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Music 10 J’s: Janet Jackson to Just Lose It

1. Janet Jackson
She was one of the top female artists ever with multi-platinum albums. Being a sister of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, she didn’t relied on him to succeed. She became successful on her own.

2. Just Give Me a Reason
Pink collaborated with Fun. lead singer Nate Ruess in this song which produced a masterpiece. It is one of the best pop tunes during the recent years by two great vocalists.

3. James Morrison
He is a British male singer who came out with the hit “You Give Me Something”. He has a raspy yet soulful voice. I love listening to his music like the songs “You Make It Real” and “Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore”.

4. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
Pussycat Dolls sang this song which produced and featured Indian musician A.R. Rahman. The song was Indian inspired and sound very catchy. It was also the theme song of “Slumdog Millionaire”.

5. Jennifer Lopez
Aside from being a great actress, Jennifer Lopez is a singer too and one of the top female singers since 2000. And of course, she is a great dancer. I think she is one of the top singers and dancers at the same time.

6. Jealous
This is the first official big hit by Nick Jonas. The song has been in the top 10 in many countries. According to him, it is dedicated to her girlfriend then Olivia Culpo. Hhmmm. Well, it is a catchy track.

7. Joss Stone
She is a UK soul singer and I really love her voice. It’s like she is singing for me and serenading me when listening to her songs.

8. Jessie J.
She is a British pop star which had recent hit songs such as “Price Tag” and “Bang Bang” (with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj). She also has a great voice, and a good songwriter too.

9. Jackie
An album from R&B singer Ciara. It included the R&B hit “I Bet”. It is a good album, but the first album sounds even better.

10. Just Lose It
It is a song by rapper Eminem. In this song, you can hear how Em dissed the King of Pop Michael Jackson. It was featured from the album “Encore”.


Video from YouTube / JamesMorrisonVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “On The 6” by Jennifer Lopez

On the 6 (album)
Jennifer Lopez took her chance to make music aside from being a successful actress. Her debut album “On the 6” has proven she can be a good singer too, though not to Mariah Carey level, but she can sing and even a good dancer. The album had lots of dance tracks, latin sounds, R&B, and pop. It became a hit as it peaked inside the top 10 in United States with 3x platinum cettifications from RIAA. It was a platinum record by BPI in United Kingdom.

If You Had My Love
“If You Had My Love” was the first official single by Jennifer Lopez. It is a nice R&B pop song which Jennifer Lopez showcased her dance skills on its music video. The song was a global smash when it reached number 1 or top 10 in numerous countries. It became her first number 1 in the US and first top 10 in UK.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

No Me Ames (with Marc Anthony)
“No Me Ames” was the released as B-side for Jennifer Lopez’s single “If You Had My Love”. The song was a number 1 hit in Latin charts.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Waiting for Tonight
“Waiting for Tonight” was the second official single from “On the 6”. It is a disco track with pop and latin elements. It is one of the best track from the album as it is not just catchy, but it’s also a good party track for the upcoming new millenium at that time. It was a worldwide hit again and made Jennifer Lopez not just a one-hit wonder, as it reached top 10 in United States and UK, also at the rest of the world.
Rate: 9.0 out of 10

Feeling So Good
“Feeling So Good” was the third single from Jennifer Lopez’s debut album. Jennifer Lopez went hip-hop this time which featured rappers Big Pun and Fat Joe. The song performed moderately as it only reached number 51 in United States. It is a bigger hit in UK as it settled at 15.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Let’s Get Loud
“Let’s Get Loud” has been the B-side single for “Feeling So Good”. The latin elements on the song was perfect. It charted well in some countries.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

Video from YouTube /JenniferLopezVEVO

Female Singers With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Pink / Jennifer Lopez / Christina Aguilera

United States- Pink was being one of the top female artists in the US. Despite her success, she only scored one number 1 album. It was her last album called “The Truth About Love”. That album has been certified 2x platinum by RIAA. Pink has scored total of six top 10 albums and her biggest seller was”Missundaztood” which reached number 6 but was certified 5x platinum by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Pink did very well in United Kingdom In fact, she is one of the most successful female artists there since 2000. However, only “Funhouse” went to number 1 which BPI certified with 4x platinum. She had other 5 albums went to top 5.Her top seller was also “Missundaztood” which peaked at number 2 and was certified 6x platinum.

Jennifer Lopez
United States- Jennifer Lopez was very successful in United States which started in 1999, her debut in mainstream music. She only scored two number 1 albums though with “J.Lo” as her first and with most sales after certified by RIAA with 4x platinum. Her second charttopping album was “J to tha L.O! The Remixes”. She had a total of 8 top 10 albums in the US.
United Kingdom- Jennifer Lopez did well in United Kingdom where she scored 5 top 10 albums, but failed to score a number 1 album. Her biggest seller in UK was “This is Me… Then” despite onoy reaching number 13. It was certified double platinum by the BPI.

Christina Aguilera
United States- Christina Aguilera started as a teenybopper and  quickly received success with her self-titled debut album. She had a total of six top 10 albums by which two went to number 1. Her self-titled album was the first, and then “Back to Basics”. “Christina Aguilera” album was reportedly 8x platinum by RIAA. Her second biggest seller was the number 2 album “Stripped” which was 4x platinum.
United Kingdom- Christina Aguilera scored two number 1 albums in United Kingdom. Her first has been “Back to Basics” and followed by “Bionic”. The latter was a low seller though. Her most successful album in the country has been “Stripped” which was certified 6x platinum by BPI.

Credits: Billboard / OCC  / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / PinkVEVO

Concert Ticket Prices

It seems concert ticket prices of foreign artists are very high. Recently, the Queen of Pop, Madonna just held her “Rebel Heart Tour” concert in the Philippines. The highest ticket price of her concert stands at PhP 57,750 which is more than $1,200. While general admission tickets costed more than PhP 3,000, equuvalent to $60+. It served as the most expensive concert ticket price in the Philippines by a foreign artist. And due to insistent public demand, the show was held in the country for two nights! It is the first time for Madonna to come and do a concert in the Philippines. She never came to the country decades ago knowing her sexual songs and image, that she might not be allowed to come. It took more than 3 decades of her career to finally come here, that’s why fans doesn’t mind the ticket price just to see her concert.

Looking back 20 years ago, another high-profile artist in the name of Michael Jackson held his concert in the country too. The ticket price was too high, though, it was half of Madonna’s recent concert. But converting it after the inflation, then the ticket price with Madonna’s concert is close. If Michael Jackson is still here and went to the country for a concert, then that might be too expensive too.

When Jennifer Lopez came to the country, VIP ticket price is also high. It ranged more than $500 or more than PhP 25,000. That’s similar to the last concert of Beyonce in the country too.

Last year, another high-profile concert was held too. It was the UK Ireland boyband One Direction. The ticket price was about PhP 17,000 or more than $360. Due to demands and request of fans, the show was extended to two nights. However, the concert doesn’t include Zayn Malik who went back home due to stress. After few days, he announced his departure from the group.

It seems high-profile artists demand high concert tickets. That’s because of their marketability. In the near future, there were more international artists coming to the country and expect high ticket prices.

Female Singers Who Were Featured in Several Singles

Female singers oftentimes used to fill a song especially in love songs or rap/sung singles. Some of these female artists has been in demand. Check them below:

Beyonce has been featured a number of times in songs. In her discography, she has been featured more than 10 times. The most popular song which she was featured was Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” which hit number one in some countries. Her collaboration with hubby Jay-Z, “03 Bonnie and Clyde” was a top 10 hit in many countries.

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson’s career is still going on its 4th decade and she scored a lot of her own hits. However, she has been featured more than 10 times in songs too, which the most notable ones were Michael Jackson’s “Scream” and “What It’s Gonna Be” with rapper Busta Rhymes.


Christina Aguilera
There’s a time when Christina Aguilera was featured in one song to another. Aside from her own hits, she has scored hits along with other singers’ own singles. Her memorable songs as featured artists were Ricky Martin’s “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely” and “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5, which the latter is a number one hit worldwide.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez had a string of hits worldwide as her own, but she had more than 10 singles as featured artist. Most of these songs were from fellow Latinos, but her biggest featured single was “Control Myself” by LL Cool J.

Alicia Keys
With her talent and success with her career, Alicia Keys was often invited to duet with other artists. She had more than 10 songs which she shared her vocals with and the biggest hit was Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”.

Rihanna had a lot of number one hits already as a solo artist. She also had hits as solo artists and most of the songs she was featured were hits or had charted. Some of these songs even went to number 1. The most successful collaboration she was featured was both a song Eminem, “Love the Way You Lie” and “The Monster”.

During the early days of her singing career, she had hit songs as featured artist and most of these songs went to the top 10. She was featured in more than 10 songs and the most popular were Ja Rule’s singles “Always on Time” and “Mesmerize”, and the other song which is “What’s Luv?” by Fat Joe.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Songs that are more popular on YouTube than as a single- 2 (Hundreds of million views)

If there are videos with billions of views of YouTube which were more popular as a single, there are those with views of hundreds of millions too. Here’s my compilation of these songs.

Psy- Gentleman
After the super viral hit “Gangnam Style”, Psy came out with this song which was expected to follow the success of “Gangnam”. However, this song was less successful but still a hit. The music video was viewed over 920 million times, but it reached the top 10 in singles charts in limited countries. Still, it reached the top 20 in majority of countries it was released.

Romeo Santos- Propuesta Indecente
The music video of the song exceeded 880 million in views but its success in music charts is limited. Knowing it’s a Spanish song, views was accumulated from Spanish speaking countries.

Don Omar ft. Lucenzo- Danza Kuduro
The song has been a hit in Spanish speaking countries but didn’t make much impact in other countries. But the music video is one of the most viewed with already more than 750 million views.

Ellie Goulding- Burn
Ellie Goulding used to have lots of views in her music video. The music video of this song is her second biggest after “Love Me Like You Do”, with over 730 million. The song was a top 10 hit single in many countries including number one in UK. But in the US, it peaked at number 13, based from Bilboard.

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull- Dance Again
After the successful team up with the song “On the Floor”, the two artists collaborated again. The music video was a hit reaching more than 350 million in views. However, the song failed to peaked inside the top in US and UK. It went to top 10 in a few countries.

Wisin and Yandel ft. Jennifer Lopez- Follow the Leader
The video garnered over 320 million in views but was less popular in the charts. In many countries, it performed moderately. Well, at least it has been a video hit.

Wisin featuring Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez- Adrenalina
The music video has accumulated over 490 millions in views, thanks to Wisin’s collaborators Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. However, the song failed to enter the top 10 in many countries, except some Spaniah countries where it was a hit.

Rebecca Black- Friday
Who will forget Rebecca Black? She became known for the song “Friday” which became viral but met with negative reviews. The music video has earned more dislikes than likes and Rebecca became a subject of cyber bullying after this song. Despite going viral with 160 million views before being removed and re-uploaded in YouTube, it failed in the charts not making it to the top 40.

Credits to YouTube / Wikipedia

Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (2000-2004)

Music is still very much alive from 2000-2004, however, album sales was seen on its decline. This was due to the rise of digital music and piracy. Still, we saw the trends in music with the rise of new artists, as well as trends in genres.

First-week million sales
It has been a phenomenon in music to sell one million copies in just one week. The record breaker for a long time was set on first quarter of 2000 when NSYNC broke sales with 2.4 million US sales. That same year, Eminem broke more than 1.7 million for “Marshall Mathers LP, Britney Spears second LP “Oops… I Did It Again” with more than 1.3 million and Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water” with more than 1 million. Several artists this era reached a million in first week like Usher, Norah Jones and Backstreet Boys (had two albums with Millenium from 1999). NSYNC held the second place for a long time to with “Celebrity” with 1.8 million plus, and another album from Eminem.

Boybands going hiatus
Boybands enjoyed their peak during 1995-1999. They started the new millenium with a bang, but as 2002 started, boybands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC took hiatus. European boybands continued though like Westlife and Blue.

Going solo
As boybands and girlbands go hiatus, many members of those groups went solo. NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake achieved success with his debut. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys though had limited success. While Beyonce of Destiny’s Child had her superstardom began in 2004.

Young female stars going sexy
We also saw the young female stars going sexier this era. Britney Spears left her role model image as she has gone sexy in her third album. Christina Aguilera is very notable though as she has shown her dirtiest image in 2002 with her video “Dirrty” and her breakout album “Stripped”.

Young female pop/rock stars
In 2002, Avril Lavigne rocked the charts with her debut album “Let Go”. Despite Michelle Branch first came out, she was not credited for the rise of pop/rock music. Vanessa Carlton had platinum success with her debut album, while Jennifer Love Hewitt released a pop/rock album. We also saw Hillary Duff and Ashley Simpson followed the pop/rock genre.

Rock bands
Rock has become a very popular genre in 2000 with the success of Limp Bizkit. Linkin Park became victorious too who scored the biggest selling rock album of the decade with “Hybrid Theory” and a huge second album “Meteora”. Nickelback, Coldplay and Creed became successful this era too.

R&B music
R&B music has been on its peak when year 2000 begun. It was led by Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Beyonce and others. Even pop stars incorporated R&B in their music.

Hip-hop music
Hip-hop music scene is very much alive this era too. We saw the success of Eminem, Nelly and Ja Rule, as well as the introductory of Chingy, 50 Cent and others.

Remixes has been popular too this era. It started when Jennifer Lopez topped the charts with “I’m Real” which led to the release of her remix album. The album set record when it went to number one. Other successful remix albums were from P. Diddy and Linkin Park.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (1995-1999)

In music, there are different kinds of styles that are often followed by other artists. As it becomes a trend, new artist will come out in the same genre or style, or even established artists follow suit.

From 1995-1999, there are a lot changes in mainstream music world. Pop music has been dominating the era as new artists came out and putting those established artists behind. Here are some of the trends and cliches from 1995 to 1999.

Female rockers
In 1995, Canadian singer Alanis Morissette dominated the record sales off her hit album “Jagged Little Pill”. With her success, other female artists doing pop/rock released some records. Sheryl Crow may had success with her debut album, but it was just a light album. Her second album sounded edgier apparently in her song “If It Makes You Happy”. On late 1997, Natalie Imbruglia released her first album “Left Off the Middle, and her 1998 single “Big Mistake” sounds like an Alanis song.

Different boybands existed like mushrooms from 1995-1999. Some bands though, failed to attain success. The most popular boyband this era was Backstreet Boys, while in Europe and Asia, Boyzone and others, did well too. In 1999, Irish boyband Westlife scored 3 UK number one hits which led to further successes. NSYNC achieved success in 1999 especially in US.

Girl Power phrase / Girl groups
British girl pop group Spice Girls became the most relevant artist during this era which their success was compared to The Beatles. However, the group took hiatus too early after Geri bidded goodbye. Girl power remains a relevant phrase until now. Girl groups though became a trend too. We heard and seen another UK girl group All Saints. Despite their edgy sound, they followed the Spice Girls as the second top girl group at that time, eventhough the Spice’s success was miles apart from them. Other girl groups who had short success were She Moves, Solid Harmonie, etc.

Movie Soundtrack Hits
Songs from a motion picture has become a trend in 1998 after Celine Dion’s hit from Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On”. Other soundtrack hits whicg followed suit were Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” from “City of Angels”, Marc Anthony and Tina Arena “I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You”, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”, which became second most successful soundtrack in 1999.

Teen female stars
In 1999, we saw the success of Britney Spears from her album and singles. She eventually became one of the biggest female artist of all-time. After her success, Christina Aguilera topped the charts worldwide too. Then we saw the birth in music of Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore.

Latin music
Latin music became a trend again as we saw Ricky Martin climbs the chart in 1998, and popularity heightened in 1999 with his first English album. We also the success of Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. All of these three artists achieved success with millions of records sold.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Artists With Successful Debut 1995-1999

For many music artists, starting or entering the music industry is very difficult to make a good shot. There were other artists who did very well with their first single but turned out as one-hit wonder. However, there were artists who did very well with this debut single and their album did well too.

Since 1995, there were some artists which did very well with their first albums. Some had maintained their success but not everyone did well in their succeeding releases. Most in the list below were pop artists, do there were those with rock and R&B sound. Pop music just had a major change with bubblegum pop rose to popularity.

Alanis Morissette
Alanis may already had releases back then in her own country, her first album internationally became the biggest selling album by a newcomer. Based on estimates listed in Wikipedia, her debut album “Jagged Little Pill” became a record setter as it sold about 33 million. Her second album went #1 too but due to changes in music landscaped, it sold below than predecessor.

The Fugees
The Fugees is leading the hip-hop scene in 1996 via “The Score” album. It was multi-platinum worldwide when it became one of the biggest sellers in 1996, which was also assisted by their successful cover of “Killing Me Softly”. They haven’t released a follow-up after that.

Spice Girls
Spice Girls led the music scene during this era because of their contribution not just through record sales but also in pop culture. Their debut album “Spice” was believed with sales of 30 million (according to Wikipedia) scored 4 UK number 1s and 3 US top 5s. Their second album was very successful as well, though, it became their last studio album when Geri Halliwell departed from the group.

The Hanson brothers priorly released independent albums but success came in 1997 when their first mainstream album “Middle of Nowhere” went multi-platinum by which its success was attributed to the stellar hit “Mmmbop”. Despite their success, no other albums from them became as successful.

Savage Garden
The Australian duo scored success with debut single “I Want You”, however, bigger succeed came with the ballad “Truly, Madly, Deeply” when it settled to the top. The album then caught up in sales and became one of the top sellers of 1998.

The cartoonish songs and videos of Danish pop group Aqua made them very popular. Apart from “Barbie Girl” which had estimated 8 million in sales helped their first LP “Aquarium” go multi-platinum worldwide. They also had multiple hit songs for the album. However, their second album was just moderately successful.

All Saints
The four-piece British girl group was said to be the rival of Spice Girls, though, success of the Spices was never matched by All Saints. Still, they became successful with their self-titled album which went multi-platinum in UK and Europe. It received a platinum award from RIAA which helped the album’s status after the hit “Never Ever”. Their second album had limited success.

Natalie Imbruglia
Natalie Imbruglia became a household name with her global smash “Torn”. Her album “Left of the Middle” became as successful with platinum and multi-platinum successes elsewhere. It took several years for her to release her second album which was less successful.

Lauryn Hill
Despite the success of The Fugees, the members of the group pursued solo careers like Lauryn Hill did. Her debut album ” The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill had multi-million sales which was preceded by her successful hip-hop jam “(Doo Wop) That Thing”. She never released a studio album after that.

Britney Spears
It was 1999 when young female pop artists became popular which was first led by Britney Spears. Her song “…Baby One More Time” was extremely popular as well her album with the same title. The album estimatedly sold 30 million as claimed according to Wikipedia. She became a legend with her prolonged success and her succeeding albums went multi-platinum and had multiple number 1 albums.

Christina Aguilera
Coming from the same genre with Spears when she released her first album, Christina Aguilera was believed as Spears’ closest competitor. Christina never failed as her debut single went to number one worldwide. Her self titled album, according to the number of sales in her website, had sold 17 million which is a hefty amount of records. She had successful album right after too.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez became famous with her single “If You Had My Love” which spent several weeks at number 1. Her album “On the Six” became multi-platinum. She remained successful with all her other albums.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Memorable Dance Sequences in Music Videos

We rarely see singers nowadays doing their dance sequences on their music videos. A decade ago, most artists inserts dance sequences on their videos which was adorn by many due to the artists’ skills. This is to pay homage to best dancers and singers at the same time.

Beyonce- Run the World (Girls)
The video was known for its heavy choreography. The dance movements which starts with moving her shoulders and known for usage of tap dance inspired some artists performing on TV. The song may performed moderately in the charts but it played a big influence in music.

Backstreet Boys- Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
It’s horror theme was inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” had a extended dance sequence version. The steps are simple but it is well remembered.

Britney Spears- …Baby One More Time
She was adorn through her talent as singer and a dancer (some may disagree due to her frequent lip synching) and this video is her earliest hit. She’s really a good dancer if you have seen this video for the first time since it is loaded with dance moves.

Usher- Yeah!
I once thought Usher as to be the next Michael Jackson of his talent in dancing, however, his success was not sustained. In this video, we saw his skills and I love how laser light is flashing during the dance sequence.

Michael Jackson- Thriller
This is one of the earliest videos with great dance sequence. The zombie steps had a great influence on a Backstreet Boys video, and considered as one of the best videos of all time.

Jennifer Lopez- If You Have My Love
This is the first ever video of Jennifer Lopez and she had showcased her skills as in the video, where there’s extended dance sequence. She doesn’t even need dancers in the sequence as she did it alone.

NSYNC- Bye, Bye, Bye
The choreography in the video is iconic due to its steps like with strings on their hands being controlled. Such formula was taken for their next song “It’s Gonna Be Me”.

Janet Jackson- Rhythm Nation
The choreography makes it her most iconic in music and considered Janet Jackson as one of the best dancer-singer. It’s military theme, dancing with a chair and some steps influenced other artists in their music videos.

Beyonce- Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Considered as one of the best videos ever (became a Video of the Year awardee in VMA), it is just a simple video with plain background. What makes this video iconic is in fact is its simplicty. She danced from the beginning to the end of the video, only with three dancers and an amazing choreography.

Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson- Scream
I picked this as number one because it showcased the siblings’ great talent in dancing and not because it is the most expensive music video ever. It’s sci-fi theme is good but I love their dance sequence.