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Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 October 11, 2015

  • The fun continued tonight with three more performers as the five were done last night. The following performers for tonight were:

    Eric Nicolas- He impersonated actress Whoopi Goldberg which he performed “I Will Follow You” from the hit 1990s film “Sister’s Act”. He may not completely looked like Whoopi but the performance is all fun.

    Denise Laurel- She nailed her impersonation of Broadway Diva Lea Salonga. Knowing Lea for her clean singing and pitch perfect, Denise never shown intimidation for her performance. She sang “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal?” (Why Do I Love You So Much?) very well. Tonight, I think she is the best performer.

    Sam Concepcion- It was fun to see Sam nailing his performances. Tonight, he impersonated Dong Abay of the band Yano. As usual, he did it well and served as his redemption from last week’s poor performance.

    This week is the best episode of YFSF2 as the artists did very well in their performances. My poorest performer for me is Kean Cipriano. Here’s my ranking for all the performances:

    1. Denise Laurel
    2. KZ Tandingan
    3. Sam Concepcion
    4. Kakai Bautista
    5. Myrtle Sarosa
    6. Eric Nicolas
    7. Michael Pangilinan
    8. Kean Cipriano

    The judges had spoken and already gave their judgement. However, the artists’ votes affected the ranking. The result for this week’s episode below:

    1. Sam Concepcion
    2. Denise Laurel
    3. Kakai Bautista
    4. KZ Tandingan
    5. Kean Cipriano
    6. Eric Nicolas
    7. Michael Pangilinan
    8. Myrtle Sarosa

    Sam again won for the second time. He’s a frontrunner and will surely make it at the top four. So far, this show is all about fun and giving the entertainment for the viewers.

    Next week will be another exciting week as the artists already knew who are they impersonating. Surely, there will be lots of surprises again. We are also looking forward for Melai’s impersonation.

    Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 airs on ABS-CBN 2 every Saturday and Sunday night.

  • Top 8 Disney Songs Since the 1990s

    At least many of us had watched any Disney movie, and of course, we heard some of their theme songs. Whenever we hear Disney songs, we can name which movie that song was taken. Since I am a 1990s kid, I created this list of top Disney themes heard since 1990s.

    8. Circle of Life (performed by Elton John for The Lion King)

    The soundtrack album was made possible through Elton John while some of musical scores were done by Hans Zimmerman. This song’s theatrical sound and epic sounding melody were the reasons why I included the song in this list.

    7. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (performed by Eltow John for The Lion King)

    Back to back from another Lion King song was this love song which was the theme song of Simba and Nala. This is also the main and carrier song of the OST.

    6. For the First Time in Forever (performed by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel for Frozen)

    It was sung the time when Elsa will be declared as the new queen, Princess Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) sung the most part of it. It was not an easy song to sing because of its pace on stanzas but the two artistw sung it really well.

    5. Beauty and the Beast (performed by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson for the OST of Beauty and the Beast and Angela Lansbury in the film as Mrs. Potts)

    This is one of the most memorable love songs from Disney. Celine and Peabo had a great tandem while Angela as Mrs. Potts in the film delivered it well.

    4. Reflections (performed by Christina Aguilera for Mulan, Lea Salonga from the film itself)

    Lea Salonga’s voice has always been perfect especially in these kind of songs. Christina’s version was released as the single which shown her vocal prowess. The song was exactly about the protagonist of the film.

    3. Colors of the Wind (performed by Vanessa Williams for Pocahontas as lead single, Judy Kuhn for the film)

    The song really fits the nature as Pocahontas is a Native American woman in the film. Both versions of the artists were superb.

    2. A Whole New World (performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Bell for Alladin as lead single, Lea Salonga and Brad Kane for the movie)

    Peabo and Regina’s version has soul in it but Brad and Lea’s voice sounds more theatrical. The song was a number one hit then.

    1. Let it Go (performed by Idina Menzel for Frozen, Demi Lovato as a single)

    This deserves to be the number one apart from being the biggest selling Disney single ever. Idina Menzel sang it very well with her high range. Demi’s version was more of a pop song.