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Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 (November 28 and 29, 2015)

I have been away last week due to being out of town so I am quite late for this recap. Anyway, to keep up with the episodes, I got to watch online with the performances. It has been an exciting week since the artists are performing with last season’s artists and impersonated duets of some icons.
Here are the performances from last week:

Denise Laurel as Barbra Streissand / Jay-R as Brian Adams
“I Finally Found Someone”
The performance good when it comes to vocals of the pair. The looks were quite good, though Jay-R’s look is more spot-on.

Kean Cipriano as Mick Jagger / Tutti Caringal as David Bowie
“Dancing in the Street”
I enjoyed the performance knowing they are copying the two British rock legends. The make up is perfect while the moves of Jagger is also there.

Eric Nicolas as John Travolta / Melai Cantiveros as Olivia Newton John
“Summer Nights”
It was an entertaining performance since the duo are copying 1970s acts. Thr dancing, moves though lacking in vocals.

Kakai Bautista as Ariana Grande / Maxene Magalona as Iggy Azalea
It seems everybody are doing well and I love this performance too. Knowing the range of Ariana, Kakai hit the notes.

Myrtle Sarosa as Kylie Minogue / Edgar Allan Guzman as Jason Donovan
“Especially for You”
It’s a good performance though the vocals isn’t exactly how it is. The appearance isn’t perfect too.

Sam Concepcion as Andrea Bocelli / Jolina Magdangal as Celine Dion
“The Prayer”
The performance is moving as Sam really did well copying Andrea’s voice. I think this is the best performance for the week knowing Sam as a pop and R&B singer and he did it perFectly.

Michael Pangilinan as Luther Vandross / Karla Estrada as Mariah Carey
“Endless Love”
Michael really did well copying Luther’s voice knowing his voice is far from Vandross. Karla did a good supporting as well.

Kz Tandingan as Shakira / Nyoy Volante as Beyonce
“Beautiful Liar”
It’s an enjoyable performance as KZ perfectly copied Shakira’s vocals. With regards to the moves, it was fine. Shakira didn’t move much in the music video unlike in her own videos.

The results below
1. Sam Concepcion
2. Denise Laurel
3. Kean Cipriano
4. Michael Pangilinan
5. Kakai Bautista
6. KZ Tandingan
7. Eric Nicolas (tie)
8. Myrtle Sarosa (tie)

Congratulations to Sam Concepcion as he really deserved it with his moving performance.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 airs on ABS-CBN 2 every Saturday and Sunday nights.

Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 November 14, 2015

It was quite late again for the show to air tonight but I still watched as tonight, it will be an exciting episode as all the artists are copying Filipino artists. Not just that, they are also performing alongside the artists they are impersonating.

The show was opened by Melai acting as the show’s host Billy Crawford. It is her poorest impersonation but as usual, she’s still hilarious. There are two guest judges for tonight taking the place of Jed Madela namely Rico J. Puno and former YFSF performer Karla Estrada.

Here are the performances last night:
KZ Tandingan as (and duet with) Charice Pempengco
KZ started the show as the Filipino international singer, Charice Pempengco with the hit song “Pyramid”. As we all know, Charice mentored KZ before on the hit reality competition “X-Factor Philippines”. Honestly, she don’t look like Charice maybe due to the shape of their faves. But her voice especially at the beginning sounded like Charice.

Myrtle Sarosa as (and duet with) Verni Varga
Verni Varga had chosen Myrtle to impersonate her. With her looks, Myrtle was even prettier than Verni and I could not see Verni in her. Good thing her movements were exactly Verni when she’s still younger.

Denise Laurel as (and duet with) Imelda Papin
Denise copied and dueted with the Jukebox Queen, Imelda Papin. I can see the similarity with them looks, though she lacked with the voice.The movements are okay, though Denise’s was classy as guest judge Rico J. Puno commented.

Sam Concepcion as (and duet with) Erik Santos
Sam’s turn to impersonate fellow ASAP Kapamilya Erik Santos. I was not impressed with the looks because I haven’t seen any resemblance. But I think she sang it well, it’s just that the judges focused on the voice which we cannot expect to be perfectly copied since a balladeer is different from a R&B artist.

Kean Cipriano as (and duet with) Richard Poon
Kean becomes a crooner this time as Richard Poon. The looks is a little close But the voice and their movements together were synchronized that made it a fun performance.

Honestly, I am not impressed with the make-up. Good thing the performers were able to copy other aspects from the artists they are impersonating.

Meanwhile, here’s my ranking for the five performers tonight:
1. Kean Cipriano
2. Denise Laurel
3. Myrtle Sarosa
4. KZ Tandingan
5. Sam Concepcion

There are three more performers tomorrow to check out.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 can be seen on ABS-CBN during Saturday and Sunday night.