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Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (2000-2004)

Music is still very much alive from 2000-2004, however, album sales was seen on its decline. This was due to the rise of digital music and piracy. Still, we saw the trends in music with the rise of new artists, as well as trends in genres.

First-week million sales
It has been a phenomenon in music to sell one million copies in just one week. The record breaker for a long time was set on first quarter of 2000 when NSYNC broke sales with 2.4 million US sales. That same year, Eminem broke more than 1.7 million for “Marshall Mathers LP, Britney Spears second LP “Oops… I Did It Again” with more than 1.3 million and Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water” with more than 1 million. Several artists this era reached a million in first week like Usher, Norah Jones and Backstreet Boys (had two albums with Millenium from 1999). NSYNC held the second place for a long time to with “Celebrity” with 1.8 million plus, and another album from Eminem.

Boybands going hiatus
Boybands enjoyed their peak during 1995-1999. They started the new millenium with a bang, but as 2002 started, boybands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC took hiatus. European boybands continued though like Westlife and Blue.

Going solo
As boybands and girlbands go hiatus, many members of those groups went solo. NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake achieved success with his debut. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys though had limited success. While Beyonce of Destiny’s Child had her superstardom began in 2004.

Young female stars going sexy
We also saw the young female stars going sexier this era. Britney Spears left her role model image as she has gone sexy in her third album. Christina Aguilera is very notable though as she has shown her dirtiest image in 2002 with her video “Dirrty” and her breakout album “Stripped”.

Young female pop/rock stars
In 2002, Avril Lavigne rocked the charts with her debut album “Let Go”. Despite Michelle Branch first came out, she was not credited for the rise of pop/rock music. Vanessa Carlton had platinum success with her debut album, while Jennifer Love Hewitt released a pop/rock album. We also saw Hillary Duff and Ashley Simpson followed the pop/rock genre.

Rock bands
Rock has become a very popular genre in 2000 with the success of Limp Bizkit. Linkin Park became victorious too who scored the biggest selling rock album of the decade with “Hybrid Theory” and a huge second album “Meteora”. Nickelback, Coldplay and Creed became successful this era too.

R&B music
R&B music has been on its peak when year 2000 begun. It was led by Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Beyonce and others. Even pop stars incorporated R&B in their music.

Hip-hop music
Hip-hop music scene is very much alive this era too. We saw the success of Eminem, Nelly and Ja Rule, as well as the introductory of Chingy, 50 Cent and others.

Remixes has been popular too this era. It started when Jennifer Lopez topped the charts with “I’m Real” which led to the release of her remix album. The album set record when it went to number one. Other successful remix albums were from P. Diddy and Linkin Park.

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10 Songs With “Back”

There are numerous “back” songs that are about going “back” to someone, place or time. Here are some songs with “back”:

Celine Dion- It’s All Coming Back to Me Now
When you lose someone and missing them, it feels like the memory is coming “back”. This version of Celine Dion became a huge hit in 1996 almost reaching the top ten of every country it entered.

NSYNC- I Want You Back
Being left by the one you love, you just want the “back”. This is the first ever single from NSYNC which performed well in many charts including UK where it managed a top 5 peak and top 15 in US.

Taylor Swift- Back to December
When you failed to appreciate someone and wanted to apologize and go “back” to December when they were still together. The song from Tay went to top 10 in the US.

Janet Jackson- Come Back to Me
You were left by that person you love and beg to come “back”. This ballad from Janet performed very well in the US when it peaked at number 2 in Billboard Hot 100.

Brian Mcknight- Back at One
This is a good song to sing for the one you love especially your wife. It has become Brian Mcknight’s notable song as it peaked at number 2 in the US.

Oasis- Don’t Look Back in Anger
Asking for forgiveness and tell them not to look back in “anger”. This song as become a rock hit in the US and a number 1 position in the UK.

R. Kelly- If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time
You just want to fix your relationship with the one you love and if only you can turn “back” the time, then you will. This lovely ballad was a big hit worlwide particularly in Europe.

Justin Timberlake- SexyBack
Well, it’s just loving someone’s back as it looks sexy. The song became a huge comeback for Justin and went to number 1 worldwide.

Savage Garden- To the Moon and Back
When you love someone, you will figuratively fly to meet him/her. This song became a hit in certain countries.

Aqua- Turn Back Time
When you just want to turn “back” time as a sign of regrets. This song became a number one hit in UK for the pop group.

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Memorable Lines from Songs: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake became popular and proved himself as a solo artist. His songs primarily about love, being cheated, heartbreaks, sexual undertone and partying. He emerged as one of the most successful male artists since 2000.

Like I Love You
” Ain’t nobody love you like I love you
You’re a good girl and that’s what makes me trust ya”
It’s just the guy who can love the girl that way, and no other guys can. Sounds romantic for the girl hearing that from the guy.

Cry Me a River
“You don’t have to say what you did
I already know, I found out from him”
The guy already knew that the girl is cheating as he found out it from another guy. Does it mean Britney cheated as it is about her?

My Love (Let Me Talk to You)
“Because, I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach our toes in the sand”
The song is more about courtship as the guy is visualizing himself with the girl walking in the beach.

What Goes Around (Comes Around)
“And now you want somebody
To cure the lonely nights, You wish you had somebody”
The guy is stressing how he got cheated by the girl, and the girl is now the one feeling lonely, which is like the consequence of what she had done.

Until the End of Time (with Beyonce)
” There’s so much darkness in the world
But I see beauty left in you, girl”
Despite what’s happening in this world, it is fine for the guy as long as he is with that girl he love. He considers her as his savior.

” And now it’s clear as this promise
That we’re making two reflections into one”
I think this song is for his wife, Jessica Biel. They are making a vow and Justin sees himself in his wife.

” Girl I can see in your eyes that there’s something inside that made you evil
Where did you go, ’cause it just ain’t fair”
The guy fought like a boxer for the girl, but all she did was hurt him and knocked him down.

Not a Bad Thing
“But I could be that guy to heal it over time
And I won’t stop until you believe it”
Sound like another song about courtship. The guy is promising that he can heal the cut in the heart and do everything to make her believe.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com
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Artist Biting the Hands That Fed Them?

There are a lot artists today who doesn’t really like the songs or kinds of music the executives has given them. They were not given creative control with the music they want to do, and the image they want for themselves.
After breaking free and established their names, these artists had the guts to express what they feel for the music they did before. Looking back in 2000, Pink was heard as an R&B singer. She sings like a black artist and she had a wonderful soulful voice. She was forced to record an R&B pop record. But she wanted to become a rock star. In her second album, she has evolved and put on much creativity which made her more successful. After that, she became what she wants to be.
Christina Aguilera is another example who tried to put her creativity in her music. She hated her bubblegum pop songs and image then and went more matured, both in her music and image in “Stripped”. It was a success, but initially performed moderately. She even emphasized how much she doesn’t like her music then during interviews for “Lotus” LP, which this album flopped.
Kelly Clarkson also battled with her label to release her album with darker rock theme, which was birthed as “My December”. Her label wants her to record similar to her old work but she fought over which was eventually released. The album terribly failed despite millions of saled and high chart positions, knowing her previous album was stellar. She incorporated back her old sound in her succeeding releases.
Justin Timberlake became an R&B singer but he was a pop star while still in NSYNC. The good thing about it is he is not complaining. That’s why he remained successful with his records despite long gaps of their releases.
Recently, Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction expressed what he felt with the music he did with One Direction. He doesn’t like their music then and even talked against their label executive Simon Cowell. With his interview, he sounded whiny though. Let’s see of his being whiny will make him a huge star.
It is rightful for these stars to put their creative side in their songs. Label executives though considers it as a business and they want their artists to follow a formula. It is understandable that these artists will fight for their right, but they shouldn’t sound too whiny. They were perceived as biting the hands that fed them. Remember that the kind of music that established them as stars was lived by the fans and it was quite insulting if they go against it like looking down at the tastes of music their fans once loved from them.

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Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 (December 6, 2015)

It’s the last episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 before the finale next week. Last night, it has been a great episode from five celebrity performers who did very well with their performances. Three remaining celebrities performed tonight and they all did very well too.

Sam Concepcion as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake
“Love Never Felt So Good”
It might be said that Sam’s style might resemble with the two icons but it is never easy. Dancing like the two icons and singing like them is such a difficult job but Sam did very well again in this performance.

Myrtle Sarosa as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna
For the first time, Myrtle rapped and she did extremely well. She rapped like the rap queen though not too convinced with Rihanna. But Nicki Minaj impersonation is enough for me to say it is a great performance.

Eric Nicolas as Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
Eric did a decent performance as father and daughter, Nat King and Natalie Cole. The voices are okay, it’s just that the impersonation wasn’t given too much justice.

This week has been the best episodes (with last night) so far from Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2. Every performances were entertaining and exciting.
My top 10 for all the performances:
1. Michael Pangilinan
2. Sam Concepcion
3. Denise Laurel
4. Myrtle Sarosa
5. KZ Tandingan
6. Kakai Bautista
7. Kean Cipriano
8. Eric Nicolas

The results this week:
1. Michael Pangilinan
2. KZ Tandingan
3. Denise Laurel
4. Sam Concepcion
5. Myrtle Sarosa
6. Kakai Bautista
7. Kean Cipriano
8. Eric Nicolas

Since it’s the last episode, the top four would be announced. Nevertheless, there’s a tie so 5 celebrities will be go for the finals. Here are the top 5 celebrities who made to the finals:
Sam Concepcion
Kean Cipriano
KZ Tandingan
Michael Pangilinan (tie)
Denise Laurel (tie)

Congratulations to all who made it to the top 5 and of course to Michael Pangilinan who was this week’s winner.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 Finale will be next Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN 2.

Top R&B Hits 2010-2014

During this period, dance music has been dominating the charts but R&B is still doing well on its game.

Usher ft Will.i.am- OMG
In this song is a fusion of R&B, hip-hop and EDM. When in terms of sales, it’s the biggest selling single of Usher in his entire career. It was also his last chart-topping single.

Eminem and Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie
The team-up of Rihanna proved to be a good partnership when it sold more than 12 million according to estimates (from Wikipedia).

Nicki Minaj- Super Bass
Nicki Minaj came out with this catchy rap hit and eventually became the signature single from her.

Rihanna- Diamonds
This is a surprise sound from Rihanna from the usual she sounded the time of release. It was one of the biggest sellers during the year it was out.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Thrift Shop
The retro hip-hop sound might have helped the song propel to top of the charts. The lyrics is not the usual contemporary hip-hop you hear from the radio.

Justin Timberlake- Mirror
This song may have resemblance with his 2002’s “Cry Me a River” and the other song “What Goes Around” but it didn’t keep the song from doing well in the charts.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton- Can’t Hold Us
The duo made a huge follow-up for “Thrift Shop” through this song which has a catchy chorus, thanks to the contribution of Ray Dalton.

Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams and T.I.- Blurred Lines
Never mind about the infringement, this is still one of the biggest R&B and hip-hop hit during this period. It was also Robin Thicke’s biggest song ever.

Eminem and Rihanna- The Monster
The rapper and the singer teamed up again through this song which became the second chart-topper of the duo.

Iggy Azalea ft. Charlii XCX- Fancy
Iggy just became one of the top female rapper when this song came out and became big seller. The video also made an impact for its Clueless themed video.

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11 Memorable Songs About Cheating

I kept hearing songs from the radio about a guy or even a girl who talks about being cheated and that angst was written down against the cheater. Here are some of the songs which made a mark in music with this theme.

Beyonce- Irreplaceable
Beyonce is sending the man away along with his things and thinking she can replace the cheating man in the song. Oh well, it still hurts though.

Rihanna- Take a Bow
Rihanna hates a lying and giving a standing ovation for acting as the best liar. Well, this song is full of sarcasm for the cheating guy.

Justin Timberlake- Cry Me a River
This could have been believed as written for the then-pop princess Britney Spears. Justin just wants the girl to cry for him too.

Sam Smith- I’m Not the Only One
Sam believes he’s not the one but there’s another one too. It means there are two. Okay, it should be re-titled to “we are two”.

Alanis Morissette- You Oughta Know
Alanis still feels the pain and wants to remind the cheating guy about what he did for going for another girl.

Britney Spears- Womanizer
Britney might have been victimized by a womanizer. But she just made a revenge on the music video, oops!

Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts
How about a guy having a relationship with different women? This song is for you courtesy of Christina Perri for collecting hearts of women.

Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble
Taylor was known for writing her heartbreaks and this one goes for Harry Styles of the famous boyband One Direction.

Eminem and Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie
This is like another ‘love hurts’ themed track. This is one of the most heartbreaking song written.

Meghan Trainor- Lips are Movin’
Suspicion happens when the guy’s lips are moving. That’s what Meghan believes. Could this be true?

Adele- Rolling in the Deep
This is the most defining heartbreak song I heard. The scars are just so deep when you feel like you are fooled and your heart was crushed.

Top R&B Hits of 2005-2009

Trends in music may be slowly changing during this period but R&B music is still doing very well. They even topped the charts in several weeks even reaching 14 weeks by a song.

Mario- Let Me Love You
This breezy, subtle and midtempo R&B hit makes me listen to it as it is too peaceful for the ear. It has been Mario’s signature hit as it spent several weeks in the US chart and was a big hit elsewhere too.

Mariah Carey- We Belong Together
2005 is a big year for Mariah as she redeemed the throne after 2 flop records prior. This song made a mark on Mariah’s career after sitting for 14 weeks in the US as well as good performance in global charts.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
It seems this girls finally took the girlband throne which was vacated for a long time. This song served as an opener for Pussycat Dolls’ success as it was a mega-seller worldwide.

Beyonce- Irreplaceable
Beyonce’s success continues through this pop/R&B hit which was one of the hits that spent more than 10 weeks at the summit. It was also a success in several territories.

Ne-Yo- So Sick
The song that has become a formula by which similarities can be heard from hits of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, etc. The song topped major countries as US and UK.

Rihanna ft. Jay-Z- Umbrella
Rihanna may had big hits prior to this but this song has been career defining for her. It made her a superstar and this song was one of the modern hits then with a lot of cover versions.

Alicia Keys- No One
This midtempo R&B hit showcased the amazing vocals of Alicia Keys. It went on to become one of the biggest hits of 2008

Sean Kingston- Beautiful Girls
You might hear “Stand By Me” in this song and yes it is. This is one of the catchiest R&B hits if 2000s which made it spawn to the top globally.

Justin Timberlake ft. T.I.- My Love
I love how the synth, R&B beat and hip-hop was infused in this song. It went on to become the second consecutive chart-topper for JT.

Flo Rida ft. T-Pain- Low
One of the biggest hip-hop songs in 2000s, this was a breakthrough for Flo Rida. The song was the theme of the dance-inspired film “Step Up 2”.

Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love
After becoming a UK big seller, it broke the US market and became the top song of 2008 in terms of sales.

Madonna and Justin Timberlake- 4 Minutes
We rarely hear Madonna sing R&B songs but she pretty nailed it in this danceable R&B pop tune with Justin Timberlake. It turned into a global smash in 2008.

Rihanna- Take a Bow
Following the Ne-Yo formula, this R&B midtempo ballad from Rihanna immediately climbed to the top.

Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow
Black Eyed Peas settled for a 12-week reign this upbeat hip-hop, electronic and R&B hit which portrayed a big part for the group’s career.

Beyonce- Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Beyonce came out with this upbeat song which made a huge contribution in pop culture. It was one of the biggest R&B hits of all time.

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Reinvention and Transformation of Male Singers

Music artists come and eventually go. Many had officially stopped while others took hiatus and make comeback. Some of them never stopped singing (or rapping) because of their passion and love for their core. Thus, to maintain relevance, some of them reinvent themselves to look fresh and share something new to gain more fans, especially younger fans. Aside from their appearance, their music changes too to invite more listeners. Others follow the trend in music and leave their usual sound. Could it be male artists or a female, even groups, they do reinvent.

In this article, we’ll check some of the male artists who reinvented. It doesn’t matter if they succeeded or not. Check them below:

Michael Jackson

He may have been the reigning King of his time, Michael also did some major reinventions. During 1980s, we all seen him as a black guy, but starting in 1990s, his skin was totally whitened. He had undergone major transformation of his color. He maintained his look until his demise. With regards to his music, from the soul of Jackson 5 and earlier records, he went funkier from “Off the Wall” until “Bad”. In early 1990s, his music was more on new jack swing until he turned more pop and R&B later on. He remained one of the most iconic pop stars ever.


Eminem doesn’t have to transform his look to maintain his popularity. He looks the same since he started until his most recent music videos. With regards to his music, major reinvention was heard. He used to have comedic but controversial songs way back from his breakthrough release “Slim Shady LP” until his “Relapse” album. But with recovery, he turned more matured and serious. With the recent events in his life at that time, the album was more about that.

Justin Timberlake

From a teenybopper guy from boyband NSYNC, he went solo at early adult at “Justified”. With his sophomore album “Future Sex/Love Sounds”, his music sounds more matured including its lyrics. With his image at that time, he had trimmed hair which was believed by many, it has shown his sexiness. Recently with his album “20/20 Experience”, he went retro with black and white image in “Suit and Tie” and he had lengthy songs.

Justin Bieber

We first saw him as a very young guy with bubblegum pop and R&B sound with “My World”. As “Believe” took its turn, he is turning to adult stage and his music is slowly maturing, likewise his looks. With “Journals” it was pure and darker R&B. With his recent  single released “What Do You Mean” shows an adult Bieber with its EDM pop sound.


Rap-Sung Collaborations

It started out in the 90s when singers and rappers work together to form a song. A singer may invite a rapper for a rap part of a song or the other way around. Together, they can form a good melody which became a formula for a hit song.

Below is my list of 10 rap-sung collaborations:

10. Beyonce ft. Jay-Z- Crazy in Love

The couple first collaborated when Destiny’s Child appeared in Jay-Z’s song until the two worked together for “03 Bonnie & Clyde” (not on this list) and finally in this song, “Crazy in Love”. The horn sample dominates the entire song and the rap part is catchy and I can’t think how it’s like without it.

9. Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland- Dilemma

Nelly was known for catchy rapping. I mean his way of rapping creates melody especially heard in this song. Kelly Rowland’s part, though, made the song a bigger hit because of its melody.

8. Eminem & Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie

When bad boy rapper meets good girl gone bad singer, it will result to a great collaboration especially in a song about going through a difficult relationship. The huge collaboration resulted into huge success after achieving multi-platinum certification.

7. Fergie ft. Ludacris- Glamorous

What I love about this song is its smooth R&B sound. The rap is good enough to complete the song. Well, it just became Fergie’s second  number one hit.

6. Twista ft. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx- Slow Jamz

This became one of the rap/R&B hits in 2004. I liked the song when I first heard it on radio. The sampling of Luther Vandross’ song made it more effective.

5. Ja Rule ft. Ashanti- Always on Time

Ja Rule always made effective songs during 2000-2003. Her collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti were the most notable especially this song. Anyway, what made this song a hit was the catchy chorus.

4. Usher and Alicia Keys- My Boo

Many of you might think there’s no rapper in this song. Nevertheless, there’s rap part of the song done by Alicia Keys after Usher’s intro. It’s a beautiful mid-tempo love song that’s pleasing to listen to.

3. Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake- Where’s the Love?

Justin may not have been properly credited in this song but the chorus is the life of the song along with its wonderful lyrics. It eventually became huge back in 2003.

2. Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule- I’m Real (Remix)

The original version of the song is good but the remix version is better. I love how they sing and rap alternately in every line. It was huge at the charts back then.

1. Mariah Carey ft. ODB- Fantasy (Remix)

This is one of the biggest rap-sung collaboration of 1990s. It was also one of the first remixes of hip-hop and R&B. It proved that rap and singing can be effective in music industry.