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Boybands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Take That /JLS / One Direction

Take That
United States- Take That tried to break American market during the latter part of their career in 1990’s but they never had a hit album there with only “Never Forget” which charted. Nevertheless, it only peaked at number 69.
United Kingdom- Take That had successful career both in 1990’s and 2000’s. In 1990’s, they had 3 number 1 albums. They were “Everything Changes” (their second album), “Never Forget”, and their compilation album “Greatest Hits”. However, the group achived more success with their comeback and reunion in 2000’s. Those albums were “Beautiful World” (their biggest seller ever), “The Circus”, “Progress”, “III”, and the extended play “Progressed”. Take That, thus, the most successful boyband ever in United Kingdom, not even the worldwide successful One Direction.

United States- JLS attempted to release records in America but never pushed through as a single released never charted.
United Kingdom- The R&B boy group did well in their own country, United Kingdom, which their debut album also called “JLS” went to number 1. The album was a big seller which BPI certified it with 4x platinum. Their other albums went to top 5.

One Direction
United States- One Direction became the biggest boyband to hit America this 2010’s. They had four consecutive number 1 albums. “Up All Night” was their first album which became a number 1 album and multiplatinum. “Take Me Home” was as successful as well. It was followed by “Midnight Memories” which was their fastest seller. Then “FOUR” which was their last number 1 album. “Made in the A.M.” failed from number 1 which only settled at second after a battle with Justin Bieber.
United Kingdom- One Direction failed to top the albums chart with their first album, just peaking at number 2. However, their succeeding albums “Take Me Home”, Midnight Memories”, “FOUR”, and “Made in the A.M.”, all went to number one.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia
Video from YouTube / OneDirectionVEVO

10 Songs With “Everybody”

“Everybody” pertains to people, and in songs, it was mere about telling people to do things. It was also used to inviting people or what they do

R.E.M.- Everybody Hurts
This is a very emotional song and was one of my favorite 1990s ballad. When “everybody” hurts, we just have to consider people. The song was one of the known songs of the band which reached top 10 in countries. It’s music video has been popular too.

Backstreet Boys- Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Backstreet Boys became popular as this song which serves as a come back song for a new album (internationally) went multi-platinum worldwide. It just asks “everybody” to rock their body.

C+C Music Factory- Gotta Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
One of the most notable electronic dance track in early 1990s, this song has no real meaning but just invites “everybody” to dance. According to Billboard, it went to number 1 in Hot 100.

Tears for Fears- Everybody Wants to Rule the World
This is one of the best “everybody” songs I knew. The message is clear in the title alone The New Wave song ruled the world charts in the 80’s and even had Lorde do her own cover.

5ive- Everybody Get Up
The song is just one of the introductory songs of the boyband and invites “everybody” to get up. The song was a big hit in their hometown, UK.

JLS- Everybody in Love
Back to back with another UK boyband, this R&B “everybody” song for those in love went to UK number 1.

Madonna- Everybody
Before Madonna, became very popular, this song was released which may not be a hit, but known as a dance hit. It asks everybody to dance.

John Legend- Everybody Knows
Just another sad love song which “everybody” knows that no one knows. It charted in Billboard R&B charts.

Keane- Everybody’s Changing
This song is one of my favorite Keane song. It was a top ten hit in their home country, UK, but also charted in many countries. It’s like you cannot catch up as “everybody” is changing.

5 Seconds of Summer- Hey Everybody!
A pop rock song from the Aussie guys which performed modestly. It’s just telling ‘hey’ to “everybody”. It was just released recently.

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