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Music 10 B’s: Britney Spears to Bleed it Out

1. Britney Spears
She became one of the biggest female artists ever. She had a number of successful singles and can already be considered as a music icon. Her albums sold millions which “… Baby One More Time”, her first single ever, was her most successful.

2. Back at One
It is a R&B ballad by Brian McKnight from the album which is also called “Back at One”. It is a  beautiful track which gave Brian McKnight a top 10 hit in the US.

3. Breakaway
Kelly Clarkson’s second album which became a multiple platinum album. The title track of the record had been a top 10 in the US. I heard an Avril Lavigne influence on the song, as it was re-written by her.

4. Backstreet Boys
They were the biggest selling boyband ever which was based on sales from albums and singles. They were my sister and cousin’s favorite band and I admit not being a fan of them.

5. Break Me Shake Me
One of the tracks and singles released from the album by Savage Garden from their self-titled album. It is a pop rock track with heavier sound.

6. Bubbly
Hearing just the title, it sounds like really bubbly and refreshing. The song which was a song by Colbie Caillat became her biggest hit single ever. It is just a lovely and light song.

7. Boyzone
They were an Irish boyband who became popular with ballads and cover songs. They were one of the biggest groups in the United Kingdom then. I remember when they covered “Words by Bee Gees, which became their first number 1 hit.

8. Bad Romance
One of the most successful tracks by Lady Gaga. Aside from big sales, it was her most viewed video on YouTube too. It was taken from her extended play “The Fame Monster EP”.

9. Butterfly
Mariah Carey’s album which sounds more on R&B and hip-hop. There’s also a track which was released as the second single called “Butterfly”. It is oen of her lovely ballads.

10. Bleed It Out
One of the singles released from Linkin Park’s third studio album “Minutes to Midnight”. I noticed the different sound pf the band in that song.

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Album’s Singles Review:”Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

Breakaway (album)
Kelly Clarkson did well with her debut album “Thankful” in United States. However, her success was expanded through her second album “Breakaway”. The album which sounds more pop rock had became a worldwide success with estimates of 15 million copies sold. In US, it was certified 6x platinum by RIAA.

“Breakaway” was first released as a single being the theme of the movie “The Princess Diaries 2”. It was later released particularly in Europe as the last single. The song sounds like an Avril Lavigne song since it was re-written by her. The pop-rock song went to number 6 on Billboard Hot 100.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Since U Been Gone
“Since U Been Gone” was the second single from “Breakaway” album, and the first international single. The pop-rock song is very anthemic and revengeful. It became an international hit single when it reached top 10 worldwide. In America, it peaked at number 2 and was one of the biggest singles of 2015.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

Behind These Hazel Eyes
“Behind These Hazel Eyes” was considered the third release from “Breakaway”. The song had similarities from Avril Lavigne just like “Breakaway” song. It charted at the top 10 in most countries, and it peaked at 6th in America.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Because of You
“Because of You” was the fourth single for Kelly Clarkson’s album “Breakaway”. The song was very emotional as it talks about her relationship with her father. It was my favorite track by Kelly Clarkson from the album. It was a worldwide hit song and it peaked inside the top 10 in several countries. It reached number 7 on Billboard Hot 100.
Rate: 9.25 out of 10

Walk Away
“Walk Away” was released as the last single from “Breakaway”. It is a pop rock track from Kelly which gave her another hit. It peaked at number 12 in United States.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / kellyclarksonVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson

Thankful (album)
Kelly Clarkson was just fresh from winning the first ever American Idol, which initiated the success of not just her career, likewise the program itself. “Thankful” was released as her first album which released three singles. However, two songs was heard prior this album as the two songs were released as songs from winning American Idol. The album contains pop, pop-rock, and R&B songs which suits Kelly’s flexible vocals. The album became successful especially in the US where it debuted at number 1 and was RIAA certified 2x platinum.

A Moment Like This
“A Moment Like This” was released after Kelly Clarkson won the American Idol and served as a song about her triumph from the program. It was a pop and ballad song and gained success in the US when it made a big leap to number 1 in Billboard Hot 100. In the song, it showcased the great vocals of Kelly Clarkson.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Before Your Love
“Before Your Love” was the B-side song for “A Moment Like This”. The latter song though was more known than the former. “A Moment Like This” sounds better than “Before Your Love”, but admittedly, Kelly pulled her beautiful and strong vocals in this song.
Rate:7.0 out of 10

Miss Independent
“Miss Independent” was released as the main single for “Thankful”. The song starts at an R&B sound which subtly go to a rockier sound at the chorus. It was re-written by another diva Christina Aguilera. It has been a hit when it reached the top 10 of both the Billboad Hot 100 and UK singles charts.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

“Low” was released as the second release for the album. It has a pop rock sound, and this song peaked at number 58 in Billboard Hot 100.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

The Trouble with Love is
“The Trouble with Love is” was the final single for “Thankful”. It is a R&B and soul ballad which showcased the soulful side of Kelly which was heard from her version of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”. The song was a moderate success in music charts.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Video from YouTube / kellyclarksonVEVO

Female Artist With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Demi Lovato / Ariana Grande / Kelly Clarkson

Demi Lovato
United States- Demi Lovato scored a number 1 album with her second release “Here We Go Again”. She had a total of 7 top 5 albums including the “Camp Rock” soundtracks. Two of her albums went to number 2. Most of her albums were certified Gold Record by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Demi Lovato never had a number 1 album. She had two top 10 albums though with “Demi” (number 10) and her current “Confident” (number 6).

Ariana Grande
United States- Ariana Grande has two albums that were released and both albums went to number 1. Her first album “Yours Truly” did very well and went Gold Record. Her second album “My Everything” did even better which has gone platinum by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Ariana Grande’s two albums didn’t go to number 1. However, both albums went to top 10. “Yours Truly” went to number 7. Her second LP “My Everything” went to number 3 and was certified Gold Record by BPI.

Kelly Clarkson
United States- Kelly Clarkson is one of the top female artists in the US since 2000. She had scored three number 1 hits which started with her first album “Thankful” which was released fresh from her win from American Idol. Her second number 1 album was her third release “All I Ever Wanted”, and her current “Piece By Piece” as her third charttopper. Her four other albums went to top 3. Her biggest seller was her number 3 peaking “Breakaway” which was 6x platinum certified by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Kelly Clarkson may have failed to reach number 1 with any of her albums in United Kingdom, but she had a total of five top ten albums in the country, with “My December” as her highest peak at number 2. Her biggest selling album was “Breakaway” which sat at number 3 and BPI certified 5x platinum. She also had another top 3 albums in the country and got certifications.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / kellyclarksonVEVO

Battle of Same Song Title: Madonna vs Avril Lavigne / Kelly Clarkson vs Ne-Yo

On the first battle, it is between a pop diva and a rock dive. The second one was a pop/rock diva and a R&B crooner. To see the battle, check it below:

Madonna vs Avril Lavigne
“Don’t Tell Me”

Madonna’s career seemed forever after releasing this song more than 25 years since her debut. The electronic pop song is considered a love song by Madonna and it is very light to listen to. It was a globally successful song off her “Music” album.

Avril Lavigne
After her huge success from her debut albun, Avril Lavigne came back with this song as the carrier single for her second album. Honestly, I didn’t find this as worthy for a lead single as there were better songs from her album, but it is still a good song. The song was a hit but underwhelming compared to his previous singles.

Madonna- Don’t Tell Me
Melody and Lyrics- 4.0 / Success-4.0= 8.0

Avril Lavigne- Don’t Tell Me
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Winner: Madonna is 1.5 points ahead of Avril Lavigne in “Don’t Tell Me” song battle, thus, she wins.

Kelly Clarkson vs Ne-Yo
“Miss Independent”

Kelly Clarkson released this as her lead single for her US number one album “Thankful”, her first after winning the American Idol”. It is a pop rock track with R&B elements. The song was a success after reaching the top ten including the US and UK as well.

Ne-Yo also made his own song of “Miss Independent” as falling in love with an independent woman. The R&B song went well in the charted as it charted everywhere. It was a top ten hit too in the US and United Kingdom.

Kelly Clarkson- Miss Independent
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 3.0= 6.5

Ne-Yo- Miss Independent
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.25= 6.5

Winner- Kelly Clarkson and Ne-Yo got tied in this “Miss Independent” battle.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
Videos from YouTube

10 Songs With “Gone”

Gone may refer to someone who left or something that do not exist  or not present anymore. That’s how the word was often used in different songs. Here are some of those songs with “gone”:

When this person you love is “gone”, the pain remains and it’s never that easy. This sad ballad from the boyband settled at number 11 in Billboard Hot 100.

Avril Lavigne- When You’re Gone
You spent a lot of time with this person you love who is now “gone” and it feels like breaking you into pieces. The song became a hit charting high in many countries.

Matchbox Twenty- If You’re Gone
Something’s not right happening between two people and the other left, and think it’s fine. However, there’s still something you feel about that person. This song went to top 5 in Billboard Hot 100.

Phillip Phillips- Gone, Gone, Gone
When that person you love but you still love him/her and love even more. The song went to to number 23 in the US charts and went dounle platinum according to RIAA.

The Cranberries- When You’re Gone
Remembering someone you love was already gone makes you miss them. The song became a top 25 hit in the US and was a hit in Asia.

T.I. and Justin Timberlake- Dead and Gone
When the old you, like the wrong behavior you had, is dead and “gone”, it means you have transformed. This song was a hit reaching the top 5 both in the US and UK.

Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone
Telling the one you love to leave because you are already gone. This song became the third hit for “All I Ever Wanted” album and had hit the top 15 in the US.

Janet Jackson- Got ’til It’s Gone
When you had something but did not value it. In the end, you’ll realize it’s worth when it’s gone. The song was a top ten hit Eurowide.

Michael Jackson- Gone Too Soon
There are people in our lives who were “gone” too early. This ballad from Michael Jackson was a modest hit elsewhere.

Kelly Clarkson- Since U Been Gone
When your ex is already “gone”, it feels like you can finally breath again. The pop/rock song became a worldwide hit and one of the biggest songs in the US in 2005.

Some facts from Wikipedia / Billboard

Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (2005-2009)

There were a lot of changes in music from 2005-2009. As noticed, there were a lot of newcomers, trends has significantly changed as well as decline of CD or album sales.

British female soul singers
Any Winehouse achieved more success in her 2006 second album “Back to Black”, while another soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae became successful with her debut album after her successful single ” Put Your Records On”. Another soul singer, Duffy, achieved worldwide success with her album “Rockferry” and became the top selling artist in 2008 in UK. Adele also debuted that same year but achieved more success with her second album.

Rise of digital and single downloads
Digital sales increased during this era and we saw the rise of singles downloads. Downloads are now included to eligible to chart in music charts.

Drop of album sales
With the rise of digital downloads, album sales went down continually. This era, no albums released ever reached 20 million in sales.

Electronic Dance Music
In 2009, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was seen to rise. David Guetta achieved successes after the hit single “When Love Takes Over” with Kelly Rowland on vocals. Lady Gaga’s sound became popular as well, thus, opening the path for dance music on the rise.

Disney princesses
This is the era when Disney princesses debuted in music industry. Miley Cyrus became successful with her Hannah Montana TV show as well as the film and soundtracks. She reached number 1 with her introductory LP “Breakout”. Other Disney stars, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, had their first albums to Billboard top 10.

Musicals on TV and movies
Disney released a TV film “High School Musical” which became a phenomenon, It had its sequel again on TV, while the last part was a movie released on theaters. The soundtrack albums became big sellers too. In 2009, musical show “Glee” became successful in ratings while records sales sold millions too.

American Idol winners
After Kelly Clarkson’s success, Americal Idol continued to break the ratings game. Carrie Underwood achieved successes and became one of the top country artists. Other AI winners achieved limited success.

Girl groups
Two notable girl groups who broke album sales this era, Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane. The former though became the most successful female group at that time.

Successful comeback
We saw Mariah Carey’s successful comeback with “Emancipation of Mimi” after 2 flop albums. Madonna went back on top again after “American Life” performed modestly. Her “Confessions on a Dance Floor” became a top seller. Justin Timberlake’s long awaited second album became one of the best selling albums during this era.

Some facts from Wikipedia

10 Known Songs With “Break”

When we talk about the word “break” in songs, it may be about a heart that was broken, emotionally broken, or anything which pertains to a person’s emotional state. Here are some of the known “break” songs.

Ariana Grande- Break Free
When you are in a controlling relationship like you cannot breath anymore, then this song can be your anthem. Be strong enough to “break” free and you can breath again. The song made it to the top 5 in Billboard Hot 100.

Kelly Clarkson- Breakaway
Dreaming big? Why not let loose and “break” away to be able to reach your dreams? It is time for you to fly. This song managed 6th position in Billboard singles chart.

Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris- Break Your Heart
Trying to tell a girl who likes you that you will only break her heart. Hhhmm. . . Better tell her early. This song infused with synth, R&B and dance became a number one hit.

Mariah Carey- Breakdown
Right after a break-up, this can happen. Mariah just gone through painful separation with ex-hubby, and released this song. It was a hit in Asia back then.

Linkin Park- Breaking the Habit
When we say “breaking” a habit, then that habit is bad. It means, it is worth breaking. The song was a top 40 hit in many countries.

Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart Break
When your heart is broken a number of times, Demi said, you must give your heart a break. You deserve to be happy. Thsi song broke the top 20 in Billboard Hot 100.

Backstreet Boys- I’ll Never Break Your Heart
When you are courting a girl, of course you will tell her that you won’t “break” her heart. But let’s just see. This ballad came from the lads’s first and self-titled albym and was a hit then.

Billy Ray Cyrus- Achy Breaky Heart
It might sound cheesy, but this became a hit from Miley Cyrus’ dad. Well, don’t just break his achy and “breaky” heart.

Britney Spears- Break the Ice
The other person likes you, and you like him/her too, go “break” that ice. This song went to top 10 in other countries.

Savage Garden- Break Me, Shake Me
Getting abused by your partner, then this song fits you for being “broken” and shaken. It became huge in the duo’s home, Australia.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Songs Intended for the Media

Superstars may be enjoying a lot for their successes, money and fame. They do get a lot of attention either from fans and especially, the media. Every move they make was watched out by media people which includes paparazzi. Oftentimes, these stars gets negative write-ups about them by which is often seen in tabloids. In this list were the songs about stars answering media back about rumors and backlash. But the last song at the bottom was not about these backlash, rather about what’s being shown by the media.

Michael Jackson ft. Janet JacksonScream
Michael Jackson has always been controversial and during1990s, he got fed up after all the troubles he has been through so he wrote in this song which you can here his frustrations and disappointments about the media. He even invited his sister Janet Jackson and expressed their anger to media backlash.

Britney SpearsPiece of Me
Britney Spears has gone to troubles during the second half of 2000s and she has became the subject of scrutiny. She’s often chased by the media and paparazzi. With her disappointment, she released this song which became a major success from critics to commercial aspect. In its music video, it tells what’s the nessage of the song.

Kelly ClarksonMr. Know It All
Kelly Clarkson is not that controversial but media has been so mean at her. Even her body or shape was even criticized. In this song, she expressed what she felt and even in the music video, it shows tabloids which nonensically criticized her.

Lindsay LohanRumors
Lindsay Lohan was also been the subject of rumors and criticisms when she is growing up. But her situation got worst eventually being involved in several behavioral issues. In this song, she expresses how she’s fed up of the media following her and even invading her privacy.

Miley CyrusFly on the Wall
Miley Cyrus is starting to build her own name away from the shadow of Hannah Montana. With her fame comes along the media and paparazzi following hef and she expressed in her song how she felt irritated.

Black Eyed PeasWhere’s the Love?
Written not exactly for the media, rather about the chaotic events in this world. But the line “wrong information always shown by the media”, speaks about how the media conveys information, if its is factual or not.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Artists With Successful Debut 2000-2004

Since 2000, there has been great newcomers who are still relevant until now. Not all of them did but at least they got the taste of success.

Macy Gray
The R&B singer received success when both her first single “I Try” and album “On How Life Is” both hit the top 5. The album turned to be one of the biggest albums of 2000. Her follow-up album didn’t receive such success though.

Nelly became one of the top rappers of 2000s when he received success worldwide with second album “Nellyville”. Nevertheless, he had a successful debut album too when “Country Grammar” album went 8 million according to Nielsen Sounscand just in US. His other albums went platinum.

British band Coldplay was very successful with their debut album “Parachute”. It was multi-platinum particularly in Europe and native country UK. Their success extended until now after multi-platinum albums. However, their newly released “A Head Full of Dreams” is said to be their last.

Linkin Park
Linkin Park was one of the biggest bands since 2000s. Their first album “Hybrid Theory” was a sleeper hit when it was among the top sellers of both 2001 and 2002. They had multi platinum success with secodn and third studio albums. Their recent releases went platinum.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys offered something new with her debut. Her single “Fallin'” was very successful then which led to 12 million in sales of “Songs in A Minor” LP, according to Wikipedia. Her second to fourth album became extremely successful too.

Before Ashanti’s success, she was seen as featured artists in rappers’ hits. Then she released “Foolish” which was number one in many countries. Her self titled album went to number 1 in Billboard Hot 100. Her second album became successful though.

Avril Lavigne
Avril became the next big thing when she debuted in 2002 as she went to number 1 when “Let Go”, her first album, became big seller both in 2002 and 2003. It scored 3 top 10 hits worldwide. Success went on with her other albums.

50 Cent
50 Cent is created records in 2003 when he became among the 5 big sellers that year through his album “Get Rich ir Die Trying”. In 2005, he sets record for big first week sales of his second LP “The Massacre”.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson was hailed from Americal Idol and her debut album became number 1 in Billboard albums. It was successful which opened the way to her second album in 2004 and became her biggest album ever.

Sean Paul
Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul scored multiple top ten hits off from his debut album “Dutty Rock” which was successful too. Je had top ten hits with upcoming album then.

Norah Jones
Norah Jones slowly surged to the top and climbed up the charts after multiple wins from the Grammys. Her debut album Come Away With Me” sold 26 million according to Wikipedia while second album went 1 million in just a week.

Due to the success of “Bring Me to Life” the Amy Lee-led band received several millions in sales with album “Fallen”. Their second album is number 1 though

Maroon 5
Maroon 5 slowly picked up in sales until their second single “This Love” became worldwide successful which helped “Songs About Jane” achieved multi-platinum success worldwide. Until now, the band has sustained their popularity.

Some facts from Wikipedia