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10 Songs With “Want”

“Want” is often use in songs which is about “wanting” the person or love. To check some songs, here are some of the 10 songs with “want”. It also includes “wants” or “wanna” as it has the same thoughts.

Sheryl Crow- All I Wanna Do
You don’t “want” to do anything except having fun. This fun song from Sheryl Crow became one of her biggest songs as it peaked at second spot in Hot 100, according to Billboard.

Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Girls just “wants” to do what they “want” to do because they just “want” to have fun. This track went to number 2 in US and UK and became one of the most famous tracks of 1980’s as well as becoming a popular phrase for women.

Aerosmith- I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
You just “want” to be with the one you love every moment and not to miss a single thing. This ballad was a tearjerker for the hit film “Armageddon” and became Aerosmith’s biggest hit ever.

Ace of Base- All that She Wants
It’s about giving all what the girl wants. This song first brought the group to the top of the charts gaining milestone in the charts worldwide.

Savage Garden- I Want You
You “want” someone but unsure if you need him/her. This song was the debut hit from the group which made an impressive top 5 entry in their country, Australia and US. It performed well in Asia too.

Backstreet Boys- I Want it That Way
One of the most popular “want” songs, just do things that way. This song may lack a real meaning but became Backstreet Boys’ biggest song ever.

Jason Derulo- Want to Want Me
You “want” your partner to “want” you too, hhmmm… Sounds like asking for demand. This song became another big hit for Derulo where it topped the UK singles.

NSYNC- I Want You Back
The girl left and you “want” her back like she’s the only thing you wbat to have. This has been a debut hit from the successful boyband.

Cher Lloyd- Want U Back
Like when you “want” someone back, makes you “wanna” UH! This song has become Lloyd’s biggest US hit.

Christina Aguilera- What a Girl Wants
Girls make demands and “wants” to get what they “want”. After the huge success of “Genie in a Bottle”, this one followed to become a big hit for Aguilera.

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R&B Hits and Saxophones

I turned on the FM radio when two songs played consecutively with saxophone parts being emphasized. Yes, we heard saxophone recently from pop songs from Katy Perry like “Last Friday Night” and Lady Gaga’s hit “Edge of Glory”. But the lists here were those R&B songs with saxophone parts. Honestly, I found these songs very similar because of saxophone but it was very effective because it is the most remembered parts of the songs.

Jennifer Lopez-Get Right
Rewinding back 10 years ago, we heard this tune from Jennifer Lopez from radio and music videos. It was also used by NBA. And what can you remember from this song? Saxophone which you can hear from the very start of the song. It turned to be a big hit worldwide while peaked lower in the States. By the way, yhe usage of saxophone was a sample from a song.

Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty
This is one of the memorable tunes with saxophone parts which was heard in every chorus. Just like “Get Right”, the song also featured a sample. It turned out to be a huge hit worldwide including top 3 position stateside

Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea- Problem
If you think this song and “Talk Dirty” was created by the same writers and producers, then you are wrong. When the song was released and I heard it on YouTube, “Talk Dirty” came to my mind. Saxophone was first heard at the beginning of the song then Iggy started to talk. The song became of the best sellers of 2014.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
This has been Fifth Harmony’s breakthrough hit elsewhere, thanks to the saxophone part. It is the most distinct part of the song and yes, one of its creators also co-wrote “Talk Dirty”.

Redfoo- New Thang
This song came out last year but I just heard it this year. It’s been receiving heavy airplays in FM radios and heard as background in variety shows. Saxophone is the most distinct part of this song. Well, it’s no different from the songs mentioned above. The song has catchy chorus part though.

Why do artists have to mention their names in their songs?

I just crossed to a song on a FM radio station which they played the latest song from Madonna (with profanity in it) and her name was mentioned several times in that song, no doubt it’s the title of the song. It’s like she is introducing herself knowing she has been the greatest female artist in the history when in terms of sales, longevity, contribution to the pop culture and a lot more.

Going back to the songs with the artists’names often mentioned, it reminded me of my related who once expressed his disgust to Jason Derulo, who almost mention his name in his songs at the beginning. I could not blame my cousin, almost all of the songs that I heard from Jason Derulo, he mentioned his name, lol! Pitbull also came to my mind, well, they have nice names and they were proud of him, PERHAPS, lol!

Anyway, not only the two artists mentioned did that. They were actually a lot. Never mind the rappers, because they often do that. Lady Gaga mentioned “Gaga” on her song “Bad Romance”. It may not be her entire name (Lady Gaga) but it is pertaining to her. In the song “We Can’t Stop”, Miley mentioned “dancing with Miley”. Britney Spears also mentioned her name in a number of her songs.

It’s not new that we hear the names of artists in their songs as it existed before. During 1990s, either Mariah Carey’s name or initials were mentioned in her songs, even Janet did in 1980s (remember “Nasty”?). Even pop groups did. Backstreet Boys introduced themselves in their debut single “We’ve Got it Goin’ On” and did it again with the famous “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. Spice Girls also emphasized their success through “Spice Up Your Life” and mentioned their individual names in “Wannabe” and non-released tracks. Well, it’s part of music industry!

Well, I made this list why names were mentioned in many songs: (Disclaimer: this is no serious)

1. Lots of people are forgetful, the artists were just reminding everyone.

2. To prove that’s their song. It is a protection that their song won’t be stolen.

3. If you heard their song and you don’t know who it is, you just heard them.

4. When Jason Derulo says “Jason Derulo”, well it does mean it’s not “Chris Brown”.

Sounds didn’t make sense? Well, sorry but I got nothing more to say. 🙂