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Recap November 22, 2015: Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2

The exciting episode continues in Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2. Now that the season is approaching its finale and we will soon see who will win this season, the competition is going intense. To add up to excitement, next week will be great week as the artists fron the first season will join and male a duet with the current season artists. Before going further, here are the performances during Sunday night’s episode.

Kean Cipriano as (and duet with) Joey Ayala of Bagong Lumad
Last week’s winner Kean Cipriano goes folk this week as he was commissioned to impersonate and perform with legendary Filipino folk singer Joey Ayala who was a former member of the band Bagong Lumad. Kean really looks Joey, and the voice was perfect. He deserved the standing ovation given by the three judges.

Michael Pangilinan as (and duet with) Joey Generoso of Side A
Michael does ballad this time and sang one of the most famous Filipino love songs “Forevermore”, which he performed with its lead singer Joey Generoso.There are instances when he got the voices of Joey G. and it is still a great performance. Though, he looks like a member of F4.

Denise Laurel as (and duet with) Jinky Vidal of Freestyle
To end all the performances, Denise performed as and alongside with Freestyle vocalist Jinky Vidal with the love song “So Slow”. It was one of Denise’s great performances.

With all the performances from Saturday, here’s my ranking:
1. Kean Cipriano
2. Sam Concepcion
3. Denise Laurel
4. Myrtle Sarosa
5. Michael Pangilinan
6. KZ Tandingan
7. Kakai Bautista
8. Eric Nicolas

This week’s result was rare as all of the judges decision and ranking is exactly the same. When the artists gave their three points each, it is a quadruple tie with Kean, KZ, Sam and Denise with the same scores. But as per the rules from the franchise, the decision for the winner goes to the judges. Since they have the same rankings, they had chosen Kean to be the winner. However, points are still the same. Here’s the final result:

1. Kean Cipriano (tie)
2. KZ Tandingan (tie)
3. Denise Laurel (tie)
4. Sam Concepcion (tie)
5. Michael Pangilinan
6. Myrtle Sarosa
7. Eric Nicolas
8. Kakai Bautista

Congratulations to Kean for back to back wins. Next week will be a great epeisode as the match up of season 1 and this season’s artists will be held.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 currently airs on ABS-CBN 2 every Saturday and Sunday night.