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Groups With Number 1 Albums is US and UK: Black Eyed Peas / S Club 7 / Ace of Base / Steps / The Fugees

Black Eyed Peas
United States- Black Eyed Peas had 3 multiplatinum albums, along with another platinum album. But with those albums, they only had 1 to manage the top spot which is “The E.N.D.”. Nevertheless, “Monkey Business” has been their biggest seller.
United Kingdom- Black Eyed Peas never scored a number 1 album in United Kingdom. However, all of their 4 albums went platinum and multi-platinum. “Elephunk” was their most successful there.

S Club 7
United States- S Club 7’s success in United States is limited but scored 2 albums to chart.
United Kingdom- S Club 7 did well in United Kingdom where they scored 3 top 3 albums. One of these albums, which is “7”, went to number 1. It even went 4x platinum there, as reported by BPI.

Ace of Base
United States- Ace of Base became very successful in the US when they managed to release their album “The Sign”. It went 9x platinum after reaching number 1 in Billboard albums.
United Kingdom- Ace of Base had been successful in the country with “Happy Nation” album which reached number 1. The album was called “The Sign” in the US. They had subsequent releases but weren’t that successful.

United States- Steps never had a number 1 album but they had a top 80 album charted.
United Kingdom- Steps scored 3 consecutive top 5 albums in UK. All these¬† 3 went multi-platinums, with “Steptacular” as their number 1 album. “Step One”- their first album- went 5x platinum by BPI.

The Fugees
United States- The Fugees had short-lived career but at least they had achieved a milestone. Their album “The Score” went to number 1 and certified by RIAA with 6x platinum. Another album of ¬†them failed to chart.
United Kingdom- The Fugees failed to reach number 1 but at least reached number 2 with “The Score”. The album was 5x platinum certified. They had other album which charted at low position and was not widely released.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Video from YouTube / BlackEyedPeasVEVO