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Girlbands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: TLC / Danity Kane / Spice Girls / Girls Aloud

United States- TLC has been one of the biggest selling girl groups worldwide. Their album “CrazySexyCool” is the biggest selling album in America but never went number 1 there. Their only number 1 album in the US was “Fanmail”, which went multiplatinum too.
United Kingdom- The trio never had a number 1 album in United Kingdom. Despite that, they had platinum albums which went top 10 with “CrazySexyCool” has the highest peak at number 4.

Danity Kane
United States- Danity Kane is one of the top female groups in America who had hit albums there. In fact they scored 2 number 1 albums, something that successful girl groups haven’t achieved in Billboard Hot 100. Their number albums were “Danity Kane” (self titled album), and “Welcome to the Dollhouse”.
United Kingdom- The group failed to achieve album success in United Kingdom, without reported peak.

Spice Girls
United States- Spice Girls has been one of the biggest female group in America. Their debut album “Spice” went to number 1, and eventually the biggest selling album in America in 1997, the year it was released. Their second release “Spiceworld” failed to reach number 1 but peaked at third and RIAA certified 4x platinum.
United Kingdom- Spice Girls has been huge in their home country, United Kingdom. In fact, their success was considered to be like The Beatles’ success. The girls scored two number 1 albums with their first two albums. “Spice” and “Spiceworld”, which the former went 10x platinum and the latter with 5x platinum as reported by BPI.

Girls Aloud
United States- Girls Aloud never broke the American market which never gave them a number 1 album.
United Kingdom- Girls Aloud became one of the most successful girl groups in UK. They scored two number one albums, which were “Out of Control” (their last studio album) and “The Sound of the Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits”, their biggest seller.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

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