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Yearend Special: Top Groups of 2015

Music groups or bands colors the music industry which was led by solo artists. This year, groups or bands did a pretty good contribution in music too, here are some of them:

One Direction
One Direction can easily be declared as the top group this year. With “FOUR” released last November and secured multi-platinum status this year along with 2 top 40 songs, the British lads continued the streak despite Zayn left the group turning into quartet. They had released “Made in the A.M.” which already reached more than a million and two top 10 singles.

Maroon 5
Adam Levine’s group is doing very well. With “Maps” and the euphemism infused track “Animals”, their pop hit “Sugar” is one of the biggest singles this 2015.

Fifth Harmony
The girls are working really hard and despite a huge online fanbase, they failed a top 40 hit before until they made it this year through “Worth It”. It came from their top 5 album “Reflections”.

Florence and the Machine
The indie pop rock band led by Florence Welch had a cool sound this year with “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” which topped the albums chart recently.

Imagine Dragons
The band was one of the top rock bands during the recent years,and they did it again when they topped the rock charts with new effort.

50 Seconds of Summer
The young guys from Australia were back with their “Sounds Good Feels Good” album few weeks ago which had great sales and easily climbed to the top of LP charts.

Mumford and Sons
Fron the raw sound of folk to more electric rock with “Wilder Mind”, the band from UK didn’t fail to reach the summit of albums chart.

The acapella group is doing well not just with their videos but they also outsold Demi Lovato with their self-titled album as it was number 1 recently.

Walk the Moon
The band became known this year with “Shut Up and Dance” which was one of the biggest songs this 2015.

The indie pop rock band hit the top 20 during the second half of last year and they scored their second top 40 this top 20 with “Bright”.

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Yearend Special: Top Rock Albums of 2015

Rock music may not be as huge as other genres this year but there were great bands who did very well with their comeback albums. All the bands in this list were not strangers inusic industry except Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. However, its lead Noel Gallagher is already a staple in rock music scene through Oasis. Here are the successful rock albums this year.

Fall Out Boy- American Beauty / American Psycho
Fall Out Boy’s biggest success was through their album “Infinity on High which scored a number of big hits. They had two minimally successful albums but their comeback this year “American Beauty / American Psycho brought them back on top of albums chart and scored hit single “Centuries”. This can be considered the biggest rock album this year.

Mumford and Sons- Wilder Mind
Mumford and Sons did very well few years ago with their LP “Babel”. However, the band which is used to folk rock music shifted to more alternative and reminded me of Coldplay sound. The album is still a number one album and was one of the biggest rock releases this year.

All Time Low- Future Hearts
With positive reviews and commercial success, this album from the punk rock band became their biggest release ever. It was at the top two of US and number 1 in UK when it was released.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- Chasing Yesterday
Noel Gallagher was a member of one of the biggest British rock band Oasis. He formed this band which was called Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds as they first released their self titled LP four years ago. Now with this album, it was successful for hitting the US top 40 and UK number 1.

Imagine Dragons- Smokes + Mirrors
They are one of the most successful bands during the last 5 years and now they came out this year with this LP which scored the rock hit “I Bet My Life”. This was a chart-topping album when it’s out.