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Music 10 I’s: Idina Menzel to I Do Not Hook Up

1. Idina Menzel
She is actually a broadway actress and singer. Her name became more known through the film “Frozen” which her voice was used for Queen Elsa. She also performed the multi-million selling single “Let It Go”.

2. Intensive Care
An album by Robbie Williams distributed in 2005. My favorite track from it was “Random Act of Kindness.

3. In the End
This is a song by one of my favorite bands Linkin Park. It was taken from their debut album “Hybrid Theory” and it was also their most successful single released ever.

4. Iggy Azalea
She is a rapper from Australia who achieved fame recently. Her album “The Classics” was a hit, and she had hit singles too like “Fancy” with Charlii XCX and “Black Widow” with singer Rita Ora.

5. I Believe I Can Fly
This is a beautiful ballad being played for the Michael Jordan film “Space Jam”. It can also be considered as R. Kelly’s most popular song. It’s inspiring message made it to be one of the most performed songs in singing competitions.

6. In the Lonely Hour
This is the first album by British pop and soul singer Sam Smith. It was a Grammy award winner, and produced hits such as “Stay With Me” and another ballad “I’m Not the Only One”.

7. Iyaz
Iyaz is a recording artist which was heard for the hit singles as “Replay” and “Solo”. He also collaborated with Filipino singer Charice for the song “Pyramid”.

8. I Can’t Make You Love Me
This is a song originally performed by Bonnie Raitt. It is a beautiful ballad which Adele performed on one of her shows. Filipino singer Nina covered the song too.

9. Insomniac
That was the second mainstream album by the band Green Day. It was released as a follow-up to “Dookie”. It was successful but not as bug as “Dookie”.

10. I Do Not Hook Up
Kelly Clarkson came out with this song which was a top 20 hit. It was a follow-up to her previous hit “My Life Would Suck Without You” for the album “All I Ever Wanted”.

Video from YouTube / RKellyVEVO