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Music 10 G’s: Gavin Degraw to Get Busy

1. Gavin Degraw
He is such a talented guy who deserves more attention. He was just underrated. But if you hear his music, they were great. My favorite songs from him were the ballad “More than Anyone” and “Not Over You”.

2. Gorillaz
They were a British virtual band and can only be seen on music videos and performances in cartoon motion. Their first album was self-titled and it became multi-platinum.

3. Gangnam Style
It is a song by Korean star PSY. The song was a worldwide hit and became a dance craze. PSY also achieved the most viewed video on YouTube for reaching more than 2 billion.

4. Greatest Hits
This is a general album as many artists used that title being a compilation of their hits.

5. Girls Aloud
They were one of the most successful girl groups in United Kingdom. They had scored a bunch of top 10 hits there, and Cheryl Cole formerly a part of that group.

6. Green Day
They were a band who became first popular in 1990’s. They are able to achieve success again in mid-2000’s via the alb “American Idiot” which featured singles such as the title track, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends”.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow
Yeah, she is an actress but she is a singer too. Remember when she had gone to Glee? Before that, she was seen on the film “Duets” with Huey Lewis.

8. Gentleman
If there’s “Gangnam Style” on the list, I also included “Gentleman” by PSY. It is also a hit and gained loads of views. However, it didn’t match the success of “Gangnam Style”.

9. Genie in a Bottle
This was the song which made Christina Aguilera popular. It was from her self-titled debut album, which also featured big hits including “What a Girl Wants”.

10. Get Busy
This was the most popular song by dancehall artist Sean Paul. After this song, he achieved success with “Like Glue” and “Baby Boy”, a song by Beyonce.

Video from YouTube / GavinDeGrawVEVO

Albums that are more successful than its singles (2005-2006)

Here are the stellar albums with less than stellar singles during 2005 to 2006.

Coldplay- X&Y (2005)
This third album by Coldplay is among the biggest sellers of 2005. According to estimates, it has sold over 13 million copies. Despite the album’s success, as usual forĀ  a Coldplay album, it’s only big hit is “Speed of Sound”. The single “Fix You” had some successes in certain countries.

Gorillaz- Demon Days (2005)
After the success of their debut album, the virtual band is finally back with their new album. The album became a success with 8 million in sales, with only one stellar single “Feel Good Inc”. The song “DARE” became a UK number one hit anyway.

Michael Buble- It’s Time
Michael Buble made a success with this album with approxiamte sales of 8 million. It scored the popular song “Home” which surpisingly did not do well in the charts.

OST- High School Musical
High School Musical TV movie is such a phenomenal hit. It triggered the sales of the soundtrack album to the top. The album’s single “Breaking Free” charted inside the top 10 in nany countries. However, it is the only single released from the album.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Stadium Arcadium
Since “Californication”, Red Hot Chilli Peppers scored a string of hit albums which this album is the last big hit records. It topped the charts worldwide with millions of sales. It scored the hit single “Dani California”, but its succeeding singles did not match its success. It’s not enought to match the album’s success.

James Blunt- Back to Bedlam
This album by James Blunt may have been released earlier than 2005, but it achieved success since the mentioned year. After the hit single “You’re Beautiful”, the album’s sales was heightened. Despite with only one real hit single, the album became the number one selling album internationally in 2006. “Goodbye My Lover” single charted but not that successful.

Credits to Wikipedia and its references