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Hanson- Middle of Nowhere: Top 10 Singles in US and UK / Memorable Chorus of a Song

Hanson- Middle of Nowhere
United States- As a newcomer at that time, Hanson released four singles from their first album “Middle of Nowhere”. The siblings hit it big with the singles released from the album. The top 10 singles from the album were:
I Will Come to You- #9
The Hanson brothers managed two singles to chart and hit the top 10. “Mmmbop” was apparently their most successful single from the album for reaching number 1 and one of the biggest hits for the year. The other two singles released failed to make it even to enter the charts.

United Kingdom- Hanson became a huge newcomer too in United Kingdom when they released their album “Middle of Nowhere”. Five singles were released from the album. Check the songs which went to top 10.
Mmmbop- #1
Where’s the Love?- #4
I Will Come to You- #5
Three of five singles from the album made it to the top 10. Just like in America, “Mmmbop” was also the biggest selling single from the album as it went to number 1. The predecessors “Where’s the Love?” and “I Will Come to You” were great hits too for reaching not just the top 10, rather the top 5 too. The singles which failed to reach the top 10 were “Weird”, which peaked at number 19, and “Thinking of You” which reached number 23.

“Mmmbop” was the obviously the biggest single from the album as it went to number in both US and UK. It even sold millions of singles. However, I am sharing “I Will Come to You” because of its nice lyrics and melody. Enjoy the song below:

I Will Come to You (Chorus)
When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk to walk beside you
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you
When the night is dark and stormy
You won’t have to reach out for me
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriters of the song. (Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil)
Video from YouTube / HansonVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “3 Car Garage” “Live from Albertane” and “This Time Around” by Hanson

3 Car Garage (indie album)
After the success of their breakthrough album “Middle of Nowhere”, Hanson opted to release their indie recordings years prior their mainstream success. It included the old recording of “Mmmbop”. The album peaked at number 6 and had gone platinum.

“River was released to support the album. In its music video features the old Rose of “Titanic” since the song was released that same year “Titanic”.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

Live from Albertane (live album)
“Live from Albertane” was released in 1998 which was a concert album. It featured live performance of the band with their old songs.

Gimme Some Lovin’ / Shake Ya Tailfeather
The single was released to support the live album. If wasn’t that a big hit in music charts. The song was used for the movie “Jack Frost”.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

This Time Around (album)
“This Time Around” has been the official second album by Hanson. The album contains more matured sound unlike their old album which was teenybopper. It became a top 20 album in United States, as it is less popular compared to their previous album

If Only
“If Only” was released as the lead single of “This Time Around album. It sounds different from any song from their “Middle of Nowhere” album. The song failed to match the success of her songs before, though it charted in a number of countries. In Asia, it achieved at least good placement in different music charts.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

This Time Around (single)
“This Time Around” was released as a single from the album with the samd title. It is a pop rock song which starts slower with a piano and goes rock at its chorus. It is a top 20 hit in United States.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Save Me
“Save Me” was released as the last single for the album in Asia. It is a pop rock ballad and charted on MTV in Asia.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Credit: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / HansonVEVO

Siblings Group With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Hanson / The Corrs / Jonas Brothers

United States- Hanson may not had a number one album in United States, but they had 3 albums to reach the top 10. Their first mainstream album “Middle of Nowhere” only peaked at number 2 but it went 4x platinum by RIAA. Some of their works were independent releases which were they had started. AT least, most of their albums charted in Billboard 200.
United Kingdom- Hanson did well during their first year in mainstream music in United Kingdom. They scored 1 number 1 album with “Middle of Nowhere”, but none of their succeeding albums ever followed. None even went to top 10 afterwards, but most of those albums went top top 40.

The Corrs
United States- The Corrs never had a number 1 album in US, but 4 of their albums went to Billboard 200, which their most successful album album was “In Blue”, their first platinum album as they often get Gold Record from their other albums.
United Kingdom- The Corrs had been very successful in UK for scoring 2 number 1 albums. Those albums were, the BPI certified 9x platinum seller “Talk on Corners” and “In Blue”. They also achieved 2 number 2 albums which and 2 others went top 10.

Jonas Brothers
United States- Jonas Brothers is one of the biggest pop groups of their time. They had scored at least 2 number albums in the country with “A Little Bit Longer” and “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”. However, their biggest seller was their self titled album which went to top 5. They had four soundtrack albums which went to top 10, mostly were from Disney, including “Camp Rock” soundtracks, which both went to top 3. Their records went Gold Record and platinum too.
United Kingdom- Jonas Brothers never achieved a number 1 album in the country, but they had scored two top 10 albums, “Jonas Brothers” and “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”. They had top 20 records too, which some went Gold Record.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

Video: YouTube / The Corrs

Album’s Singles Review: Hanson “Middle of Nowhere”

Siblings Isaac, Taylor, and Zach more known as “Hanson” finally break the music charts with this debut album of them. It is known that the guy already had demo of their songs as well as indie recording and they broke the mainstream with “Middle of Nowhere”. I love the album’s pop rock tune which started a standard for siblings in a band. The album eventually sold multi-million worldwide.

I don’t mind what the word “mmmbop” means, the song is very catchy and addictive. I don’t think the lyrics is bad and I can sense a meaningful message on it. The song eventually became a global hit when it reached number one in many countries.
Rate: 9.0 out of 10

Where’s the Love?
In this song, the guys sounds more pop rock. The music video is also simple just like”Mmmbop”. It was a hit globally, nevertheless, not as successful as their debut hit.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

I Will Come to You
This is the first ballad single of the guys from “Middle of Nowhere”. It is their most meaningful single release, likewise , I love the whole melody of the song. It became their second biggest hit from the album after settling in the top 10 in several countries.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

“Weird” is the last single with a shot video. The music video of it really speaks for the title of the song. It is similar to “I Will Come to You”, though, it is more downtempo. The beautiful song did not do well as their previous single, though, it is worth listening.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Thinking of You
This is all in all the last single from the album and its music video was a live performance from their concert. It was a melodic song which is similar to “Where’s the Love? It charted in top 30 of UK.
Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OC. /Wikipedia

Video from YouTube

Music Rivalries: Bands (Rock or Pop)

It is rare to see rock bands in musical rivalry, but it do exists. While in pop bands, they really exists as often stimulated in news by media.

Limp Bizkit vs Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit has been on the limelight years before Linkin Park had released their debut. But Limp Bizkit achieved the peak of their mainstream success in 1999 in the US through the multiplatinum album “Significant Other” and international attention in 2000 via “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water” which has been worldwide mega-seller. That same year, Linkin Park debuted in the music scene with their debut album “Hybrid Theory”. Limp Bizkit has a better attention at that time when “Chocolate Starfish” album sold more than a million in just a week in America, while “Hybrid Theory” is already selling well but struggling to reach the heights of Limp Bizkit. The two bands were compared because of similar style, both rap and rock. Nevertheless, with Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst is solely the vocalist, while Linkin Park has Chester Bennington as main vocals and Mike Shinoda is the rapper. Despite the attention for Limp Bizkit, it has changed as “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water” became their last commercially successful record by the band. Then that opportunity was given to Linkin Park who had a longer successful career and even surpassed the success of Limp Bizkit to double.

Hanson vs The Moffatts
Hanson used to be the pop rock band with siblings as members then. However, a new band came out in 1998 which their debut single sounds like a slower rip-off of Hanson’s “Mmmbop”. The two may not had such rivalry in America as The Moffatts was unknown then in the country, but in Asia comparison has been rampant wherein fans are competing which is the more successful group. Hanson became very successful during their early mainstream career. But their peak remained with “Middle of Nowhere” album. Their succeeding albuns were less successful. The Moffatts released their debut in America more than a year after achieving success in Asia, but with moderate reception for them. The Moffatts achieved huge success in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. But if you are going to look at their entire careet, Hanson brothers did better. They are still releasing independent albums which are still charting.

Coldplay vs Keane
Coldplay achieved success in early 2000s, while Keane at mid-2000s. When Keane came out, similarities was noticed and comparisons were maid between the two band. Both band sounds soft as well as their vocals. But I must admit both were great bands. Keane achieved success through their albums “Hopes and Fears”. But none of their succeeding albums managed to match their debut. While Coldplay is still very much relevant these days. They still scored a number one album through “A Head Full of Dreams”. It is very clear that Coldplay still slays music while Keane is currently inactive.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube

Battle of Same Song Titles: Simple Plan vs One Direction / Hanson vs Black Eyed Peas

As the battle of song title continues, this time, a rock band and a pop band is battling it out. Then a pop/rock siblings band and a hip-hop group is battling their songs too. Here are they:

Simple Plan vs One Direction
Simple Plan is one of the great young bands during mid-2000’s and this song is a great one. It talks about apologizing for not being perfect which may apply to family which expectations was not met. The song became the band’s biggest hit in the US for reaching the top 25. It topped the charts in the Philippines too.

One Direction’s second single for final album “Made in the A.M.” was this pop song “Perfect”. It talks doing something perfect that the girl wants to do. The song charted worldwide and in the top in many countries.

Simple Plan- Perfect
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 2.75 = 6.5

One Direction- Perfect
Melody and Lyrics- 3.0 / Success- 3.5 = 6.5

Winner: Both of them wins as they tied.

Hanson vs Black Eyed Peas
“Where’s the Love?”

The Hanson song talks about not getting the love back from the girl and even got fooled. The song followed the success of “Mmmbop” but less successful than the latter mentioned. It went to top 10 in some countries globally which included the UK.

Actually, the song from Black Eyed Peas is “Where IS” while the one from Hanson is “Where’s”. Still, they fit in this battle as the titles are very close. The song from BEP is about love which is missing in this world that’s why many people are hurting and dying. With its beautiful melody and the relevant lyrics, it became a worldwide number one hit. Though, in the US, it reached number 8.

Hanson- Where’s the Love?
Melody and lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.5 = 6.75

Black Eyed Peas- Where is the Love?
Melody and Lyrics- 4.75 / Success- 4.5 = 9.25

Winner: It’s very clear they Black Eyed Peas won the battle.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard

Artists With Successful Debut 1995-1999

For many music artists, starting or entering the music industry is very difficult to make a good shot. There were other artists who did very well with their first single but turned out as one-hit wonder. However, there were artists who did very well with this debut single and their album did well too.

Since 1995, there were some artists which did very well with their first albums. Some had maintained their success but not everyone did well in their succeeding releases. Most in the list below were pop artists, do there were those with rock and R&B sound. Pop music just had a major change with bubblegum pop rose to popularity.

Alanis Morissette
Alanis may already had releases back then in her own country, her first album internationally became the biggest selling album by a newcomer. Based on estimates listed in Wikipedia, her debut album “Jagged Little Pill” became a record setter as it sold about 33 million. Her second album went #1 too but due to changes in music landscaped, it sold below than predecessor.

The Fugees
The Fugees is leading the hip-hop scene in 1996 via “The Score” album. It was multi-platinum worldwide when it became one of the biggest sellers in 1996, which was also assisted by their successful cover of “Killing Me Softly”. They haven’t released a follow-up after that.

Spice Girls
Spice Girls led the music scene during this era because of their contribution not just through record sales but also in pop culture. Their debut album “Spice” was believed with sales of 30 million (according to Wikipedia) scored 4 UK number 1s and 3 US top 5s. Their second album was very successful as well, though, it became their last studio album when Geri Halliwell departed from the group.

The Hanson brothers priorly released independent albums but success came in 1997 when their first mainstream album “Middle of Nowhere” went multi-platinum by which its success was attributed to the stellar hit “Mmmbop”. Despite their success, no other albums from them became as successful.

Savage Garden
The Australian duo scored success with debut single “I Want You”, however, bigger succeed came with the ballad “Truly, Madly, Deeply” when it settled to the top. The album then caught up in sales and became one of the top sellers of 1998.

The cartoonish songs and videos of Danish pop group Aqua made them very popular. Apart from “Barbie Girl” which had estimated 8 million in sales helped their first LP “Aquarium” go multi-platinum worldwide. They also had multiple hit songs for the album. However, their second album was just moderately successful.

All Saints
The four-piece British girl group was said to be the rival of Spice Girls, though, success of the Spices was never matched by All Saints. Still, they became successful with their self-titled album which went multi-platinum in UK and Europe. It received a platinum award from RIAA which helped the album’s status after the hit “Never Ever”. Their second album had limited success.

Natalie Imbruglia
Natalie Imbruglia became a household name with her global smash “Torn”. Her album “Left of the Middle” became as successful with platinum and multi-platinum successes elsewhere. It took several years for her to release her second album which was less successful.

Lauryn Hill
Despite the success of The Fugees, the members of the group pursued solo careers like Lauryn Hill did. Her debut album ” The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill had multi-million sales which was preceded by her successful hip-hop jam “(Doo Wop) That Thing”. She never released a studio album after that.

Britney Spears
It was 1999 when young female pop artists became popular which was first led by Britney Spears. Her song “…Baby One More Time” was extremely popular as well her album with the same title. The album estimatedly sold 30 million as claimed according to Wikipedia. She became a legend with her prolonged success and her succeeding albums went multi-platinum and had multiple number 1 albums.

Christina Aguilera
Coming from the same genre with Spears when she released her first album, Christina Aguilera was believed as Spears’ closest competitor. Christina never failed as her debut single went to number one worldwide. Her self titled album, according to the number of sales in her website, had sold 17 million which is a hefty amount of records. She had successful album right after too.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez became famous with her single “If You Had My Love” which spent several weeks at number 1. Her album “On the Six” became multi-platinum. She remained successful with all her other albums.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Memorable Lines in Songs: Hanson

Hanson has been an indie pop group siblings before they made it big in 1997. Their songs talks about some people as names were on some of their unreleased songs. Their songs were commonly about love, friendship, etc.

” So hold on the ones who really care
In the end they’ll be the only ones there”
The meaning of the title of the song remained unexplained, but I do think the entire songs has its meaning. At the lines above, you should value those people who were always there for you.

Where’s the Love?
” We’re separating, consciousness is fading
Are you thinking that it’s me you’re fooling?”
It seems love is about to het lost between the guy and the girl. There could have been deception involve.

I Will Come to You
” When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk to walk beside you
I will come to you”
Sounds like a song about a promise of taking care of your friend. I bet the lines above is what you will do with a dear friend.

” Isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes”
There are sone tines that we get weird and feel weird as well. It just happens.

If Only
“Well every single time I see you I start to feel this way 
It makes me wonder if I am ever gonna feel this way again.”
There’s this only person that made us so happy. When it’s gone, we don’t know if we’ll feel the same again.

This Time Around
” You can’t say I didn’t give it 
I won’t wait another minute”
The relationship may be in trouble and there’s blaming towards each other. Still, they love each other.

Penny and Me
” Cause Penny and me like to roll the windows down 
Turn the radio up, push the pedal to the ground”
It’s all about Penny and the guy and just saying what they do like the lines above.

Lost Without Each Other
” I didn’t mean to start the last big fight 
You never should have hung up that night”
The guy and the girl had a fight, and the guy had regrets and wants them to be together.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com
Credits to the songwriters

Male Singers Voices Mistaken as female

Not all male singers sounds very masculine. In fact, some of them sounds feminine. You will mistake the singer is a female the first time you will hear them. It may be the way the song was sung like singing in falsetto, while others has naturally female voices.

I listed some of these male singers which I initially thought were females:


Bee Gees

Their first song I heard was “Saturday Night Fever”. The song was overloaded with voices in falsetto from the brothers. Then I heard “Emotions” which really sounds like group of ladies singing. Bee Gees was from the 1970s and I was a 90s kid, so naturally, I am not familiar with the group before.



Back in the 1990s when I first heard of Prince. His famous songs at that time were “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and his own version of “Betcha by Golly Wow”. He sounds like a lady especially at the latter and only found out he’s a guy when I saw his music videos on MTV.


Taylor Hanson of Hanson

Taylor don’t only sounds like a girl but he also looks like a young girl when I first saw Hanson’s “Mmmbop” on MTV. I even find him beautiful until I heard from the VJ as he mentioned “Hanson Brothers” which clarified all of them were boys.


Justin Bieber

When I first saw him at MTV with his music video “One Time”, I am confused if he’s a young girl in a boy’s outfit. The voice even sounds like a young girl. When the name of the artist flashes as “Justin”, I still think he’s a girl because Justin can be a girl’s name too. I only confirmed he’s a boy in the internet.


Adam Levine of Maroon 5

Of course, I am familiar of Adam Levine’s voice. When I heard their song “Maps”, it’s clear to em it’s Adam. However, he sang the song like a lady’s voice. Based on the comments on YouTube, numerous comments stated he sounds like female in that song.


Throwback Song Reviews: Hanson, Natalie Imbruglia, Savage Garden

Hanson- Mmmbop

The Hanson brothers have had independent releases and this song actually written years back before its mainstream release. It was 1997’s one of memorable (and now timeless) song as it unexpectedly went to the apex of music charts worldwide. It’s been a mystery for many about “mmmbop” means. Some even gave a negative meaning, when back at the time, new words existed (remember zigazig-ah from the Spice Girls in 1996). But I think it’s message and positive and imagine how these then-teenagers (the youngest was13) could be this talented. They write songs, they created it and came out with such wonderful and catchy melody and was loved by many, young or adults.

Rating: 8.5 of 10


Natalie Imbruglia-Torn

This song may sound originally from her however, this song was first recorded by a European artist (non-English) then recorded in English by Ednaswap. Nevertheless, this song became prominent more with Natalie’s version. Her version perfectly fits her voice and style. She was adorn by many and influenced other artists including Britney Spears, which she was supposed to follow Natalie’s kind of music instead of bubblegum pop. The song eventually became a huge hit in 1998 and was one of the most remembered pop tunes during 1990.

Rating: 8.5 of 10


Savage Garden-Truly, Madly, Deeply

Savage Garden already had hits before this song (actually, their third single) but effectively did slower love songs. The same formula was followed with their second album’s carrier release “I Knew I Loved You”. The words of the song expresses the man’s sincere love for the woman evidently with the title. But it was proven more with the entire lyrics as he promised to do anything for the girl. The song fits romantic people. The melody and the way Darren did his vocals was perfect. It was released late 1997 but break the charts in 1998 which it became a sleeper hit.

Rating: 8.5 of 10


Some facts from Wikipedia