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Music Rivalries: Girlbands

Music rivalries is also a thing in girlbands. From 1990s, there are girl groups who became rivals. Until, there are girl groups which the media is considering rivals.

En Vogue vs TLC

En Vogue is an R&B girl group of four who released their debut album in 1990. Since then, they had score platinums and multiplatinum albums. After two years, a younger and hipper group existed which is TLC. The latter group achieved more success when their second album “CrazySexyCool” was released, which became the second biggest selling girl group album according to reports. En Vogue though kept on scoring top ten singles. Still, TLC left a legacy which made them bigger stars.

Spice Girls vs All Saints

Spice Girls broke records and changed the pop scene in 1996. They became phenomenal and Spice mania has become known elsewhere. Their first two albums were big sellers. They scored total of 9 number 1 hits in a short time. Other girl groups came out like She Moves and Solid Harmonie came out after them. But the one who came close to them was All Saints. The girls debuted in late 1997 and worldwide success was achieved in 1998. They were big in UK then and internationally, however, success in the US is limited where they had at least one top ten hit. Clearly, All Saints’ international popularity were miles behind the Spice Girls, but at least they became the rival of the biggest pop act of their time.

Fifth Harmony vs Little Mix

Fifth Harmony and Little Mix was formed from the same show, but different countries. Fifth Harmony was formed from US version of X-Factor, while Little Mix was created by the UK version, the same with One Direction. They became rivals as fans are fighting in social media about who is the top girl group at the time. Fifth Harmony had top 5 album in the US and top 40 songs. Little Mix had top 10 albums there too. While in UK, Little Mix is way far more popular than Fifth Harmony. The verdict? Fifth Harmony is more popular in US, Little Mix takes UK. About who is bigger and better, it’s hard to say for now as nobody reached the Spice Girls level.

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Top 15 Girl band Hits since 2000

Girl groups did well too since 2000. Most girl groups came from UK while most who made it big worldwide were those from US. Here are the girl band hits that made big impact worldwide since the new millennium started.

Pussycat Dolls- When I Grow Up
After their huge success, this song served as the carrier single of their new album which shown a less burlesque style of the group. It became a top ten hit song worldwide.

Little Mix- Black Magic
This song was just released this 2015 and became huge in UK as well as other territories. The catchy pop song is their biggest hit in Asia as of this time.

Atomic Kitten- Whole Again
This pop track from the girls became thier first UK number 1 hit. It was also well received in several territories like in Europe and Asia.

Spice Girls- Holler
They may have dominated the 1990s, this 2000s was unsustained after Geri left the four Spices. Still, the group scored a number 1 hit through “Holler”.

Destiny’s Child- Say My Name
Despite scoring two huge hits, this song became their international breakthrough as it crossed the charts of many countries worldwide. It is also their first song released and video without the two original members of the group.

All Saints- Pure Shores
This song is a different tune from All Saints. From the usual R&B and pop sound, this song is electronic that’s comparable to Madonna’s sound with her recent album at that time “Ray of Light”. It was a number one hit for the girls.

Pussycat Dolls- Buttons
Going sexy this time, the song went to the top 3 of US and became one of the most successful singles from PCD.

Atomic Kitten- The Tide is High
This became a huge revival hit for the group as it hit the charts in Europe and Asia. Its impact was also felt stateside.

Destiny’s Child- Lose My Breath
After hiatus, the girls came back with a bang as this song was very successful worldwide peaking the top ten vicinity. In US, it peaked at number 3.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
Finally, a radio hit success came for Fifth Harmony. This song made significant airplays and despite peaking at inside top 15, it has been running in the chart for several months in US. In UK, it became a bigger hit reaching number 3.

Sugababes- Push the Button
They already had a number of hits prior to this but this song became the most successful single in terms of airplays and territories it charted. Of course, it is a chart-topper in UK.

Pussycat Dolls- Stickwitu
Pussycat Dolls scored their second top 5 hit in the US through this R&B/pop ballad which contributed to their album’s success. It reached number 1 in some countries which included UK.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor
One of the most iconic songs by a girl group, the song talks about the girls’ journey despite controversies involving their former members. It is their second single as officially a trio and became a number 1 hit worldwide.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
This song was the group’s first ever hit song and sold millions after hitting the charts worldwide. The R&B track featured Busta Rhymes.

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women
This can be considered as the biggest girl band hit since 2000 with its female empowerment theme similar to Spice Girls’ Girl Power. Apart from topping the charts worldwide, it became the longest number 1 single by a girl group in history of Billboard singles chart. It’s also their first single as trio.