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Girlbands Who Had Number 1 Albums in US and UK: All Saints / Destiny’s Child / Sugababes / Atomic Kitten


All Saints
United States- All Saints had released an album in the US but it didn’t reach number 1, but peaked at number 40 with self titled album.
United Kingdom- All Saints had been very successful in their country, United Kingdom. They had scored a number 1 album with “Saints and Sinners” their second album. Nonetheless, they achieved more sales with “All Saints” which sold more than the double of “Saints and Sinners”. “All Saints” album peaked at number 2.

Destiny’s Child
United States- Destiny’s Child is one of the biggest groups in the US. Their third album “Survivor”, though, is the only number 1 album they had. “Writing’s on the Wall” – their second album- which peaked at number 5 remained their biggest seller though after becoming a sleeper hit.
United Kingdom- Destiny’s Child was successful in UK too. But they only had 1 number 1 album as well which is “Survivor”. They had 3 top 10 albums too and gone platinum and multiplatinums.

United States- Sugababes haven’t got the chance to break the American market.
United Kingdom- Sugababes has been very successful in UK which they had hit albums going platinum and multiplatinum. They scored 2 number 1 albums which are “Taller in More Ways” and “Change”. They had four more albums which went top 10 including a compilation album.

Atomic Kitten
United States- There are attempts for Atomic Kitten to access the American music market but failed, so they were not able to score a number 1 album.
United Kingdom- Atomic Kitten is very successful in their homeland. They had released 3 official albums, which the 2 went to number 1. These albums were “Right Now” and “Feels So Good”. The two albums went double platinum as certified by BPI, while “Ladies Night” was a top 5 album and also went platinum.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia
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