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Siblings Group With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Hanson / The Corrs / Jonas Brothers

United States- Hanson may not had a number one album in United States, but they had 3 albums to reach the top 10. Their first mainstream album “Middle of Nowhere” only peaked at number 2 but it went 4x platinum by RIAA. Some of their works were independent releases which were they had started. AT least, most of their albums charted in Billboard 200.
United Kingdom- Hanson did well during their first year in mainstream music in United Kingdom. They scored 1 number 1 album with “Middle of Nowhere”, but none of their succeeding albums ever followed. None even went to top 10 afterwards, but most of those albums went top top 40.

The Corrs
United States- The Corrs never had a number 1 album in US, but 4 of their albums went to Billboard 200, which their most successful album album was “In Blue”, their first platinum album as they often get Gold Record from their other albums.
United Kingdom- The Corrs had been very successful in UK for scoring 2 number 1 albums. Those albums were, the BPI certified 9x platinum seller “Talk on Corners” and “In Blue”. They also achieved 2 number 2 albums which and 2 others went top 10.

Jonas Brothers
United States- Jonas Brothers is one of the biggest pop groups of their time. They had scored at least 2 number albums in the country with “A Little Bit Longer” and “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”. However, their biggest seller was their self titled album which went to top 5. They had four soundtrack albums which went to top 10, mostly were from Disney, including “Camp Rock” soundtracks, which both went to top 3. Their records went Gold Record and platinum too.
United Kingdom- Jonas Brothers never achieved a number 1 album in the country, but they had scored two top 10 albums, “Jonas Brothers” and “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”. They had top 20 records too, which some went Gold Record.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

Video: YouTube / The Corrs

Pop Groups that People Wanted to Have Reunion

I am a fan of music and I fell in love to the music of a lot of groups. As a music fan, I knew there were a lot there who are fans of groups too. I still follow such groups and see if they have something new to offer after their disbandment and ever wanted to reunite. Many fans still crave for these bands to make music again.

It might be impossible that the trio can reunite as a trio again. Sadly, that in early 2000’s, Lisa Lopes known as “Left Eye” passed away. She didn’t reach the point that their album “Girl Talk” was released, where she still has vocals, of course as a rapper. But fans still want the remaining two members to release new music. I think it is in the works.

Justin Timberlake had became a huge superstar but currently enjoying life out of the limelight as a father and a husband. When they had reunited in a perforance in VMA, fans looked back and wanted a reunion of the group since they took a hiatus and never heard back of new album since “Celebrity”.

Destiny’s Child
The two members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams shown up and performed with co-member Beyonce during the latter’s performance in Superbowl Halftime. It went fans to request the girls for a reunion album, yet, it didn’t happen.

Jonas Brothers
The guys has planned for an album released before, however, it was not released which frustrated a lot of fans. Maybe someday they will release a new one.

Spice Girls
They were the biggest pop group during 1990s and popularity was cut off when Ger Halliwell left the group. They had reunited in 2007 for a tour and a compilation album. But fans still wanted to see them back together. There were negotiations though for a reunion.

One Direction
It was just months ago when hiatus was announced but it seems fans are missing them and see them together again. Well, they recently had released the music video for “History”. While a reunion? It is still unlikely. Directioners though are hoping for the best.

Artists’ Comeback Trial

There were a number of successful artists attempted to make a comeback but it was a struggle to release new records. Competition is the major reason why these artists have a difficult time to come up with new projects. Since digital downloads and streaming is the trend in music nowadays, releasing digital singles without clear decision whether to put a new album. Eventually, few artists released an album. However, most of these artists’ attempt did not succeed.

Here are some of the artists who made a trial and released an album:

Mariah Carey

Despite being one of the biggest female artists ever, making a comeback for Mariah hasn’t been easy. The “Glitter” era was one of her disappointing moment which she made comeback for “Charmbracelet”  which also met with negative response from critics and fans. Nevertheless, she made a comeback in 2005 which she regained her superstar status. Two albums followed with underwhelming sales. Then recently, she tried releasing a single called “Triumphant” which eventually did not appear in her album. Her album was also postponed several times and until its released, it flopped.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez had a flop album called “Brave” in 2007. She is supposed to make a comeback but was shelved. She signed  to other record label and had successful comeback which was was heightened by the success of worldwide hit “On the Floor”. After her compilation album, she released “Live it Up ” which is intended for a new album. The single did not appear in the album (A.K.A.) which also flopped in sales.

The following were the artists who release singles, but without proper album:


She became huge when she took a brief break from Black Eyed Peas and released her multi-platinum seller “The Dutchess” and 5 multi-million selling singles. After huge comeback with Black Eyed Peas, she took a break from the limelight. Last year, she decided to release a new single called “L.A. Love (La, La) with anticipation from fans with a new album. The album was successful as it entered the Billboard top 20 and UK top 5, but did not reach the success of her past singles. An album was not released yet.

Gwen Stefani

Shortly after Fergie’s single release, Gwen Stefani also released her comeback single, the ska/ reggae infused “Baby Don’t Lie”. The song had a strong start but quickly dropped off the charts. She said she is still working for the new album but didn’t confirm if “Baby…” will be in it. Gwen had recently enjoyed her stint in The Voice.

Jonas Brothers

The siblings’ fans waited for a proper release of their album which was preceded by their single “Pom Poms”. In the end, the album was shelved and pursued solo projects. Its member Nick Jonas is currently enjoying his solo success.


Four notable Disney Princesses turned pop stars

These ladies were formerly role models for teenagers and pre-teens during their time. Their squeaky-clean image was admired by many, even adults. But these former Disney princesses has evolved into pop stars, which eventually took sexier image.


Hillary Duff

Her fame went via her Disney TV show “Lizzie McGuire” which ran for about 3 years. After its success, film adaptation was made, though, a modest hit. She starred in a number of Disney films and eventually, released several hit albums and multi-million selling records. She took long hiatus when she focused on her family. She made a comeback after her divorce and scored top 100 hits and top 5 album. Among Disney stars in this list, she’s the least controversial.


Selena Gomez

Selena became a Disney star after starring in several Disney programs including “Wizards of Waverly Place”, the most notable series she starred in.   She became more known when she turned a pop star through Selena Gomez & The Scene and ended as a solo star which scored her multiple top 10 albums and top 10 hits. Her relationship with Justin Bieber was well-publicized until their break up. Now, she followed the route of most pop stars when she took sexier image. She’s set to release her new album.


Demi Lovato

I think she’s the best vocalist among the 4 in this list. I have seen her before in Barney & Friends just like Selena Gomez, and apparently took the same route when she became a Disney star and pop star. She rose to popularity through “Camp Rock” TV movie alongside Jonas Brothers and scored multiple hits. She’s out with new single and turned sexy in her recent performances.


Miley Cyrus

Miley was undoubtedly the most successful Disney star, likewise the most controversial too. Her role as ” Hannah Montana” was among the most successful Disney programs. The movie version was also a blockbuster. Hannah Montana soundtracks were multi-platinum sellers too. Her comeback through “Bangerz” saw the raunchy and aggressive Miley Cyrus which was criticized by many, which even helped her sales surge. She maintained that sexual and raunchy image since her recent performance and hosting at the VMAs.

Song Reviews: Nick Jonas, Natalie La Rose, Ed Sheeran

Nick Jonas – Chains

After the huge hit “Jealous”, which became Nick’s breakthrough solo single after hitting the top 10 in many countries including major markets, US and UK, Nick released “Chains” as his second hit and was another US hit. “Chains” is a R&B song at mid-tempo with synths and drum beats. The song was epic and I never imagined he can pull such a song. It may be lyrically about in a difficult relation but it has its seducing way of pulling listeners to the song. He also even sounded a better vocalist than his brother Joe Jonas, who has been the main vocalist of their band. It also broke the one-hit wonder status for having two consecutive hits.

Rating: 8.5 of 10


Natalie La Rose – Somebody (ft. Jeremih)

She’s one of the breakout artists for 2015 after her first ever single “Somebody” broke the US top 10 and a higher peak in UK at number 2. The song is an R&B pop song and showed her dance move in the music video. It can also remind you of Whitney Houston in the music video since it pays homage to her apart from its interpolation of Houston’s big dance hit “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” back in the 1980s. The song’s catchy and can make you move with its R&B beats. It was a rare R&B sound now from what we here on the radio recently.

Rating: 8 of 10


Ed Sheeran – Photograph

After making everybody fall in love with “Thinking Out Loud”, Ed went more sentimental with this song “Photograph”. It started with guitar and then lyrics that’s touching and a melody and music video that will make you reminisce. The song has become a US top ten hit, his 3rd from sophomore effort “X” though a top ten hit in his hometown UK after a higher peaking “Bloodstream”.

Rating: 8 of 10


Most Notable Musical Siblings as Solo Artists

Talent runs inside the family. They may possibly become actors and actresses, or singers and musicians. They may choose the same career path like the first in the siblings has chosen. The list below were four most notable musical siblings that are solo artists.


Michael Jackson and younger sister Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson was formerly part of The Jackson 5 which eventually became The Jacksons. He became the most successful and popular “Jackson”, however, his sister, Janet Jackson, came close to superstardom with numerous number 1 and top 10 hits. Both of them did the same route, singing and dancing. They have such similar talents which generated them millions of fans and made the two pop legends. The two has proven their good relationship when Janet supported Michael through their song “Scream”. The song was written for the media who has been cruel to Michael during those years before the song was released. The year Michael died, Janet became like the spokesperson especially at the VMAs when they paid homage to the King of Pop.


Beyonce and Solange Knowles

When Beyonce was still with Destiny’s Child, her younger sister Solange Knowles has been supportive to her older sister even until Beyonce went solo. On one of Bey’s song and music video, Solange appeared along with Bey’s former groupmates, Kelly and Michelle. Time came when Solange entered the music industry too, however, her works received lukewarm reception. Last year, news broke out regarding Bey’s husband Jay-Z and Solange, which shows the latter his hitting the former. No clarification from any party about what happened though.


Britney Spears and Jamie Lyn Spears

During Britney Spears’ debut years, she’s always with her cute little sister and you can see how much Brit loves her sister. Recently, Jamie followed her sister when she entered the music industry. Nonetheless, she took the different route when she did country music. The Spears sisters were from Louisiana where country music was also popular.


Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas

Well, Kevin is not included because he never had a solo album. When the Jonas Brothers went hiatus, Joe Jonas released his first solo album which failed top ten entry. Nick Jonas formed his own band called Nick Jonas and the Administration which had moderate reception. Nick eventually released his solo project which scored him 2 big hits and a top 10 album. So far, he is the most successful solo Jonas.