pop star Taylor Swift tweeted it. The song’s empowering and positive message to keep on fighting no matter the adversities tried us, we just keep on fighting and overcome them.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Big album releases this season/One Direction vs Justin Bieber/Adele’s most awaited

The last quarter of every year used to be the season of new albums from many music stars. Either a full studio album or a compilation, expect these records to be released in record and online stores.

As October already started, new records are now on its way. Just this week, Janet Jackson’s first record in many years “Unbreakable” was already released. It’s already well-received by the critics and die-hard Janet fans. Next week, Selena Gomez is on its way and expected to be her biggest record with new sound she incorporated for “Revival” and positive reviews for its new released singles.

November would be the month of biggest releases. British girl group Little Mix is set to conquer the charts after huge sales in UK for hit single “Black Magic”, and this song is currently selling well in iTunes. The second week of November would be a big tension for two of biggest pop acts. Justin Bieber’s comeback “Purpose” already announced a month ago to be released. The biggest boyband One Direction recently announced to release their album the same date with Bieber, now a hot topic in music industry. It is hard to predict who will win the battle since both have huge fanbase. Justin Bieber is currently the number one artist in singles chart with the EDM pop track “What Do You Mean?” which had been running for weeks. While One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” peaked inside the top 5 in many countries. Bieber might seem to win but he never had an album to sell more than 500,000 as One Direction did in two of their albums. He had big selling singles though. While One Direction often topped albums charts but singles do big on its first week and dip in singles charts in succeeding weeks. One Direction may surely sell more internationally, but US sales is unpredictable. Since trends in music changes so it is hard to predict who will win. It’s the fans who can answer will win.

The next artist expected to sell big was Adele. It’s not yet confirmed but it is circulating in news sites across the web that it is expected this October with tentative title “25”, which might have set a pattern for her. Recently, I wrote an article about her new record stated that this is one of the most anticipated one.

Surely, these records mentioned will be big hits knowing it is the season when sales surge.