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Take That- Nobody Else / Greatest Hits: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Take That- Never Forget
United States- Take That finally break the American market through the album “Nobody Else”. They also released a single which charted, but let’s see what went to top 10.
Back for Good- #7
Take That finally scored a top 10 single in the country with “Back for Good” when it peaked at number 7. However, the guys were considered one-hit wonder as it is their only single to grace the American singles chart.

United Kingdom- Take That remained superstars in United Kingdom through this album. They had released three zingles off the album, and the songs which went to top 10 were:
Sure- #1
Back for Good- #1
Never Forget- #1
The guys apparently reached number 1 with all their singles from the album. But among those singles which went to number 1, “Back for Good” was their biggest hit as it sold more than a million copies in the country alone. Still, “Sure” and “Never Forget” became big hits. The group already totaled 12 top 10 hits and 7 number 1 hits at the time.

Take That had three number 1 singles from the album. The most standout was “Back for Good” as it is the biggest seller in UK, and their only single to chart in the US. Worldwide, it was also their biggest hit. Hence, I am sharing that song.

Take That- Greatest Hits
United States- No singles were released from the album, as well as the album itself.

United Kingdom- Take That released the compilation album “Greatest Hits” after three hit albums in the country. It only released one single and see if it reached the top 10:
How Deep is Your Love- #1
Take That’s only single released from the album was the remake of Bee Gees’ original hit “How Deep Is Your Love”. The single became a hit when it reached number 1.

Eventhough the song was not their original song, I am going to share the song which their own version is a good one too.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Albums by: Take That
Video from YouTube / Elbrandedcontent / TakeThatVEVO

Music 10 G’s: Gavin Degraw to Get Busy

1. Gavin Degraw
He is such a talented guy who deserves more attention. He was just underrated. But if you hear his music, they were great. My favorite songs from him were the ballad “More than Anyone” and “Not Over You”.

2. Gorillaz
They were a British virtual band and can only be seen on music videos and performances in cartoon motion. Their first album was self-titled and it became multi-platinum.

3. Gangnam Style
It is a song by Korean star PSY. The song was a worldwide hit and became a dance craze. PSY also achieved the most viewed video on YouTube for reaching more than 2 billion.

4. Greatest Hits
This is a general album as many artists used that title being a compilation of their hits.

5. Girls Aloud
They were one of the most successful girl groups in United Kingdom. They had scored a bunch of top 10 hits there, and Cheryl Cole formerly a part of that group.

6. Green Day
They were a band who became first popular in 1990’s. They are able to achieve success again in mid-2000’s via the alb “American Idiot” which featured singles such as the title track, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends”.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow
Yeah, she is an actress but she is a singer too. Remember when she had gone to Glee? Before that, she was seen on the film “Duets” with Huey Lewis.

8. Gentleman
If there’s “Gangnam Style” on the list, I also included “Gentleman” by PSY. It is also a hit and gained loads of views. However, it didn’t match the success of “Gangnam Style”.

9. Genie in a Bottle
This was the song which made Christina Aguilera popular. It was from her self-titled debut album, which also featured big hits including “What a Girl Wants”.

10. Get Busy
This was the most popular song by dancehall artist Sean Paul. After this song, he achieved success with “Like Glue” and “Baby Boy”, a song by Beyonce.

Video from YouTube / GavinDeGrawVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “Forever” and “Greatest Hits” by Spice Girls

Forever (album)
After Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls, the group took a hiatus and eventually released a reunion album, without Geri, which was called “Forever”. It contains more R&B songs but the girls needs to stick to their pop sound. The album peaked at number 2 in United Kingdom and had gone platinum. In United States, it only peaked at number 39.

“Goodbye” was released as a single in 1998 which was just eventually included in “Forever” album. It is a pop ballad which was emotional and tearjerky as it was dedicated to Geri Halliwell. It turned to be as a global hit when it became their 8th UK number 1 hit.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

“Holler” was the first official single from “Forever”. Actually, it was released alongside the song “Let Love Lead the Way” as a double-sided single. The R&B song became a number 1 hit United Kingdom, their 9th in the country.
Rate: 8.0 out of 10

Let Love Lead the Way
“Let Love Lead the Way” was part of the double-sided single with “Holler” for the album “Forever”. It is a R&B ballad which had a good meaning. The song went tl number 1 with “Holler”.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

If You Wanna Have Some Fun
“If You Wanna Have Some Fun” was released as a promotional single for “Forever”. It was a dance R&B song and sounds similar to their other songs.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

Greatest Hits (compilation album)
The Spice Girls reunited to release this compilation album. It had two new tracks, and went to top 3 in United Kingdom with platinum certification by BPI.

Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
“Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” was released in support for “Greatest Hits” album. The song sounds similar to their songs “2 Become 1” and “Goodbye”. It peaked at number 11 in United Kingdom. In Asia, it did well in the charts.
Rate: 8.25 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / emimusic

Atomic Kitten- Feels So Good / Greatest Hits: Top 10 Singles in US and UK / Memorable Chorus of a Song

Atomic Kitten- Feels So Good
United States- “Feels So Good” was the last studio album by Atomic Kitten but it wasn’t released in United States again, and no single even charted.

United Kingdom- Atomic Kitten continues to make a string of hits and two singles was released from this final studio album of the girls. See what songs entered the top 10:
If You Come to Me- #3
Ladies’ Night (ft. Kool and the Gang)- #8
Atomic Kitten had two additional singles to reach the top 10. First with “If You Come to Me” which reached number 3 and followed by “Ladies’ Night” which featured the original group who performed the song Kool and the Gang. The girls made a total of 11 top 10 singles after that under their name.

Atomic Kitten’s most successful hit from the album was “If You Come to Me”, a mid-tempo track from them. The follow-up made it to number 8. That’s why I would be sharing the girls’ biggest hit from the album which was “If You Come to Me”. Check the video below:

If You Come to Me (Chorus)
Do you know when you go when you give it all away
I’ll be there for you, care for you
Love you everyday oh baby
And do you feel the same for me?
Everyday you’re away
And I feel a little low
I would cry for you, die for you
Just to let you know oh baby

Atomic Kitten- Greatest Hits
United States- No single was released in US from the compilation album.

United Kingdom- Atomic Kitten released this compilation album with two singles released. See what went to top 10 below:
Someone Like Me / Right Now 2004-#8
Cradle 2005- #10
Two former singles were re-released from the compilation album. First with “Someone Like Me” which had a double-sided single with their re-release of “Right Now” which was a number 8 hit. Followed by “Cradle” which was a number 10 hit.

I had chosen “Someone Like Me” to share since it is a new track from them. Enjoy the song below:

Someone Like Me (chosen lines from the song)
I know Its hard when you’re feeling down
To lift your feet up off the ground
We make mistakes but doesn’t everybody
You don’t always have to agree with someone like me
That’s the way it should be
Someone like me

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriters of the song (Julian Gallagher, Martin Harrington, Ash Howes, Sharon Murphy, Richard Biff Stannard for If You Come to Me / Ciaron Bell, Liz McClarnon for Someone Like Me)
Video from YouTube / emimusic / EMI Music Nederland